January 07, 2010

Âge d'Or & Food

when the weather gets crazy, this is what i look like. the Chapka is one of my favorite accessory to wear in the winter time. to me, it looks so cute and it's also very warm, so the subzeros dont scare me. it might look ridiculous to some, but mehh, i couldn't care less. =] you can untie and let the flaps down, that'll give you even more warmth...niceee i've been looking for a Canada Goose chapka in black for a while. still no luck. i've tried 1 in grey, but it doesn't quite suit my coat. still looking...if you see it in any store in Montreal, please give me a heads up! thank you!
i made Prince try it on. he'd usually refuse, but he didn't have styling paste on that day, so he didn't have a reason to. =] i like the way he looks with it. he reminds me of mongolian characters in epic tvb series. lol

anyways, back on track with the real entry. be prepared, there's gonna be a lot of food pictures =D
last month, we got invited to an Oriental dinner event at a nursing home [is this how we call a residence for the elders?]. how come, you ask? well because my boyfriend's long time mentor lives there and invited us to join him for the event! =] Mr. JLP is his name.

here's a bit of history for those interested. Ever since my Prince set foot in Canada a long, long...long time ago, Mr. JLP has always been a great help to his family. He's a former Principal and high school teacher. he retired and became my boyfriend's mentor and tutor up until he finished his studies. Once my boyfriend got his license, he'd pay weekly visits to Mr. JLP. He used to live alone in his condo but in recent years, he's become a lot weaker, so he transferred to a nursing home. Mr. JLP has always been a loner, he doesn't have a family, only siblings with whom he's not very close with. Prince would keep him company and talk about politics, news, traveling, sports etc to entertain him. they could talk for hours and hours and not get tired. whenever he needed help, such as grocery or picking up medication, my boyfriend would offer to do them for him. he loves Mr. JLP like his own grandfather.

me on the other hand, can only see him once every few months. i have a very hectic schedule and can hardly find time to breath. us 3 will sometimes go to dinner together or Mr. JLP would invite us over for Bingo nights at his nursing home. its quite fun to see everyone's reaction when they see us there, mainly because the place is only occupied with caucasians.

so the other the night, we were kind of the center of attention at the Oriental event as we were the only ones there more fitting with the theme than a mere black & red outfit [it was the dress code they were suggested to follow, i think everyone made a great effort on that]. me & bb didn't need to dress up to look oriental haha the elders there are so cute and lovely. everybody talked to us out of curiosity.

the evening was extremely well planned, they had a committee for events like this. everything was thought out except the food. it was asian "inspired"...the only thing asian about the dishes were the terriyaki sauce & shallots. nobody complained, so i refused to be the party pooper! Prince is really picky, even though he didn't say anything nor expressed disgust towards the food, i knew this wasn't satisfying enough for him. we silently agreed to go eat somewhere else after this.
Prince's shrimp brochette with teriyaki sauce
my grilled [shredded then stick together] chicken with terriyaki sauce
Prince's funny but not so funny expression! haha
when the music started to go off, the couple on the left would always be the 1st couple to stand up and dance. lovely no? i wish me & Prince will still be in love like this when our hair turns grey. =]

Mr. JLP was too shy to dance...so he just sat there and talked with us while watching other couples dance.
nobody asked me to dance, but Prince got lucky when the president of the committee asked for his hand. lol it showed in his was that he was uncomfortable, but to please her, he did not refuse. =]
can you get more asian than this? =P

L'Entrecôte Saint-Jean
the other Monday night, me & my family went to L'Entrecôte Saint-Jean on Peel street. it was recommended by a regular customer at my parent's Pho. she said the place only serves ONE dish and it's Steak & Fries, it's their specialty. they make this special sauce thats apparently unique in North America. wow, after hearing such good reviews of the place, we decided to give it a try.
thats their menu. you can either get your only steak/fries or get the whole Table d'Hote.
we decided to get 6 steak/fried Table d'Hote.
asked him to smile..thats what i got...
Daddy & Prince
the decor is kinda of Bistro Français type

i was very excited to try it out since everybody raved about it. Positive: i ate the fries first because thats what i always do, they were very good. they tasted like Belgian fries, very crispy on the outside yet they melted in my mouth. yummy. the steak was asked to be medium for all of us. although we loveeee steak, we never really ask for saignant because of a bacteria video i watched back in high school. it traumatized me to death...ok not quite, but still. it was cooked to perfection.
thats what was left on my plate. its almost empty not because it was good, but because i kept stuffing my mouth and kept telling myself maybe after this one bite, the world will be better and it will taste fantastic. i failed. negative: the sauce was disgusting!!! it tasted like mustard mixed with curry and a hint of unknown spice in there...=( i was really bummed.
Prince chugging down water to try and wash away the taste.

anyways, it was a pleasant dinner nonetheless, only because we joked and talked a lot. its all a cover to camouflage the taste of the food. dont go there, ever!

