January 21, 2010

Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals

Jeremy Scott X Adidas Originals
Spring 2010 footwear

i'm usually not big on sneakers, i only wear them in extreme cases such as gym or when comfort is needed. came accross these cuties on Nitrolicious and i find them sooo cute i had to post!! i love wings and adidas originals and so the combination is totally my thing. i wonder how much hey cost? they are so adorable i can't stop staring at them. O_O" i wouldn't know how or what to pair 'em with, but owning them would so awesome!!

do you guys know where i can get myself a pair like this? either in store or online..any info is fine. =] thank youuu

seems like 2NE1 are really big fans of Jeremy Scott too. All members wore shoes by him! =] Dara & Bom wore the wing sneaks like the ones up there, but Dara has the all white version and i believe Bom wore the gold & black ones.

bye lovelies!! xox


a.z.♥ said...

The white ones are HOOOOTTTTT. I want a pair for myself XD

Calia Yang said...

i'm pretty plain jane when it comes to shoes. heheh but i do have to say that the white ones w/ wings are cute.

Denysia said...

Those shoes are awesome! I love wearing sneakers when I'm just out, or whenever! :D

Pretty Pouts said...

Wow, you are totally gorgeous hon!! Love the layout and header, it's really pretty :)
Btw I just discovered your blog and followed :) If you have time, come check out my blog. Have a nice day!!

Cookie said...

I got the "Wings" in black late last year at the Adidas store in Sydney AU$300, I looked for the white one for 6 months prior and they told me it was limited edition...luckily he released more.

1st release was white and silver then Black and Gold, then out came then multicolor and I guess the gold detail white one ^^

I usually wear mine with shorts and a cute t-shirt ^^

bebelaura said...

I love those shoes! I've wanted a pair like them. BoA was wearing some like those in her 'Energetic' video! XD

g'luck finding them too.

ps. i'm PetiteL on twitter. =)
(just so you know ><)

bebe said...

Those shoes are really cute.. I don't think I could pull them off but definitely cute. xD

The Pretty Diary said...

omg those sneakers are one of a kind! love it!

Miss Queenie said...

a.z. - Calia - DeNYSIA - The Pretty Diary
they are very cute huh!!

Pretty Pouts
just checked and followed your blog. you're such a beauty!! ^^
thanks for following mine. xox

lucky!!! but AU$300 is like around 287$CAD, i've never spent that much on adidas runners before!! O_O i'm gonna check my local adidas original store first.
i would really like a pair. thank you for the outfit suggestion =D

yeah while searching for them, they were comparing Dara and BoA =]
ok, PetiteL on twitter, noted

no idea if i could pull them off...thats why i would rather try them in store first.
maybe its too funky for me haha

kalai said...

i've wanted those ever since 2NE1 debuted with 'fire'^^ they are so cool~ I soo want the gold or silver ones. My brother saw them in HongKong last year~ I wish he told me I would have so bought them! T__T xx

emi.phung said...

i`ve been an avid reader for a while now but i haven`t made a blogspot account yet...

if you`re still interested in the shoes, the white and gold lining one was re-released this year, and it`s available in the adidas stores.

i assume you occasionally visit Toronto? they`re around $200 at the adidas store on Queen Street West

Anonymous said...

If you have facebook, add Lilo Onlinesale! She has the whole collection, white/gold patent and full white! Seems really nice, you have to pre-order for them and each order closes every wednesday. They cost RM230 including posting :) I'll be buying mine soon!