December 24, 2009

Easy Evening / Party Look Makeup Tutorial

my very first video makeup tutorial. please dont be scared of my makeupless face!! T_T" just in time for tonight's celebrations!! yay!


PinKyLiCi0uS said...

definitely love dis video ^_^
u're pretty with or without make-up...

Princess Jem said...

awww Queenie!! i love the look!!
hopefully you'll do more fabulous makeup tutorials for us! YAY for your first one <3
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays love

WLOVEXO said...

Aw, cute video Queenie :) Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!


Anonymous said...

i know it's your way of doing your makeup but i think that you shouldn't smile when putting blush because after you apply it , the colour won't be at the place where your cheekbones are actually. You catch my drift? ^^;

Anonymous said...

great tutorial... you love to look at yourself dont you? haha nevertheless liked the vid.

Aicha Amano said...

So beautiful! You look really sweet even without make up on. I like it actually ! Simple and effortlessly pretty.

Anonymous said...

aww cute :)
and btw, you do have to smile while applying blush.
take a makeup class. they'll teach you. it's the way you have to apply blush. :)

Daituf said...

Yay! Was hoping you would do makeup tutorials!!! Your makeup always look so perfectly done!
I like how this is not too complicated also :)
More please :D

kalai said...

loved the vid~ you make it seem so easy :p xox

Miss Queenie said...

aww thanks. i always feel like i look like a zombie without eye makeup though! T_T"

Princess Jem
i'm so not versatile when it comes to makeup!! =S my "knowledge" is so limited its crazy. i try to come up with something from time to time to entertain you guys i guess... thanks!!

thanks sweetie =D

yes i do..but i heard a lot of people do that, so i thought i was doing it right. but thanks for the feedback though. =]

umm...i dont love looking at myself, i HAVE to when i do my makeup..dont you?

Aicha Amano
thanks a lot sweetie

i would LOVE to take a makeup class, but i dont have enough time to do anything..its quite sad =[ there are so many projects i plan to take on, but unfortunately, there are only 24 hours/day and only 7 days/week.

will try to fulfill your request =]

it is very easy, thats why i do it hahaha i suck at makeup..really!

Lisa said...

Why are you so cute? lol

박진아 said...

haha, thanks! you're a cutie yourself ;)) <3
oh, and btw, I was that first commenter :)

Miss Queenie said...

unanswerable question haha! T_T'

cool!! =D there's a first for everything