January 15, 2010

1 year older...

these pix are extremely overdue!! from Prince's bday, which was like beginning December... =S the picture above looks so cute. the years go by, we get older, yet i dont think we act like it. not to say we're immature or anything. when seriousness is required, we can provide you with it, but for the rest of the time..we're just like big kids. laughing, giggling, fooling around having the time of our lives!! i dont know if pictures are accurate enough to capture our energy and happiness...(urghh cheese sentence!! haha). can you feel it when you look at the pictures? =]

[i know he's holding the box which contained his D&G sneakers, but i ended up returning them and i got him a netbook and case in the end...in case you were wondering hehe]
was probably talking to TD or something...
see? big kids!
>_>  +  XD
mini cake from TD & Maya
***blow sound***

that evening, we went to 40Westt for dinner. too bad i couldn't take pictures because there was a live performance going on and i thought it would've been rude. we were supposed to go try a new restaurant in the Old Port but ended up craving meat. i dont remember what i had as entree but i ordered the Lamb Chop for the main course and it tasted great, cooked to perfection. ended dinner with their classic Souffle au Chocolat, just perfect. since it was Prince's bday, he got treated to a big piece of cake. 

and the week after that, Mr. JLP invited us to dinner at Le Bordelais. i went there a couple of times and i've always been very satisfied. although the price is not as high as other places i've tried, the food was near equivalent. the service is always great over there. because the restaurant is pretty much in the middle of nowhere [residential area i mean], it's not very well known and thats a shame. the clientele is more from the older generations and the decor is very french champetre and provencal (think toile de jouie or floral wallpaper type). it doesnt bother me, i find it quite charming. 

they make the best homemade bread EVERRR....it's served warmed yum

main course: "Assiette du Capitaine"

after my boyfriend is my mom's birthday. she hit the 50 in 2009 yet she hates big parties and grand events. she wants to be with us on her bday, thats all she asked. =] Prince ordered a cute cake for her [it says "Happy Birthday Auntie"] and C. bought her her favorite flowers, yellow roses. we bought her a present, but she felt she didn't need it so returned it to the store...whatever, as long as she's happy, everything else doesn't matter.
i believe Prince bought her a Tiramisu from either Patisserie de Gascogne or L'Escurier.
i have really bad memory...=[
my mama making her wish
i love them to death. they are so happy together and have been like this since forever.

thats gonna be all for now. please expect a lot of pictures in the next post and tons of HQCD jewelry pix!!! woohooo...

bye lovelies! xox

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bebe said...

Lol.. you and your boyfriend are too cute.

the picture of you two with the emoticon captions is adorable.. xD

+ your parents is just cute! ^^

Calia Yang said...

OMG!!! you two are just too darling - total big kids girl!! hehehe but that's what happens when you're with the love of your life! ^_^ i know that's how it is with my hubby and i. just big goofballs!

love the pictures and your parents are too darn cute!!!!! at least they're always smiling in pictures! my parents are the TOTAL opposite!! TOTAL seriousness!!

Aralka said...

You two look amazing ^_^
great couple

Emily said...

Your boyfriend looks like 18 years old..but I guess that he's like 28 years old. He has a really cute babyface! You 2 are a really cute couple. :)

And your mom still looks really pretty and young for her age!!

mystifize said...

haha ur bf looks like a kid in the 1st pic! && ur parents are so cute together! you & your bf will be like that someday too! :P

Karen said...

What netbook did you end up getting him? :)

Miss Queenie said...

thank you guys for the lovely comments!! yes my boyfriend does look really young...he's in fact 25, born 2 weeks after me. i'm a cougar!! wahaha
i hope we can turn out like my parents. they're too sweet together. =]

i got him a very basic HP Mini =]

Natalie Nguyen said...

Aw your parents are too cute! Not to mention you and your bf too! Btw, I love how volumized your hair is (wish mine were like that! XD)

Ch0uCh0u said...

Heyyy girll!!!

i was just readin blogs around n got on urs n looks through quick n then i saw some1 i knew.....
n i never expected that id know ur mom!!
lol i was schocked.. shes a customer at my workplace where i work as a casher in kim phat on cote des neiges next to ur mom's pho place... =PP

well then just wanna say hi ^^ ... nice blog by the way =]]