January 27, 2010

Beauty ETC.

this post is going to be full of random stuff!! things i bought & pictures i took that i never had the chance to post etc.

So the 1st item is this pretty little Tiffany box i bought on my last Toronto getaway [Jan.2010]. it was something i saw on their website, planned to buy it while i was there in summer 2009 but my bf convinced me not to as i was already buying the initials necklaces. and he knew i was going to go Tiffing in Hong Kong as well, so i listened to him and didnt get it in the end. on my last getaway, i was supposed to drop off a necklace for repair (Q initial that i broke in my sleep) and wandered around the store in quest of something new...NO girl can resist Tiffany & Co. and i'm not even kidding. i then remembered i wanted this necklace really badly and panicked when i didn't see it. when it was my turn with the SA, i asked her to see the 8 [or infinity] necklace, i tried it on, but nobody approved it because it didn't look good in real life compared to their website. i took a chance and asked about the one i wanted...and lucky me, she found one!! =] i was ecstatic and i think it showed haha...here's the pretty thang:
Tiffany & Co. Crown necklace
its too cute, i LOVE it so much...
here's what it looks like when worn! =]

i have previously told you guys that i would do a tutorial for Park Bom's makeup in the You & I mv. i did do a test run for the look, but i find it so ugly on me that i think will never ever try this look again. the shape of my eyes are not suitable for this sort of eye makeup. the outer corner of my eyes kinda go downwards and so the eyeliner looks very awkward.
do you see how weird it look? and i know there's a LOT of eyeliner used, but i kept piling it on since i didn't see the resemblance to Bommie's look. anyways, total FAIL. pardon the photobooth pictures, i was too lazy to take my camera out. Random fact: my favorite lollipops are Chupa Chups!! =D

a little something something sweet beuhbie Maya got me a few weeks ago! =] since she works at Marciano [part-timer], she could easily get her hands on this gorgeous limited edition OPI for Marciano polish. its a gorgeous fuschia [bright pink] with a hint of sparkles. it was about time i posted about nail polish, i feel i've been slacking on this matter lately.

this is the hint of sparkles =] very subtle
honestly, 1 layer was enough pigmented to cover the nail,
i tried 2 but saw no difference.

i'm telling you, having a Sephora so close to work is very BAD for the wallet!! like it'd be a random day after work and i would just feel the URGE to drop by Carrefour Laval for a small Sephora spree. however, no matter how "small" the spree was supposed to be, it always ends up to be over 100$. =( this is sad, very very sad. just like the haul below. there's not much no? arggghh, so annoying!
-Bliss Hand Cream: absolutely the BEST hand cream i've used so far. this wonder will soften your skin in nano seconds and once absorbed, it will not leave your hands greasy like other hand creams.
-Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair brush set: too cute for words and supah soft =] on top of that, the brushes and case are metallic pink! yay
-Make Up For Ever Diamond powder & Sephora loose Glitters
here's a closeup look of the glitters in their containers
swatches [skin primed with UDPP]
Make Up For Ever wins hands down. the tiny glitter particles stay on for longer time and it's more comfy to wear as you barely feel it on your skin.
Sephora Glitter is a big fat NO for me from now on. the particles are much bigger and will fall off in no time. it really irritated my eyes the only time i wore it out. =(
you know close to the cash at Sephora stores, there are always these bins filled with tiny versions of products they have? last time i bought a smaller tube of this hand cream and loved it so much when it ran out, i just had to grab the full version. its the best everrr.

close up of the brushes! =] loveee these.

i've noticed a big hype over My Beauty Diary masks recently, a lot of beauty bloggers seem to really like these. i was browsing through T&T for the 1st time in my life and stumbled on them!! =] yay! and they were on sale for 15$ too!!! [ok lame, because i dont know the regular price] there was a big selection and so i just went with the box that said "whitening" on it. haha i'm obsessed. i didn't try them out yet, when i do, i will provide a complete review for them just like i did for the Sewame masks.
the packaging is so adorable! ^^

snatched this at Walmart while i was looking for a pair of cheap snow pants [tubing day]. me no like wintah!!! thats why i dont do winter sports. hence the reason why i dont even have a pair of snow pants laying around. i wish i loved the cold, but i dont. T_T"

Random things i got:
pretty JC leather flats. these are so cute and comfortable!! i adore them
Cosabella undies that caused a riot over at Soompi's "What Did You Buy Today" thread. reason fo the chaos? some soompiers dont find it appropriate to spend such money on such plain undergarments. T_T" i've heard so many good things about this brand. i believe quality over quantity, and i know many of you would agree. and these prices are NOTHING compared to fine lingerie...
Wildfox Scorpio tee that you probably noticed on my last post
another Wildfox piece =]

ok, enough for random crap...you will see more of me on the next post.
until then, love youuuuusss xox


bebe said...

Love your haul!

Don't worry about the weird people at soompi. They just love to judge and once someone starts everyone ofc has to jump on the bandwagon!

Denysia said...

I love the Juicy Couture flats! :)

Calia Yang said...

you have got your hands on some nice stuff!!!

Pirlanta kutusu said...

I liked them all sooo much! esp the tiara necklace!! Do you know if other brands have a similar necklace too?

glitteryeyesxx said...

WOW! I'm totally digging the glitter! That's my weakness, lol.

And hahahaha, I love that movie. Seriously, "Confessions of a Shopaholic" echoes the same trials and tribulations that most girls our age are going through, when it comes to financing our spending habits. :)

maddy said...

Nice buys! And I think the makeup looks fine on you really.

If you want, I can look for the Olympic mittens for you and send them over your way =) Well at least I'll try my best to get them because they're always sold out. I was luckily in the store when the shipment came in. They're $10 but they're getting scalped on Craigslist!

Anonymous said...

Love these sort of posts ^^

coffretgorge said...

The necklace looks really pretty on you! love the haul! :)

sayuri said...

omg i love all your pictures :) keep em coming

Miss Queenie said...

thanks babe!
i was really shocked at first. i didn't know it could start such a problem! yes apparently, they do like to judge people =(

thanks! they are very very comfortable =]

i'm so happy! thanks Calia

Pirlanta kutusu
thanks! i'm pretty sure you can find some crown necklaces from Juicy Couture. or you can just google "crown necklace" or crown pendant and it will give you a bunch of websites who carries similar design.

Tiffany said...

I love you eyeliner! you should wear it like that often! : ) It's purdeyyy =)

I love your Tiffany necklace! my friend has something like that but obviously not as good quality. She can wear it as a necklace or ring xD

The beauty Diary masks are really really good. I get mine at T&T too haha!

Anonymous said...

The necklace is gorgeous! x

fanyy said...

Hi Queenie! :) I never got a chance to visit your blog until now! I've always seen your buys on the WDYBT thread, they're always so gorgeous! Haters are ridiculous, lol quality underwear is definitely just as legit as a pair of quality CLs!

I loveee the crown necklace! I've never seen that on the Tiffany's site before!

dollie* said...

I love the Park Bom makeup on you it's gorgeous! So jealous of your skin! :(

Omg the Tiffany necklace is love <3 how much did was it for if you don;t mind me asking :)

missmicchan said...

That Tiffany necklace is SO cute and pretty ^^

Lovin'your blog ..I subscribed :)

<3 missmicchan.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Je suis tombée sur ton blog par hasard, et je voulais savoir d'ou tu as acheté tes juicy flats...
je suis également à montréal, mais pas grands magasins vendent des juicy flats :(
merci!!!! je les adore! :D