December 02, 2009

Barbie X Christian Louboutin

calling all Barbie collectors & Louboutin lovers!!! the shoe genius is said to launch 3 Limited Edition Barbie dolls this month! the dolls will be donning Christian Louboutin designed frocks and shoes of course.

as for me, i dont think i can shell out 150$ USD for a doll. might as well save up that money and get myself a pair of Loubs peep-toes.

Barbie X Christian Louboutin "Burglar Barbie"



omg, i love collecting these limited edition barbies! thanks

Tiffany said...

I grew out of Barbies already xD Plus i don't think this one is even pretty so i will never have the thought of wanting it : )

ohh.. I heard Montreal got it's first snowfall! We didn't get one yet. Well we might have during the early morning but it didn't last!
It's so warm today, and it's even raining x.X
I'll be heading home on the 20th since i'm done my exams on the 19th. Grrr.. i thought your suppose to have a month off for Christmas in uni!

Anonymous said...

That is a wondful image, the barbie wear the christian louboutin shoes is a great idea.