February 04, 2010

Montreal's Got Talent!

see that guy in the picture? he's a colleague of mine. i work for the swimwear department and him, the menswear department...all i knew about him was that he works on the second floor. we'd see each other sometimes in the morning, cuz he comes in as late as me! haha until one day, he reveals that he's in fact, also a musician!! he showed me his 1st video, which he filmed by himself btw, the quality wasn't that WOWWWser but the tune was so damn catchy!!! he updated me this morning, he said he uploaded a new video and wanted to share.

talented, no? well i think so. i asked him more about how he started in music and all, and within 10-15 minutes, he sent me this:

A blank piece of paper and a pencil in hand,
writing away in this cold piece of land.
Born in Montreal, where i presently stand,
as I work to create what is now in your hands.
I was 11 years old when the keys hit my hand,
I couldn't just stop, I am now my own band.
Just looking for people to take me away,
to give me the chance so the crowds look my way.
Lay down the drums, and i start with the bass,
the guitar takes its turn, and then the mic hits my face.
I am my own person, I am all alone,
I write all these songs cause its all that i know.
I've played all the clubs with my previous band,
played the spectrum, metropolis, and jammed in strange lands,
But now I am back to the place that I love,
Montreal City, where the cultures make love.
I rent out a room on the north side of town,
its filled with guitars, basses and drums.
I am trained to be one, so i can feel all the love,
and all the instruments played are from me on these songs.
The image i have comes from legends so great,
from legends of music that i can truly relate.
The legends i speak of were the best at their game,
Marley, Hendrix and Dylan by name.
Never stuck to a style, let my ignorance fade,
cause a good song is the key to get people your way.
Pop, Reggae, Rock and all styles of play,
together it is music that makes us feel great.
I have a message, my message is love,
i want to speak truth to all races and faith's.
This music i make is a gift i received,
i will use it so people can dance to the beat.

damn you, talented person! Neves' currently working on his demo CD, will update you guys when there's new material. in the meantime, please subscribe to his youtube channel guys: http://www.youtube.com/nevesmusicman

anyways, i just wanted to help him throw his name out there...if you could show some support and help me spread the word, it would be greatly appreciated. if he becomes a rockstar because of my help, i'm FORCING him to make me his stylist!!! i love raw talent, and you should too! =]

laters lovelies!!


Anonymous said...

Wow I love how he summed it up in that rap & it's so catchy! Pretty damn good!

erik said...

the song Bullet is really catchy! i'm looping it right now haha

i'm definitely subscribing.

Kittynail said...

I nominated you for an award: http://kittynail.blogspot.com/2010/01/blog-awards.html

heartofpearl ♡ said...

omg i still love ur banner hehe gorgeous :) x

Tiffany said...

heyy, I bought my shoes at Springs last week for $20! I felt so accomplished that day for buying pretty shoes! : )
I just looked up Balmain shoes and O__o. I could buy like a bazillion pairs of shoes for Balmain shoes O_o
but they are probably more comfortable than the one i bought though! ^^;;

Miss Queenie said...

mystifize & erik
will let him know!! he'll be very happy.

thanks sweetie!! will check you blog out.

thanks girl!! i'm still in love with the illustration..

for real??? 20 bucks!! what a great steal. honestly, its not that shoes are more expensive that they are more comfy. so, dont worry. Balmain IS very gorgeous but the prices are out of this world. T_T"