December 18, 2009

the SHOT

so sorry for the lack of updates!!! i think the weather has something to do with my laziness. it got so cold in montreal in the last 2 weeks that all i wanna do at home is stay in bed, under my comforter and watch movies!! i've also been very lazy with picture taking. again, blame it on the weather! when its -20C outside, forget about digging in my purse for my camera! here's a short post, hope you wont hate me! T_T"

anybody got their H1N1 shot yet? me & Amy went 2 weeks ago...and i totally cried when they vaccinated me =[ i'm such a failure. i HATE HATE HATE needles because i used to get shot monthly for my knee pains. so now...lets just say if i can avoid it, i will. =S i didnt wanna get the H1N1 shot but Prince totally forced me. he tried to scare me with all sorts of stories and i finally i gave in. if people tell you it doesn't hurt, well...they're liars! i felt the needle go in, felt the liquid entering my skin and felt it when the nurse pulled it out!!! every step of the way. =[ she tried to talk to me to distract me, didn't work. =O anyways, after the vaccine, my arm was useless for about a week. couldn't lift it up. i thought that feeling was going to last forever...
Amy's scared too! as you can see in her anxious face...
was too stressed to read it...
i finished first, so i went to see her...
no she didn't get shot yet, he was just prepping. but her expression was the same when it happened. she yelled and also cried a little. he gave us star stickers to put on our bandaids. =]

it was a Sunday, so we had to work at the restaurant...when we got there, my mom got us a little surprise to cheer us up. she went to Les Glaceurs and picked up a dozen of cutie cupcakes =] my mom's the sweetest ever!!

choco-choco, carottes, vanille, vanille-citron, red velvet, choco-coco
avalanche de brownies, vanille-citron, choco-choco, choco-menthe, moka, vanille-sucre a la creme [quickly become another favorite of mine]

tried out another lacquer from Maya! =] its more blue-ish in real life..simply gorgeous!

Bella told me about these masks, she said they're pretty popular in HK. i decided to buy 2 boxes when i was vacationing there to try out. the other day was actually the 1st time i used it. VERDICT: i LOVE it! i dont know about the whitening effect because i have just tried it once...but its really comfortable on, easy to use and it fulfilled the promise of moisturizing the skin. when you open the package, its a bit gooey and all, but once applied, its a little cool and very very pleasant on the face. it says if you have regular skin, when you remove the mask, you dont have to wash your face afterwards. i guess your skin will absorb it and it'll be like you used a moisturizer. for mixed and oily skin, then you should wash it thoroughly before using your own moisturizer.
errrr...yeah...i know i look a bit like a mummy...
this is after washing my face. no moisturizer yet. [if you see red blotches on my face, it's Photobooth's fault. it was really evened out after the mask and super soft too!]

i'm gonna be sporting bright glossy red lips tonight for the office's Xmas party! i dont know if its a good idea or not, but a lot of people have approved i'm gonna trust them. the only other time i wore red lips was for last year's Halloween, when i was vampire princess... =S we'll see, i guess....

ta-taaa lovelies!

p.s. Amy's going to California tomorrow...i'll really really miss her. even though she drives me insane sometimes, mehh...i'll miss her anyways. love you lil sister! xox
a little inside for her: "RELAXXXXX, dont do na na na na na na...." =D


xSplendidStar said...

Awww injections >_< They don't hurt me but a couple of hours later is like OMGGGGGGGGG my arm just goes numb, and for a week too! Can't lift my arm either during that time.

Btw I love your friend's face expression! Super cute & funny! Hehe


Princess Jem said...

omg the H1N1 lol i didn't get my shot yet too =( i'm terribly afriad of needles -_-
exam time right now for me, sighh aww your sister is going to California? lucky hehehe i love your picture with the mask! =D totally cheered me up! =D

Lisa said...

aww. I haven't gotten my shot either. I hate needles! But as long as it's over for you.

Lovin the glossy red lips on you :)

Penny said...

woww the red leps look gorgeous!! what did you use? ^^

If it comes in pink said...

I love the cupcakes, they look so cute and yummy:D

Monyta said...

OH GOD ! I finally discovered how to post lol !! So I rarely like red lips but, that shade was like whoa ! :)

-elle♡ said...

omg the cupcakes are the cutest ever! my mom should go run to montreal and get me some too lmao T_T
h1n1 injection...hehe glad i didnt get it
the red lips look great!

audrey said...

the cupcakes are absolutely gorgeous, they look so delicious^^

audrey said...

je viens juste de voir que tu étais de montréal^^ ça m'est plus facile de parler en français^^
merci aussi pour la review sur le masque en provenance d'HK :)
bonne journée^^

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kalai said...

aw bless.. i hate injections! i know its just a litle jab but it hurts doesnt it T__T

the cupcakes are soo cute.. i love the snowman one~

you suit red lips!! hope you had a good xmas party..

merry christmas~~ hope santa is good to you ;p xx

Natalie Nguyen said...

I hate needles too! I try to avoid it as much as I can!
Lucky red lips work on you! said...

I'm gonna comment on this one, I bookmarked it because I've been meaning to :) hey buddy. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE needles, when I was a kid I would FLIP the FUCK out whenever the school forced us to get shots. One girl waiting in line threw up because she was so scared, I remember. Measle shot yuck. My mom had to trick me and told me to walk in because the doctor wanted to see me, then he held the needle and I knew there was no running. I would put on an amy face for sure! Did you read my needle story I posted a while back?

