November 13, 2009

TaeYang - Wedding Dress

TaeYang is love. period.


Strawberry`mt said...

i loveeee this song.!
much more than where u at :D x

xSplendidStar said...

Been listening to this song too, since it came out today xD Hehe gotta love it! <3

anna. said...

This is love isn't it?

Miss Queenie said...

can't argue with you...i just knew about it today!


it is love. <3 said...

Queen bee,

Thank you for congratulating me on my award hahaha XD ANNA DIDNT WIN YOUR GIVEAWAY IM SO MAD ARGH!! You comment when I write a new post nowadays, truly a kind woman. Truly. I saw all those pictures of the dslr with the manuals -_- very cool queenie, very cool. Your sister is too cool... I wish I had a sister. So you liking the d3000???? Your tweets say YES hehe!!

the food pictures you took were for me. that post was mine. sorry. :P
I was walking to the bus stop when I got your comment on my phone. The one about me doing well on the presentation, and liking me hair (YEAH!!!), and me being the bro from to (loser lol). I started smiling uncontrollably when I read it and I think people thought I was a little weird ><

YES I should've sent the cupcakes to montreal, I'm sure you WOULDVE thanked me more. But after I wrote my post, the cupcake girl messaged me and said she felt really bad after reading my blog muahhahhahaha. MY PLAN WORKED!!! MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! YES.

Oh Queenie, I know being too nice can be a bit of a problem~ I make sure I dial in the kindness correctly when the situation calls for it. But consider this: IF, you were to marry someone. Wouldn't he have to be a guy who did everything for you. Who would line up at the box office the night before so he could get tickets as soon as it opens (i would do it for my girlie), piggy back her all the way up Yonge street and end up having severe backache the next day (me), just doing outrageous stuff to let her know there are no conditions to my love. If one is too nice, he is whipped. But if he isn't, how can you give 100% trust in him? It's a tough call. Well keep blogging. FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY WEEK'S OVER HOLY WHAT A TERRIBLE WEEK!!

-queenie how come you can speak english perfectly in your videos and live in quebec. that's so good you are fully trilingual.

-the tvb drama on chinese channel right now is really depressing.. bad stuff keeps happenin to everybody :S

-i'm certain nguyen phi is a lovely place, doesn't have to look like the one in my pic. When I go to montreal again next time, I will FOR SURE stop by for some food at your restaurant. FOR SURE.

alittlebitofevrything said...

cute video :) its really similar to leona lewis' happy!

WLOVEXO said...

Omgg, Tae Yang <3 Great song. His first album was amazing~

&I love Final Fantasy! I was shocked to hear that song on your page! Lol.

You're so diverse- that's why so many ppl love you because you're so easy to relate to :)


☆girlyacee♠※↙↙ said...

major cuteeyyy! <3

findingNEVERLAND said...

AGREED!!! this has been on repeat since the 13th! ;D so sweet TAEYANG SO FINE ahaha <3

pinkiebella said...

awesome song! ;)
et omg ta mis At Zanarkand!! jadoreee caaa!!!!!!! =)

Miss Queenie said...

oh ho! i like that you call me queen bee, it reminds me of blair in Gossip Girl (she's my fave!!)

well, you're welcome! i'm sorry you guys didnt win. it was by random draw, so i guess, better luck next time? i loveeeeeeeee the D3000, thanks for helping me choose!!

yup the food pix were for you. you DEMANDED it LIVE on twitter. haha
oh i tend to smile to myself in public too. hahah it's a bit embarassing, but i can't help it. awesome that the girl felt bad, because that situation truly sucked. =X i'm sure you can judge how nice you want to be with others, and i believe you make the right choices. whether one is worth your efforts or not.

-my english sucks. i have an accent even if i want to hide it. lol

-i just finished watching tvb's Last One Standing and the end sucked!!! i hate it. it keeps me hanging on the edge of my chair the whole time and BAM it ends like that. wtf...i hate tvb =[

-it's gonna be worth it i promise! yeahhh

oh let me go watch that vid

i never heard any of his songs before. i stumbled upon this vid on my friend's fb page. totally in LOVE with it...and gosh TY is so hooootttt

FF songs are amazing. i love 'em!! i'm happy you can relate =D yay


omg TaeYang is much MORE than fine hehehe

ouiiiii c trop bon! t'es capable de le jouer au piano?? teach meeee

~Lisa said...

He looks so hot! =] I like it when he got dressed up! LOL, but his hair didn't totally go with his suit XD
But love the song! Even though I didn't understand a single word >_<

heartofpearl ♡ said...

this is nice~ very cool :D x

Princess Jem said...

LOVE.HIM. omg! I've been playing it again and again haha
my sisters think i'm obsessed -_-

Miss Queenie said...

lol it doesnt matter that you dont understand it...i never understand anything either lol but the tune is good, he's good looking and talented, so who cares if we dont get what he's trying to say!! hahaha =D

<3 himmmmm

Princess Jem
gahhh same for my sis...she rolls her eyes at me every time i play this HAHAHAH