January 07, 2010


Have you guys seen my new blog banner? isn't it lovely? all thanks to Japanese Illustrator, Takenaka [Dahlia] for the beautiful illustration. i'm just pretty much in love with it, i can't even express myself properly. oh and Prince likes it tons too.

the illustration's inspiration came from the pictures below, its a merge between the 2, but PRETTIFIED. ^_^

it's already on my facebook profile and my soompi banner. haha

The Artist
Takenaka [can also be known as Dahlia] is an incredibly talented illustrator. she can pretty much draw anyone, with any emotion in any situation or pose possible. she's done a lot of covers for books and such, her work can be seen here and there on the net. i first stumbled on a blog with an illustration of hers and totally fell in love with the way she depicts a subject. she can draw in different styles, ranging from portraits to anime style. she amazed me and so i decided to contact her and ask for custom work. she was very sweet and accepted my request instantly. =] i was really happy and excited. i couldn't wait to see the end result. she absolutely did not disappoint! her works are simply gorgeous.
these are 2 of my favorite illustration from her gallery
please take a look at her

as for me, i am so content of the artwork that i'll go get it printed and frame it. C'est vraiment un chef d'oeuvre.

laters lovelies xox


Anonymous said...

oh woah! amazing work!!! :3 you look so glossy and pretty in the illustration!! it's such a nice couple illustration!

Anonymous said...

wow i love it! it's so pretty! i instantly recognized your bf when i was scrolling down hahaha.

Aicha Amano said...

OHHHH MY GOODNESS! THAT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!! This is just so much WOW... What an amazing artist.

Ana said...

omg its beautiful!

c h a said...

WOW, beautiful artwork !!

How much does she charge if I may ask? I'm interested too x]

Calia Yang said...

OMG girlie!!!! it's FAB!!!! gorgeous!! i just went to take a peek at her portfolio and OMW!!! just talented!

luv of beauty said...

the picture is amazing! super super cute and pretty! it's a very good depiction of you guys. wow she's very talented.
i know im late, but happy new years babe!

-- mymy

Zuuchini said...

WOW. this really wowed me. I think i stared at the drawing for i don't know how long. All the details and the style. I love it! You just made me a fan of hers!

I especially like the 2nd drawing more than the first one though. And of course, the one made for you IS JUST SOO SWEET!! She really knows how to depicts the tiny details so we can still recognize it's you and your bf!

dsy said...

woooww..!! that is beautiful!! piece of art, really! :D
totally love it!!

adin_22 said...

Wow...this is really amazing....it looks so much like you & your prince....what a talent....

bubbleness said...

Oh wow, thats gorgeous!

If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost and how long did you have to wait for it after commissioning it? (seems like a good anni present for the bf)

kalai said...

so cute! that illustration is amazing~~ love the details and she captured you two so well.

thanks for sharing. now im a fan of dahlia^^


Aika said...

I love her work as well. <3 Cute!

Anna said...

goshh, it's so lovely 0:
she has a really nice style.

WLOVEXO said...

the banner is beautiful! the artist is amazing :]

i wish you the best in 2010 <3


Caroline said...

wow, I love your banner, it's so beautiful!

sallyli said...

this is seriously so amazing ... and I really want to get it done myself as well. it's such a good idea! about how much was it for you?

Miss Queenie said...

[gosh i have such a hard time typing your name, the words get all mixed up!! lol]
it is a very nice illustration!! =D i'm so ecstatic!!

yeah a lot of people say my bf looks closer than me..oh well =]

Aicha Amano
she is an extremely talented artist!! i love herrrr

thank you =]

c h a
i think you should try personally contacting her. i dont know if its polite to divulge such information. try to email her and ask her for a quote. thats what i've done, she told me the price she was expecting, but i was so satisfied i paid her a bit more than what she asked for. but the price i paid, i think its really worth it for such work! =]

Calia Yang
she good huh!!?? amazing....just amazing

luv of beauty
aww thanks mymy!! where have you been all this time??? you better get back to blogging. i miss your camwhoring sessions!!

cool!!! she definitely needs more recognition outside of Japan!! she deserves for attention. she has such a wide variety of styles and that amazes me so much! if i'm good at something, i try to stick to it but she just goes wild style-wise..hehe

thank you i loveee it as well =D

thanks sweets!!

thanks babe. with the whole email back and forth, the time zone difference and the holidays, it took 2 weeks altogether. we have to consider the artist's private life and i'm SURE she holds a day job as well. so, really, 2 weeks is nothing. =D it is an extremely nice anni present!! print it big and frame it, he'll loveeee it!

its like every time i look at it, i find a new detail. really love it tons!!
no prob, she needs more fans! =]

thank you =]

she does have really nice style!!

thank you Michelle!! wish you the same =D

thanks sweetie =]

as i said in a previous comment, i think you should ask for a quote directly from her because i dont know if she wants me to give out the pricing info. also, what you want in the illustration, the size and all, i think it can alter the price so the price i paid would'nt be accurate too. =] email her and ask for a quote, she's really sweet and friendly.

heartofpearl ♡ said...

I AGREE . this artist is amazing i loaded ur blog and was instantly blown away with that banner then i scrolled down and and and what did i find?!!? wow... she is amazing. i love it >3< words cant describe so i guess i know how u feel haha i want a drawing of me too that would be fun!! x

miemiemie said...

love love the banner! the artist did an excellent job in creating a copy of your orig photo :)

Anonymous said...

O-M-G. That illustration is to die for! It soo represents you two! And it's so amazing and man.. I wish I had talent like that haha

Carmen said...

Wow, that illustration is gorgeous!

I love how the artist captures the essence of the original photos and adds her own style.

Thank you so much for sharing the artist's info with us, Queenie! I think I just found the perfect anniversary gift <3