December 09, 2009

How To: Easy Gift Wrapping

i'm so lazy to post nowadays! i have a lot of pictures i want to post, yet just not enough time to do it. ok i must admit that watching the vietnamese version of Full House doesn't really help. lol [its funny!! even if i dont understand all the words, i try to figure it out along and it helps improve my sucky vietnamese]

ok, since Christmas is just around the corner [15 days to be exact!!!] and i was wrapping my boyfriend's birthday gift up, i thought why not make a simple How To to show you guys the most simple way to wrap a present. i know almost everyone knows how to do so, but just in case yknow...hehe oh and since Prince's birthday already passed, its ok to post it now.

HOW TO, 2nd edition:
gather your stuff and lets get going!!! =]
nice snakeskin printed + embossed wrapping paper, tissue paper & taffeta ribbon from Renaud Bray at Carrefour Laval

TADAAA do you like it? i only know 1 way to wrap a present...i know it's not all fancy schmancy but you know...whatev. my mother's gift wrapping knowledge is wayyy more developped than me, she folds and folds and folds and the end result is just LOVE. so nice, you dont even want to open it. just kidding!! i cannot be "careful" when i open a present, i just go on a paper ripping frenzy until everything is destroyed and there's nothing left but the box haha.

wondering what i got Prince this year? [the box might've given you a hint] this is his second gift, because his Kaine jacket was 1st. last year was just over the top and i admit this year is nothing compared to it, but oh well. =[ he's gonna have to deal with it. and i know it's not good to give shoes as a present, but i was gonna make him pay me a penny for them and it'll be like i sold them to him and that would be ok. apparently, superstition says when you give somebody a pair of shoes, you want them to leave you.
when i buy a present, it needs to be complete. so i even bought his favorite gel insoles. he cannot live these. he NEEDS them in his shoes. whatever shoes, sneakers, boots, chucks, dress shoes, mocs...he really likes 'em. i always get them at the Foot Locker. oh and they're unisex, you just need to double check the size.

i even laced them the way we like it. =]

this was taken on his birthday. i knew he LOVED them ever since they came out in early fall. he didnt buy them because he has too many that are just sitting in his closet, waiting for his attention. Prince was extremely happy i bought them for him...BUT...yeah there's "but", since we're now winter time, he wont be able to wear them. so by the time he gets to take them out, it'll be spring/summer 2010 already. Prince gave me tons of reasons why we should bring these lovelies back for a refund and instead, he said he wanted a net book. that gave me a real headache because i hate going back to a store for a refund, whats worse, i have a fave SA there and i dont wanna do that to him. i feel so bad [oh btw, i somehow lost the receipt too, bravo]. =S so we brought them back on tuesday night anyways, lucky for me, my SA wasn't working and they willingly took the shoes back without hesitation. i'm heading back there today with a box of Godiva for my'll be like an appreciation/small xmas gift for him.

the thing to consider when buying a present for my boyfriend is: he already owns everything he wants/needs [that are, of course, within reach. i dont have the extra bucks to throw on a Ferrari and neither does he anyways]. except things that are yet to be released. it becomes a little redundant every year when i go gift shopping for him. not to mention, he's a picky fella too!* [see next paragraph] i always end up buying something similar to what he already has. and yes i've tried handmade things too. i'll talk about his bday on one of the next entries.

*clarification: Prince is picky when it comes to personal things like clothing & food. there are certain brands that he likes, some he cannot stand. it absolutely does not mean all his things are premium brands, Zara is 1 of his favorite and it is no where near premium status. same thing goes for food. he's very straightforward and cannot fake it when something doesnt please him. [except that i find him MORE than accommodating when we are with friends]

you guys remember this Chanel palette i received for my birthday?
i just got around to swatching them =S

Chanel Ombres a Paupieres Quatuor "Les Folies Noires"
i'm so sad the logo's gone =[

also tested one of the OPI i got from Maya =]

its so gorgeous, it reminds me of patent leather =D yumm

mini Sephora haul from last week i think. its really not good to have a Sephora this close to me. these purchases have made me VIB =] no idea what it does, but apparently, it's a lot of good things.
after so many magazines and blogs raving about this blush, i finally got around to buy Nars' Orgasm. and i admit that it is just plain BEAUTIFUL i'm in loveee
its a coral-y color with a touch of iridescence which just brightens the face up in an instant
sweet Maya knew i was looking for this OPI Start to Finish like mad but never found it anywhere. she surprised me =] love you beuhbie and thank you for listening to my rambles all day! [she really notices everything i say]
the polish came with 2 bonus hand creams that smell just oh so yummy!! i love coconut scent, reminds me of the beach and being on vacation.
OPI Start to Finish
base coat/nail strengthener/top coat

i really recommend this product. out of 10 points i would give it 15! thats how much i love it. i use it as a base coat and top coat. it has lightened & strengthened my nails considerably. and not to mention the super glossy patent leather-like finish when used as topcoat. just wow. you should definitely try it. =]

laters lovelies! xox


Rach said...

