December 14, 2009


well well well, what have we here? =] Queen Bee just picked up her newly revamped Lady Speedy from the boutique yesterday. yay! sent it in last week for a fab addition to the bag. still clueless? look carefully! it might not be huge, but that teeny bit of a change is enough to make it look gorgeously FABULOUS. =D i'm falling in love all over again...

i love it so much, i might consider hotstamping all my stuff! dont know yet. i will probably get 2 keepalls next year, one for me and one for prince. and those will be hotstamped for sure. can't wait. its a tiny personal touch and it looks too beautiful!
came back to me wrapped and boxed.
in mint condition, just like when i brought it in.
Queenie's property
one letter says it all...

gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh introducing my new boyfriend!!!
Jensen Ackles...goodness god, how can one be so gorgeous???
he takes my breath away...

good night loves!

p.s. almost forgot...THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG!!! i'm now at 300 followers =] i love you all.


MAi said...


xSplendidStar said...

Woahh I didn't know you could get it done like this! That's so cool!


xLeafClover said...

WOW ! The Hotstamped is freakin gorgeous ! ^___^ hehehe

Love your blog.
Keep it up <33

Petite Chou said...

I absolutely love your purse <3

You should watch this LV commercial, you'll love it :D

lara said...

very pretty!
how is your speedy holding up?
any issues with the handles.. i've heard a lot of people have problems with them peeling and such..

Miss Queenie said...

why thank you sweetie <3

yes you can, anywhere there's leather thats thick enough. =]

thank you hun!!! =]

Petite Chou
thanks love! <3
just watched the little video and its super cute!! ^_^

have it since 2006 i believe and it's still pristine looking.
wore it almost everyday during 1 year. a apart from minor rubbing at
the bottom corners, nothing worth reporting. maybe they aren't careful with their stuff. i dunno...all in all, its a wonderful bag.

mystifize said...

whoa didn't know about this either! pretty sweet!!

lara said...

that's good to hear!
do you avoid holding the purse in your hand? if you do hold it in your hand do you use lotion.. i read that that is the main reason why the handles start acting up..

it looks completely brand new even though it was bought in 2006!


howtobenotnaked said...

The bag definitely looks and probably feels more personal. It's so gorgeous!

Aw, congrats on the 300 followers. I'm sure there are more people reading your blog cuz people like me (who don't use blogger) follow you via Google Reader :D

Mimi said...

such a cute blog, girlie. jensen is hotttt.

Anonymous said...

Tooo bad Jensen is married ):

bebelaura said...

Beautiful Speedy, Momo.
One day I shall own a Speedy 30 in Damier Ebene. haha

Miss Queenie said...

uh huh! =] thank you

since my speedy is Damier Ebene and the handles are brown leather, i hold it a lot in my hands and there's no wear showing. but then again, i dont use lotion that maybe that helps a bit.

indeed, it does feel more personal. and it looks special to me =] thank you sweets

nice to know you follow my blog! =] it's awesome to have you around and thank you for speaking up letting me know yay!

thanks mimi, and YES JENSEN IS DAMN HOT!!! ;)

its ok if he's married, Nicholas Tse is too but i still love him! haha

thank you Laura =]
for sure you will!

Anonymous said...

Hey hun, what size Speedy do you have - Speedy 25?

Miss Queenie said...

hello anonymous person =]
i have the speedy 30! ^^

Fabienne said...

Hey Queenie, I know it`s an old post but can you confirm that you did it at the Ogilvy store? I remembered that old post of yours (yes, old reader!!! :D) and wanted to get my bag stamped but they said they can't do it there? :( Thanks so much for your help!!!