February 16, 2010

Pigging Out!

i dont have that many things that i can consider a talent, but i can assure you that eating is definitely one of them. =] the other day, we double dated and ate at Tour de Ville. its a themed buffet restaurant atop of the Delta Hotel in downtown Montreal. anything special beside the ever changing cuisine? wait! have i mentioned that its a revolving restaurant? it takes 1 hour precisely to do a 360 degrees. in 1 hour's time, you get to enjoy unobstructed and exquisite view of the city. i came here in 2007 for my bday dinner, it was about time for another go. =]
we're waiting on Maya & TD
Prince on the phone with TD...telling him to get the hell here.
Tour de Ville, Restaurant Panoramique
777 University
Montreal, Quebec
[reservation is mandatory]
wearing a new Zara tshirt i bought that same day!!
its supposed to be cropped, but i'm way short...T_T"
TD & Maya
when i look at this picture of them, i think of:
"Behind every successful man, there is a woman" =]
Prince against a breathtaking view of Montreal
grrr dark and blurry picture of me & Prince
my various entrees & salad
i can never overcome how beautiful the city looks when it lights up
lamb chop [a fave of mine], grilled shrimp and rabbit
how can i skip the pasta? =]
switched places with Bb for a pic with a nice backdrop
ooh and ahhh
more ooohs and aahhhs
fruit and chocolate fondue! mmm love
my various desserts and yes i ate them all =D
bathroom pic by Maya [can you spot her?]
oh so vain
but what girl isn't, right?
[no mirrors were hurt in the making of these pictures haha]
in the elevator going down
i like this pic tons, we were walking in the lobby of Delta and asked TD to take a picture of us walking. instead of walking backwards and take our pic, he just stood there and because we walked really fast, we almost reached him and yet he didn't take the pic yet. thats why we were laughing like crazy...oh and also because there was people sitting around just looking at us..so we felt weird. hahahah

speaking of food...here's a pic of me & Maya enjoying ice cream in the Eaton Centre. we dont care what season it is, when we crave, we gotta have it. the boys spoil us too and let us eat whatever we feel like! muahahah no restriction whatsoever, at whatever cost. could be a 5 bucks ice cream cone or a good steak, popcorn or high end dessert, as long as our tummies are happy. awww they're too cute aren't they? thats one of the many reasons we love 'em boys! =D

i can eat all i want, as long as dont accumulate some extra pounds. hahaha! thats me before a treadmill session and after one. can you see the skin color change from healthy fair to tomato red?

Shameless Photobooth Session:

If the shoe fits, BUY it!!!
i was over-abusing my Zara grained leather boots from last year, they're almost DONE. i've been wearing them like crazy ever since i bought them..its time to give them a break. i scored these at Little Burgundy [Rockie's] for such a good deal!!
i LOVE Modern Vintage, i believe they're a Montreal based company. 514 FTW =D
these babies are called Vivienne, they were 495$ down to 149.98$ plus an extra 30% off the last ticketed price. isn't it such an awesome deal??? i felt so lucky when i found them sitting on the shelf. they were my size and were just waiting for me to buy them. i [heart] them so much!!
modeled =]
besides the beautiful boots, i also wanted to show off my new dress i bought from a girl who does surveys on facebook. cute no? was just in time for Vday too. =]
AHHHHH ANOTHER PROUD PROUD buy from last week!!! =D i tweeted like crazy when i bought them lol!! got these cuties at Zara Carrefour Laval for 30 bucks man!! that's something to brag about.

modeled! =] i wanna wear them forever and with whatever

WHATS IN YOUR BAG [request granted]!!
a lot of girls have asked me for this...well this is for the curious ones out there:
in my Damier Trevi PM, i have:
-Damier Sarah wallet
-Damier mini accessoires pochette for tampons and crap
-Club Monaco shortie patent leather gloves, for driving mostly and looking like a dominatrix mainly, because there's no way in hell that these were made for the cold weather.
-Nokia N97
-Rudsak leather camera case
-Too Faced pressed powder
-2x Nivea lipbalms
-bunny USB key
-3D glasses from Avatar movie
-sticker pix from T.O.
-3x20$ out and about
-LV receipt of my bag that i never took out
-2x rubber bands for my hair..i can never tie my hair with anything else than these mofo hurting rubber bands

i'm off to sleep!! bye ladies!!!
i hope that i'll get my VDAY gift soon so i can blog about my Vday!!!



lilxmaya said...

yayyyyyy im the first one to read your blog update!!!! hehehe love your blog like x 100000000000000000 =) et jpx me voir ds la photo de TO la premiere de la liste jme sens trop special laaaa!!!!! <3

saturn said...

holy crap that was a long post aha, I love the bathroom pics and the night view is amazing. Love your buys as usual and we have the same Zara ankle boots now. =D!

kate said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



Anonymous said...

hi quennie can i ask which facebook page it is?? i lovee the look of the dresss... and cute boots =]

Vanilla said...

damnn trevi pm was my dream bag!till i get my hand on it and realized it was too small,i need bigger bag but gm is wayy to big
love ur outfit!!!i always wanna wear cropped top but always fail

C. said...

love the boots! very cute and score on finding them!

lisaa__ said...

you and your bf are the ulimate super fabulous couple! :D

since you have a dslr, dont you find it annoying sometimes when you carry it around all the time? do you have a separate bag for your camera or do you keep it in your purse? :( i have one too and i find it weird sometimes when im carrying my purse in one hand and carrying my dslr on my other shoulder. and when you wanna dress nice, it doesnt match your outfit.. ya know what i mean? haha

luv of beauty said...

happy belated valentines and new years babe!
aww, your boots are super fab. the view of montreal is so gorgeous.. we have a restaurant similar to that here in ATL, on top of the Westin hotel and it revolves as well. seeing your pics makes me wanna revisit too =)
cant wait to see what your prince got you for valentines.

bebe said...

