December 16, 2009

While my Guitar Gently Weeps

my favorite Japanese 5 year old ukulele PRODIGY!
watch and support him here: click


xSplendidStar said...

Oh I have watched this just 2 days ago! He is sooooooooo adorable and such a pro! Love him! xxx

Gaby said...

I received a link tot his video by email some times ago. He is so cute and talented!

Anna said...

Hahah, I watched this recently too !
He gets so excited playing the uke, it's really quite sweet ;3

Did you watch his 'I'm Yours' cover? Puahaha, so adorable.

Miss Queenie said...

he's adorable!! he's like SUPER popular. everybody posted his vids in my fb. =]

he is very talented. and to think he's only 5 years old is just mind blasting!

hahaha its cute/funny when he's all excited!! and also his facial exressions are freaking adorable! yes i watched the "im yours" haha did you see how he scratched his nose at 1:14? too cute!!