February 25, 2010

T-Boys Crazy

T.O.P. [Big Bang] - TaecYeon [2PM] - TaeYang [Big Bang]
those are my T-Boys and i'm currently C R A Z Y over them!!!

T.O.P. is definitely on top with his seductively raspy voice.
i love men with deep voices like his...yum
his uncommon face makes him that much more attractive!
is it weird for me to like his brows? puhahaha i feel so weird saying it.
he looks good with smoky eyes too...thats even weirder to say.

To Act Like Nothing's Wrong by T.O.P.

Forever With You by GDragon & T.O.P. [feat. Park Bom]

Hello by Red Roc [feat. T.O.P.]

I'm Sorry by Gummy [feat. T.O.P.]

he's mostly a rapper, so its very rare to actually hear his singing voice...
here's a video i found which focuses more on his smexy singing voice

Next up is TaecYeon!! **drools**
got my cougar face on, dude this guy is a 88er,
he has the same age as my little sister! i feel so bad about it LOL!!!
can't help it, he simply looks charming!! you might not like his face at first,
but he will definitely grow onto you! promise..

My Ear's Candy by Baek Ji Young [feat. TaecYeon]

Tik Tok by 2PM for Cass Beer

and last but certainly not least, TaeYang!!! *SCREAMMMS*
his smile makes me melt and his body of steel is to die for!!
he's a very talented artist and his dancing is ***SCREAMMMMMMMM***

Wedding Dress by TaeYang

Look at Me by TaeYang
[with other BigBang members OMG OMG OMG T.O.P. is so HOT in there]

Prayer by TaeYang

Where You At by TaeYang

February 18, 2010

Valentine's Day 2010

How was your Valentine's Day? My Vday was simple yet very sweet. Since Lunar New Year falls on Valentine's day, we had to celebrate it earlier. Saturday night was NYE so we couldn't go out..had to stay home and pray the Gods and then after midnight, it was time to go to the Temple and pray some more. Half of Sunday was spent at the Temple as well and the other half, i helped out at the resto..so no choice but to do it on Friday night.

we ate at The Keg in Old Montreal. They could not take reservations for the occasion so we had to wait for 10-15 minutes, which isn't all that bad. i told myself i would enjoy the food so much more after the waiting and i did. =) i didn't take any pix of our food because there were a lot of couples staring..especially the table beside us. there sat an asian couple of around 50 years of age, they were sitting their backs to us but every now and then, they would turn around and just STARE at us without blinking. it was very very rude and awkward. besides that, we really enjoyed our dinner. food is always good at The Keg..i love that place, not too expensive for the quality of the food served.
Prince & Me
wearing a red gingham shirt, black u-neck cardigan & dark washed Taverniti jeans
Sexy Maya
the lovely couple ^^

here's what we got each other for Valentine's Day
a lot have asked on my formspring
small box = his Valentine's gift
big box = his early 8th anniversary gift, which is in March...but since he liked them so much, i just bought it at the same time as his Vday gift. =]
can you guess what i got him?
Louis Vuitton Inventeur Damier Graphite reversible belt
can be worn for work [black side] or play [damier side]
very versatile, he likes it a lot
it matches with his Damier Graphite wallet i bought him while we were vacationing in Hong Kong. aww we match too, i like Damier and he likes Damier Graphite [cheesy i know]
he told me this year he wasn't going to get me a Vday gift for X reason..i was ok with that. it doesn't bother me because he buys me random presents from time to time so..i was like ok whatever. on saturday, we had nothing planned so we went out for a casual lunch at Amigo 168 in chinatown [by the way their salt & pepper pork chops are pretty much the best in town]. he asked me what i wanted to do the rest of the afternoon so i said..i dont know. he told me lets go shopping and i practically refused because i had nothing in mind that i needed to get and i was sure i was gonna spend on random things if i ever went. he asked me: "so you dont want your Vday Present?" i was soooooooooo happy because i knew what he was gonna get me...he's asked me before if he was ever gonna get me a gift, what would i want between an LV Palermo GM or Christian Louboutin shoes? of course i skipped the bag because i'm still very in love with my Trevi...so i told him i wanted a first pair of Chris Loubs [i only had a pair of wedges and they're not considered like real Loubs because Louboutin is all about the sexy HEELS, hello!?!]

after we were done eating, we headed over to Holt Renfrew to check out what they had. my boyfriend picked out his favorite, the Rolando 120 in glossy black patent leather. he has good taste! ^^ they were also one of my favorites. i wanted the Very Prive, but he said they are peeptoes and are only good for summer whereas the Rolando are closed so they are much more versatile as a first pair. i listened to him since he's always very logical.

i asked the SA for a size 36 and a 37 because i didn't know what would fit me better as i never bought Louboutin heels before [my wedges were 37, but i usually wear 36]. he came out with 2 boxes but told me he didn't have the 36, only 36.5 and 37. i tried the smallest first but to my surprise, they were a little loose at the heels. i was bummed because that would mean i wont have my shoes right away =(. SA checked in the system and found a pair at Holts Vancouver, we told him to order them and so we left our numbers and left the store empty handed. its ok, since i know Rosenstein carries a wide range of Loubs [only Holts and Rosenstein carry Louboutin in Montreal]. if they have it, we'll just cancel the Holts order. i went in there with really high hopes, because they do have 2 WALLS reserved for the red soles. i spotted the regular calf leather version and asked the SA about the patent ones. he said they dont carry it, or did he say it was sold out? i dont know...but i know it was a NEGATIVE answer....the last store and still with empty hands. i was so depressed..urghhhh that means i had to wait for the Vancouverite shoes to come!! after 4 painful days of waiting...