"I'm not so afraid of needles. Although when I was a kid, I was getting ready for a shot and then just as she was getting closer I bailed. I said "wait I'm not ready." but my doctor had no patience and GRABBED my arm, so I started screaming like crazy and my mom pinned me down in the doctor's office. I was yelling "HELP SOMEBODY SAVE ME HELP HELP" and my grandma was trying to burst into the hallway but the receptionist wouldn't let her, and then the doctor push the needle in and injected me.

BUT, when she was pulling it out she moved it by mistake. So she moved my vain while the needle was still in it.. and ellen, I can't explain the pain I felt. It must be what getting stabbed feels like. She even explained what she did to my mum and apologized. But ka-san was apologizing for the freak show I put on. When I walked out, the entire waiting room of people looked at me in horror."

one of my closest guy friends is in med school and joked about being my family doctor one day... I told him to ta gueule. con.

sorry for the swearing LOL, I only use it in extreme situations (like when your guy friend offers to stick his finger up your bum to do a medical test). One of those cupcakes your mum bought belongs to turtle btw. Why is amy going to cali? forever?

I'm glad you enjoyed the post, I literally told my REAL friend in person that I had to take some pictures for a reader named Queenie~ Yorkdale hasn't changed much, but it got renovated a little so the ceilings are a bit whiter and ya. Couple new stores, Tiffany's, burberry, lululemon, I think appeared in the last 2 years. Most of the stuff is at the same places. Why don't you visit yorkdale often? Well you live so far I guess that's why. I haven't been to montreal in 2 years either, but I've been there MANY times in my life lol. more than 5? I have no relatives or friends there so that's quite a lot. You know, I chuckled a little bit when you said that a bit of racism in Canada might surprise me. Queenster, I'm an asian BOY. Do you know how much racism I've gotten throughout my years here? People treat ladies with more respect, the guys especially cuz they got no problems with asian girls. But asian guys, trust me buddy. On soompi, I wrote up some stuff I experienced when I was in my first few years of university, leave me a comment if you want to see it and I'll paste it for you. It still hurts me when I hear it.. I was just doing a group project a few weeks back with my caucasian classmates, some bitch in the next room made a racist comment and my friends could visibly tell I was upset for the rest of the day. said...

I HATE tna bags too, they are totally not stylish in any way. Girls who carry this huge rock hard thing on the bus,

knocking down everyone when they hold it XD I didn't know what BCBG stood for, thanks for telling me!! Learned

something new. Why don't they have a coach store in montreal?? Not even one? They even have one in australia!

Hong Kong is funny sometimes, how many stores they have of the same thing, despite how small the city actually is. I

actually went on the Agnes B. site once to count the locations different countries have. Singapore, U.S., etc... 3, 4,

2 locations. Hong Kong, 23 PLUS the flagship gardening place (the only other one is in France). The Agnes B. woman

personally came to HK to visit that store herself when it opened and expressed her admiration for HongKongers loving

her brand. I don't know why I love Agnes B. so much, but I really do obsess over everything they have. They have a bag

store in HK that only sold Agnes B. bags, did you visit when you went there? I bought the cutest navy blue school bag

with two leather straps (like a japanese school bag almost), about $180USD. <3 agnes b. don't care how old she is, I'd

marry her.

I begged my friend to go to bloor with me because I wanted to take pictures of the fancy stores for you that day, but

pa refused. She said it was TOO cold. Sorry :( I don't post pics of my friends cuz they don't want to show their faces

(my friends aren't as good looking as yours!!). And if i posted pics of myself, I'd lose all my readers instantly LOL.

If you really want to see a pic of me I'd be okay with that, but let's think of a way for me to show you without

posting it online.

salut ^^ Hey can you see when you're at work? I added the app for my phone so I can live stream videos...

Miss Queenie said...

kev you are INSANE with your brick of comment!! haha i like that.
yup i read your entry. thats pretty crazy. it reminds me a lot of when i was younger too. urghhh bad memories with needles. the vein moving is so INTENSE!!! must've felt soooo good huh! ahhhh i can't even imagine if it ever happened to me. =S poor you. you must've hated your doc after that one time.

HAHAHAHAHAHA i liked what you told him him french. very straight forward. nice. you should post a vid with you saying that. dont need to see your face if you dont wanna show...but i would definitely love to hear you say that! lol

no amy didnt go to Cali forever..i'd kill her if she left me like that. i'm not gonna allow her to be in a different counry than me. hmmmphhh whateverrr. she went there for a week for vacation. so lucky! i didn't get to go very far for the holidays. =S

well i can't see the changes really because my memory sucks. if i ever told you it looked different, i was lying. because i can't even remember what i had yesterday for dinner. lol

aww it looks like you had it rough when it comes to racism. i'd love to hear the stories about your first years at Uni. i've been ok i guess, because where i grew up, there were many immigrants, so i was not such an outsider. when i changed school to go to this semi-private school in downtown montreal, i was 1 of the very few asians there. i got teased at first for being asian...but that changed because they got used to me being asian...but afterwards, they teased me just because they were used to it. i think it made me stronger as a person, i learned a lot from those experiences.

OMG Toronto is like THE TNA TOWN. seriously. i'm so glad girls dont buy that here, i guess because we dont have stores selling their products. i dont know why they dont have a Coach store in Montreal..we do, however, have a section at Holt Renfrew with Coach bags and accessories. seriously, HK is all about shopping. stores are everywhere. and they're close to each other too. whoaaa Agnes B seems to be very popular there *googles Agnes B* i saw an Agnes B cafe in a mall in HK..but because i dont know about the brand i didnt really cared for it.

aww i'm gonna tell my friends you said they were good looking hehe! oh and i can't see ustream.. =( sucks.