i love how perfect your creases are for your gift wrapping! ^_^ - how random~ lol

lilxmaya said...

helloo Queenie hunnay beuhbie chikitaaaaa!!! =) i LOVE your blog especially when you talk about how sweet i am =DDDDD love you <3 xox

sweetassugar89 said...

hey! I've been following your blog for a while and I really enjoy reading your post. Just wanted to tell you that I bought the same powder "Absolutely Invisible" at La Baie for only 9.97$!! Most of the Too Faced makeup are on sale. I think it's because they don't sell much now that Sephora just opened next to it in Carrefour Laval.. I don't know if it's at every La Baie tho'! :)

TheLittleBitchTalkin said...


Are the D&G's from HR or Ogilvy?
Where did you get them?


Miss Queenie said...

haha that is totally random, but thanks =]

Maya beuhbie
love you toooo beuhbie, if not, i wouldnt talk about you this often lol
xox see you tonight

thank you for reading my blog and thanks a bunch more for letting me know La Baie carries that product!! i'll check it out today at Carrefour Laval!! =] can't wait..

hey! i bought them at Browns at Rockland Center. =] haven't gone to Holt's and Ogilvy in a longgg time. hope that helps! ^_^

Natalie Nguyen said...

Oooh wow, such pretty wrapping paper! I'm too cheap to buy such extravagant paper XD

Miss Queenie said...

its gorgeous isn't it? i dont remember how much it was...i think it was 3$ a piece or something like that. i think its worth it because it looks so nice! =]

but mehhh i never wrap presents cuz i'm ALWAYS last minute and give the gift away in it's shopping bag. lol thats totally me. T_T

xSplendidStar said...

Awww so many nice gifts! And you're so pro at wrapping pressies! Btw Queenie I really love your blog and I will continue to read it! :)


Anonymous said...

I saw your Twitter. What did you do to your speedy?

Tiffany said...

i understand how bf's can get so picky :P
It's so hard to buy gifts for my bf because he hates hates anything mainstream or found in malls T^T
I still haven't thought of a christmas gift yet. hehe.

Ohh.. and i saw the OPI Start to Finish a few weeks ago... i wasn't sure if i should of got it or not. Does it dry fast?
I have this beautiful pastel pink nail polish by Sally Hansen i got from Shoppers.. and it dries HORRIBLY! it takes literally 2 hours for EACH coat to dry. T_T
I need to find an OPI with the similar shade. sighh.

bubbleness said...

That is some awesome wrapping paper! And I love the bow that you made in the end, it makes it so much more polished!

For the Chanel swatches, did you use primer beforehand? I also have the Nars Orgasm, it looks good on everyone! And VIB means you get emails for discounts (recently there was a 30% of entire purchase, and currently they have a coupon for $15 off any purchase of $35 or more).

...SimMiChikO said...

i almost freaked out when you mentioned the superstition about giving your sig other shoes and charging him a mom told me the same exact thing! wow! :P

Charlene said...

(its thelittlebitchtalking)
but then where do u get ur LV bags and stuff? isnt it only in ogilvy?
or you order them online..?

thx, i dint know browns carrier that
i guess its only in the one at rockland huh

Miss Queenie said...

thank you for the support. every blogger needs a reader like you!! =]

if you saw the newer posts, you must've seen it =] i got it hotstamped. yay!!

woahhhh seems like your bb is even more picky than mine! haha!!
did you figure out what to give for xmas yet? its only a few days away...
the Start to Finish is MAGIC!!! it dries very fast. i dont really like Sally Hansen, their polishes are very hard to apply. when i use SH, it always ends up with tons of streaks. OPI has TONSSSS of colors. try to find Nail supply stores, its a lot less expensive than salons. =]

the paper's pretty isn't it!!! i'm so in love...i think i'm gonna make it my trademark paper. from now on, i will try to use this when wrapping a present. lets just hope they wont get discontinued.

for the Chanel swatches, i just used it on bare skin. no primer beforehand. next time i swatch, do you think it'll be better to use UDPP? maybe the colors will look nicer and more saturated huh! oh...i didn't get anything from Sephora for my VIB status yet. 15 off 35 is a very good deal!

i guess its an asian superstition thingie =] there something about scisors and grandfather's clock or something too! =S

hey! yeah...i always buy my bags at LV Ogilvy. dont ship to Canada. it sucks. =[

yeah Browns at Rockie carry many designer brands that other stores dont have.
i think the Browns on Ste-Catherine also has a few designer brands...not sure though..i dont go there anymore...

gifts Philippines said...

Interesting gift wrapping it looks different I hate snake but this wrapping was fabulous!