i finally received the call from the SA, i was SUPAH EXCITED and called my boyfe right away. he told me previously that he would go pick them up for me but on the phone, he told me he wouldn't make it because the store closes at 6pm and he finishes at 5:30. half an hour to go downtown is definitely not enough..bummed again i left work like usual. got home, Prince was already home playing with Tatsu. i was kinda in a bad mood and i think it showed on my face. on top of not being able to have the Loubs right away, some people irritated me at my workplace. T_T" the day could not get any worse. i laid on my tummy with my face covered. i heard my bf moving around and going out of the room, i thought he was going to feed Tatsu. a minute or 2 later, i heard his steps coming back to my room again...but it wasn't the only thing i heard...i could hear Tatsu breathing and also a noise of papers shuffling, when i lifted my head up, there he was with Tatsu in 1 arm and a nice big pink bag in the other. I SCREAMED LIKE A MOFO because i realized he went to pick them up for me in the end. he is the sweetest everrr!! i couldn't stop screaming because i was so happy. i never ever screamed like this in my whole entire life! not even for a handbag...!! let me take you through the unveiling of my pretty valentine's present...

i am even in love with the dustbag...*sighhh*
hello Mrs. Rolando

the lovely red soles

120 mm = 100mm height + 20mm hidden platform

the shape of the shoe is SO SEXY!!

[please do not misunderstand, i was wearing shorts]

thats all...i hope you Vday was just as sweet if not sweeter..

February 16, 2010

Pigging Out!

i dont have that many things that i can consider a talent, but i can assure you that eating is definitely one of them. =] the other day, we double dated and ate at Tour de Ville. its a themed buffet restaurant atop of the Delta Hotel in downtown Montreal. anything special beside the ever changing cuisine? wait! have i mentioned that its a revolving restaurant? it takes 1 hour precisely to do a 360 degrees. in 1 hour's time, you get to enjoy unobstructed and exquisite view of the city. i came here in 2007 for my bday dinner, it was about time for another go. =]
we're waiting on Maya & TD
Prince on the phone with TD...telling him to get the hell here.
Tour de Ville, Restaurant Panoramique
777 University
Montreal, Quebec
[reservation is mandatory]
wearing a new Zara tshirt i bought that same day!!
its supposed to be cropped, but i'm way short...T_T"
TD & Maya
when i look at this picture of them, i think of:
"Behind every successful man, there is a woman" =]
Prince against a breathtaking view of Montreal
grrr dark and blurry picture of me & Prince
my various entrees & salad
i can never overcome how beautiful the city looks when it lights up
lamb chop [a fave of mine], grilled shrimp and rabbit
how can i skip the pasta? =]
switched places with Bb for a pic with a nice backdrop
ooh and ahhh
more ooohs and aahhhs
fruit and chocolate fondue! mmm love
my various desserts and yes i ate them all =D
bathroom pic by Maya [can you spot her?]
oh so vain
but what girl isn't, right?
[no mirrors were hurt in the making of these pictures haha]
in the elevator going down
i like this pic tons, we were walking in the lobby of Delta and asked TD to take a picture of us walking. instead of walking backwards and take our pic, he just stood there and because we walked really fast, we almost reached him and yet he didn't take the pic yet. thats why we were laughing like crazy...oh and also because there was people sitting around just looking at us..so we felt weird. hahahah

speaking of food...here's a pic of me & Maya enjoying ice cream in the Eaton Centre. we dont care what season it is, when we crave, we gotta have it. the boys spoil us too and let us eat whatever we feel like! muahahah no restriction whatsoever, at whatever cost. could be a 5 bucks ice cream cone or a good steak, popcorn or high end dessert, as long as our tummies are happy. awww they're too cute aren't they? thats one of the many reasons we love 'em boys! =D

i can eat all i want, as long as dont accumulate some extra pounds. hahaha! thats me before a treadmill session and after one. can you see the skin color change from healthy fair to tomato red?

Shameless Photobooth Session:

If the shoe fits, BUY it!!!
i was over-abusing my Zara grained leather boots from last year, they're almost DONE. i've been wearing them like crazy ever since i bought them..its time to give them a break. i scored these at Little Burgundy [Rockie's] for such a good deal!!
i LOVE Modern Vintage, i believe they're a Montreal based company. 514 FTW =D
these babies are called Vivienne, they were 495$ down to 149.98$ plus an extra 30% off the last ticketed price. isn't it such an awesome deal??? i felt so lucky when i found them sitting on the shelf. they were my size and were just waiting for me to buy them. i [heart] them so much!!
modeled =]
besides the beautiful boots, i also wanted to show off my new dress i bought from a girl who does surveys on facebook. cute no? was just in time for Vday too. =]
AHHHHH ANOTHER PROUD PROUD buy from last week!!! =D i tweeted like crazy when i bought them lol!! got these cuties at Zara Carrefour Laval for 30 bucks man!! that's something to brag about.

modeled! =] i wanna wear them forever and with whatever

WHATS IN YOUR BAG [request granted]!!
a lot of girls have asked me for this...well this is for the curious ones out there:
in my Damier Trevi PM, i have:
-Damier Sarah wallet
-Damier mini accessoires pochette for tampons and crap
-Club Monaco shortie patent leather gloves, for driving mostly and looking like a dominatrix mainly, because there's no way in hell that these were made for the cold weather.
-Nokia N97
-Rudsak leather camera case
-Too Faced pressed powder
-2x Nivea lipbalms
-bunny USB key
-3D glasses from Avatar movie
-sticker pix from T.O.
-3x20$ out and about
-LV receipt of my bag that i never took out
-2x rubber bands for my hair..i can never tie my hair with anything else than these mofo hurting rubber bands

i'm off to sleep!! bye ladies!!!
i hope that i'll get my VDAY gift soon so i can blog about my Vday!!!