January 27, 2010

Miss Queenie LOVES Wildfox

1 picture entry lol. just to show you how much i LOVE the Wildfox brand. its not very well known in Canada i think, because i've yet to see somebody wearing WF. i get tons of compliments with whatever piece i'm sporting. they're so awesome to wear because of the unusual shape [A-line] and the illustration/wording is always fun/flirty. 16 pieces at the moment in my collection and many more to come.

Where to Buy?


Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Cool shirts!

mystifize said...

I like the bite me one and all the ones in the 2nd row!! Never heard of the brand though...are they Canadian?

lisaa__ said...

cool! ill def check it out! thanks for sharing! :)

Miss Queenie said...

Candy Kawaii
yes they are!! ^^ me love

they are actually an LA brand. =] i love how fun and laid back they look. loveee them so much.

welcome!! =D

Tiffany said...

Wildfox has such cool designs on their t-shirts!
Is the first t-shirt in your collage that mirror image t-shirt? I remember looking at it when you first bought it, the idea is so cool! =D Too bad it's so expensive!

I ordered my Sasa products around Dec 17..? I remember because i missed their deadline to have the products shipped before Christmas =.= I'm surprised it didn't take that long to ship here. The package arrived on Dec. 30. So it was only 2 weeks! I wonder why other bloggers said it takes a very longs time =\. Maybe because they ordered a lot of stuff. Ahahaha.
Shipping was free for purchases over $100 but i got taxed around 36 however, but it's still cheaper than paying shipping! : )

Valentine's Day is coming up soon! Have you thought of anything special yet? I have no ideas... =[

bebe said...

Ahh.. those are some cute tops ^^;

Ofc. my state gets nothing! >.>

kalai said...

love reading your posts^^

the tiffany crown necklace is gorgeous~ i'm so glad i dont live near a tiffany&co store^^ lol. good news for my savings~

the too faced brushes look cute.. ^^teddy bear hair.. cute name~

nice juicy shoes^^

your bom look doesnt look that bad:p lol i do like your usual eye looks more though. this makes your eyes look smaller..

i miss chupa chups.. havent had one in ages~__~