Seoul BBQ
3300 boulevard Cavendish
Montreal, QC H4B 2M8
(514) 489-6656
went there again the other Monday. and it was verrrrrrryyy satisfying! =] although it is AWESOMELY good, dont dress up too much when you go there, the ventilation isn't one of their pros. haha

happy tummy =]

thats all for now. laters lovelies!! xox


Zuuchini said...

i don't care if i look silly/ugly during harsh winter...I WANNA BE WARM!! and i want a hat like that too! hahaha

that is cute oriental event! seems like they put so much efforts on the costumes and decors. props! and very loyal of your bf to still keep contact with his mentor

i love tiny small frech restaurant. food looks good! I'll go there once! and korean fooood!!! =BIG LOVE! are they quite authentic? Korean owners?

Anonymous said...

Oh the food looks fantastic! Too bad 2/3 of them weren't good ><.
Agreed with the I-don't-care-how-I-look-I'm-cold look!!!

Miss Queenie said...

yeah, the most important is to be warm! you should get one like this, very practical for frost season.

the event was well planned out, really. everyone participated and somewhat respected the dress code. =] yup, he really loves mr. JLP. still pays him visits weekly up until today.

the food looked good, but the sauce turned me off completely! its yes or no situation, either you'll love it or you'll hate it! but you should give it a try. maybe it'll suit your taste more. and yes Seoul BBQ is authentic with real Korean owners. its delicious. dont wear anything too fancy when going there though. its gonna smell =S

Léa said...

J'adooooooooore la bouffe koréenne!! Est-ce possible de me donner l'adresse de ce restaurant, je ne le connais pas ;)


Miss Queenie said...

Natalie Nguyen
the dishes look appetizing...but =(

salut Lea, j'ai ajoutee l'adresse de Seoul BBQ dans mon entry.
c'est extremement bon cette place la. meme les side dish sont excellent.
vraiment a essayer absolument!!

Calia Yang said...

I was gonna comment on your post first - but after seeing some posts in french and me still being able to read it - made me wanna comment on that first LOL I have to go back and visit my birthplace again near paris.

anywho's - i super heart all of the food review you do - i love that you post about foods you try (even though i'm no where close to the restaurants mentioned) - i'm a picky eater and welps - i try not to go out of my comfort zone. hehehe

SO SUPER GLAD that mr. jlp has your Prince to keep him company and visit him. ^_^ Super sweet of him and you to attend the event.

xSplendidStar said...

Awww that's so nice of your bf to still keep in touch with the mentor! Just really shows how much appreciation there is :)

LOL LOVE your pointy hat! I haven't worn those in ages XDDD

Also like your Chapka! Looks soooooooo cute on you! In UK, the hats are only worn by like bad boys and gangs T___T so I was never a fan of them and I feel like it would make me look bad too. Uhh quite a downer though coz they would be so handy right now when it's freezing cold!!!


Strawberry`mt said...

"mongolian characters in epic tvb series" i agree, it reminded me of them too!
Ooh~ i really wanna try korean bbq someday >< ♥

Miss Queenie said...

Calia Yang
OMG woww...for real? you were born in france?? thats so awesome!!
well i'm definitely glad to see you are a fan of the reviews even if you live here. =] i'm not so much of a picky eater, but the food i put in my mouth better be good or i wont be in a good mood for the whole day/evening!! i think mr. JLP is pretty happy to have Prince, he's so excited when he comes and has tons of things to tell Prince.

i too, think its great of my Prince. =] he likes to talk to the elders because he says you can learn so much from them. their own experiences can help improve yours and they always have words of wisdom to say.

it was actually my first time wearing a pointy hat..i dont recall ever trying one on!! T_T

FOR REAL?? Chapkas are for badboys??? nooo you should try one!! but will other people think you're a bad chick? ?_?

lol i always make fun of him like that!! haha
gahhh you dont know what you're missing. korean bbq is soooooooooooooooooo delishhh