January 21, 2010

HQCD Jewelry

gahhhh i got my package from Lisa [HQCD] last week!!! **EXCITED** i was really nervous when i opened the box, like a kid on Christmas morning. i waited so patiently for it....Lisa also included a lot of homemade makeup samples that i've yet to try.
handwritten note by Lisa =]
my goodies!!! ^_^ i was sooo happy
i was anticipating this necklace the most. it's my favorite necklace of the shop. this piece here is just a stunner! did you see how sparkly it is? the shape of the crystal is gorgeous and the victorian link is equally as lovely!! definitely becoming one of my fave in my jewelry collection.
Classic Alice necklace [i wonder if she got inspired by Twilight? hehe]
you can purchase the same necklace here: CLICK

this thing changes color continuously...simply beautiful
whimsical little flower & crystal earrings! how adorable are these??
although i'm more of a hoop earrings kind of girl, i might reconsider because these look just too cute to lay in the jewelry box [i like to purchase pretty earrings, but always end up using hoop earrings for some reason]

please spare me, i'm no pro
this picture doesn't do the necklace justice. will take more picture this weekend!! ^^

it definitely soften my face, giving it a more feminine look rather than my usual kid next door look!
closeup of the pretty earrings
please visit HQCD for more styles!!

another entry tomorrow? =] xox

p.s. OMG...i will never make it to the finals for the GStar Raw @ New York Fashion Week because there's another very popular blogger from Montreal who's at like 2000 votes and she's around 4th place i think. i'm officially getting off that boat. =( oh well.. life doesn't go our way right? thank you all who have voted for me. i love you xox


saturn said...

The necklace is beautiful and I love your Zara blazer! Should i get it, it's on sale now aaah =D. And i'm always amazed how you do the winged eye!

Miss Queenie said...

get it get it! both the necklace and blazer!! hehe seriously, get the blazer. better if its on sale. i was shopping last weekend and was going to buy the same jacket in navy and also in grey but they didn't have any sizes left. so sad!! i do this makeup look a lot, so i guess i've accustomed to the right way of doing it..hehe

Aralka said...

wow, this jewellery is totally nice ^^
And you look perfect! it fits u!

Calia Yang said...

OMG!!! THEY'RE GORGEOUS!! if i could pick - i wouldn't be able to pick one!!!! too beautiful!!!!

Nicol said...

the jewellery is beautiful!

xppinkx said...

hey dollface...i hope your keeping warm!!!i think you make the jewelry that much more prettier...i love your eyes...you have the sweetest eyes ever....BOOOOOO i voted for you for gstar tooo!!!! come to new york anyway best place for food...shopping...life!!!

bubbleness said...

Love the necklace, I'm so tempted to buy now!

I was wondering where did you get the hoop that you are wearing on your cartilage piercing? (I lost one of the backings to my barbells so I'm thinking of getting a hoop instead of a new barbell)

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

I really do like that blazer. It makes you very "smart" looking.. sometimes I dress up and I feel a bit smarter when walking around eh? At last I have enough time to comment back on everyone's blogs.

Hey queen bee,

Thank you for leaving a note on my post. I was so happy to see you guys write back heh. I do NOT flatter you too much, oh you know everybody finds you astonishing don't lie :P It's just repetitive what I said. I am genuine and authentic HAHA, but I'm also a very clumsy person. Like... all my sneakers have holes where the soles are, because I drag my feet around a lot when I'm by myself. I sorta slide around and I walk slow, and my shoes all have holes in them as a result. Sigh. Truthful but clumsy, like a turtle!

All the food pictures were really yummy and made me hungry instantly ><

Bili said...

ohhh, there is actually something i want to buy, i think from that website, but i'm so broke. ah.

Candy Kawaii Lover said...

Pretty necklace!

Miss Queenie said...

thank you sweetie. ^^

everything's beautiful huh!! i want more earrings from her!!

they are =]

its pretty warmt his week. but the worse is coming towards the weekend!!!
HELP!!! uhh you're gonna move to Cali, dont promote NYC haha
me too i wanna go live in Cali hmmphhh, not fair! aww thanks sweets for voting for me!! but unfortunately..i'm not gonna make it. lol i fail at a lot of stuff.

please do! the necklace is GORGE!!! get tons of compliments when i wear it out.
looks especially good with a deep vneck.

the tiny diamond hoop worn on my cartilage was bought by my mom at a random local asian jewelry store. =] no brand

haha are you trying to imply that without the blazer i look less smart??? T_T" hehe jk jk thank you for replying! its more time consuming than we think huh? blogging is hard work.

i'm not gonna reply to your compliments because i feel like i will embarrass myself further. puahaha its ok to be clumsy...the little flaws make a person that much more beautiful. (pssttt i'm clumsy too hehe) dont drag your shoes!!

its not as expensive as other crystal designs out there. aim for a piece you really really love, save up and spoil yourself when you can. =D it will be very satisfying, i promise.

Candy Kawaii Lover
yess ^^

sorry for such late replies, i've been so lazy! xox

kalai said...

the necklace is gorgeous^^ ive always wanted a swarovski crystal necklace in that colour. its just so pretty~~ xx