Cute blog update!

Love the new boots.. very pretty.. and they look super comfy.. I so need a pair.. xD

And you finally did a what's in your purse.. love your wallet.. :D

bubbleness said...

such lovely pictures from the restaurant! reminds of a revolving restaurant that we have in downtown vancouver too!

and love your purchases too! especially the dress so cute!

-elle♡ said...

queenie ur super gorgeous love your face lmao ok
thats a wonderful restaurant...toronto needs a few :)id love to chew on food while looking out at a rotating thing...id stay there for hours kekeke and maybe order like desserts every few min (: they look so YUMM..LIKE DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN YUM

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

here we are, some free time during the break to go through queenie's feeds~

I read every single word of this post, I don't know why I was mesmerized by all the pictures :) Awesome restaurant you went to my goodness. Your pictures are all wonderful! Even under poor lighting they are sharp, very well done!
-I can't eat lamb (as you may or may not know) lol, I scrolled down so quickly. I can't stand the smell ><

-The fruit chocolate fondue is mine. I only lent it to you to take a pic of.

-I eat ice cream in the winter too :) I don't care, I'll eat it.

-You do a what's in your bag too? I always visit this french website to look at girls post them:


It's in french too! They have some cool stuff. Did I show you this website already, I think maybe once upon a time I might have.

-the GPS idea for your valentine's gift is such a good one. It's been really helpful to me, as I am a guy and never ask for directions... but I got one for a present and I never get lost anymore.

-the pic of you winking with a lollipop was cute i'll admit -_-

-can't do anything with the makeup XD

Really good post this time queenie. My question to you is: What do you put your dslr in? A separate camera bag or a big purse? Here I'll stick this in your formspring.

sunniipinky said...

The view looks amazing from the restaurant~

The treadmill session pics add on made me laugh a little. & I agree with the "I can eat all I want, as long as I don't accumulate some extra pounds". xD

Looking forward to seeing your Valentine's Day blog post. :)

kate said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



sayuri said...


ArzuSonmez said...

loongg post!! wow :) i've been loving this purse and finally received it on this VD:) luv the boots u got from zara, so unique!

hannahhloves said...

hi queenie! i've recently gotten into the blogging world and started my own. just wanted to let you know i really enjoy your blog! ( :
greetings from cali!


Anonymous said...

Ah I am so happy I found your blog! There aren't enough Montreal bloggers like yourself... Your pictures are all so wonderfully taken ;) I look forward to reading more of your posts <3

Natalie Nguyen said...

The restaurant looks fabulous! Loved all the things you got!

Miss Queenie said...

c ca...sent toi speciale...pcq tu L'ES!!! lol <3 that you read my blog even though you are almost always part of my entries...lol

long post because of the amount of pictures i posted hahah there's not much text content. =S **HIGH FIVE** for the Zara boots...aren't they just the coolest ever? i'm usually such a girlie girl but i love the rockness of them!! muahaha

thanks for taking your time for this comment!! =) i'd like to officially welcome you to my blog and thank you so much for reading. xox

oii...wait let me go check it out.
got it from her http://www.facebook.com/Addicted2Fashion?v=wall&ref=ts

ughh its either the PM or nothing because the GM is not flattering, it looks like luggage. =( thanks! this crop top doesnt look so bad on because its a lil longer than the reg ones. i love it

yesss thank you!! ^^

aww thanks babe!!^^

YES it is extremely annoying to lug it around. i have yet to find a bag cute enough for it and its definitely too big for my handbags...its a pain i gotta admit. a huge DSLR will NEVER fit nicely with a chic outfit... T_T" very sad

luv of beauty
thanks hun!! happy belated NY and Vday as well =]
every city should have a revolving restaurant like this..the view is breathlessly beautiful!!

thanks!! the boots are super comfy!! everyone should have a pair. =D
and yes i finally took a pic of whats in my bag...but i dont know whats so interesting about it..my content NEVER changes..hahah

i tried my best to take nice pix..but its hard when the restaurant is all quiet and i take out this huge thing and start snapping away..i'm scared of being rude. thanks =)

Miss Queenie said...

aw thanks hun!! but the problem is there's a time limit, there's only 2 times of reservation, you can reserve at 5:30pm or at 8:30pm. can't stay longer than 3 hours. =(

yay!!! although i haven't used all the functions of the camera yet, i still managed to kind of get the most important features..hehehe i tried my best with the picture taking. =]
-so weird, i don't smell anything bad when i eat lamb! a lot of people have made the same comment as you…
-uh huh then why did the fruit choco fondue end up in my stomach then?? here
-ice cream is the best no matter what season!!
-HAHAHAHA you are so CURIOUS!! why do you wanna know what's in a girl's bag??? aiyaaa and no you never showed me this website before..your memory sucks as much as mine!
-SEE??? all guys are the same…no balls to ask for direction in fear people might make fun of them!! T_T"
-thank you for finding that pic cute!!
-hahahaha about the makeup comment
i carry it with the strap…no cam bag because they are hideous looking..and the camera's too big for a regular purse! it sucks

=] thanks iii i'm glad it made you laugh!! i was sweating like a pig…

hi kate!! thank you for dropping by and say hi!! =)

thank you hun ;)

the comments are even longeerrrr..hehehe awww yay good for you!! how do you like the bag? yup i'm loving my zara boots!!

thanks for dropping by hun!! will read your blog when i get a sec!! =D

aaw yay!! another Montreal reader!! i have so few of 514 peeps reading my blog..i'm so happy you like my blog!! =D

Natalie Nguyen
thank you Nat!! =]