November 03, 2009

Supercharged Weekend

my last weekend was fully booked! and it was awesome!! =] friday night, me & some friends had dinner at Koko Restaurant for DanDan's bday. the place was fabulous. i really liked the decor. the food was good too! there was a lot of laughter that evening, we had a great time.
testing the camera on bb...i was just wondering whether it was better taken with or without flash. haha
again =]
Maya & me
my dish: cotelettes d'agneau a la coreene
TD & Maya
my flash acts crazy
Maya beuhbie
us. i will still remain the fobbiest of all T_T"
me & the loverboy
happy bday DanDan xox
i tried Binosusume's mohawk fail! she makes it look so EASY to fact it was all an illusion. it's hard like hell. i must try it again and this time, succeed at it. well considering it was my first time AND i only had 10 minutes to do it...its still good right? >_<"
in case you ever wondered what would happen if you had your finger covering the flash. my lil sis took this pic with her finger on it...but i must admit that i really like the effect it gives. =] good job sis

woke up super early because the girls wanted to do their hair. got to our usual SaSa at around 10:30am...and when we were done the 3 of was 1:00pm. omg i am so patient, it's crazy =P
Maya was there for a trim
DanDan was there for her roots
i was, not cut...nuh uh, not trim...color, nope.
straightening? yes straightening. *sighhh* all the wait just for that

we were at La Perle Noire for dinner and to get ready for the night. why we're always eating there?...well, it's TD's (+brothers) restaurant, so we're VIPs. hehe
Sim getting all dolled up with his gf's makeup tahahaha
Maya & me camwhoring while waiting for the food
one more
Bella joined the fun =]
finished product, isn't he pretty?
sweet DanDan
i'm prettifying my boyfriend =D
tahahahah bb looking like a dollie doll! jk
the ladies
Sim tried to give TD a makeover...but that didn't go too well, i had to take over to finish the look *sighhh*
Pirates Princesses of the 7 seas =D
Ahoy Matey!!
QD joined us later at the event. picture credit goes to R's facebook =]

the event was called "The Wild Mansion" and it was held at The Belvedere down in the Old Port of Montreal. WildChild Entertainment organized the event.
mes petites cheries
our own Jack Sparrows haha
me & my man
[he brought his coat thinking he could check it in, but it was closed all night long, so he had to keep it on. i guess it kinda fits with his costume ?!]
my Pirate Prince & me =]
Bella & Sim
love this picture for some unknown reason
[stole it from Bella's facebook hehe]
TD & Maya <3
Bb & R, of Retro Assassin
me & R
[we also took pix with his girlfriend, too bad the flash totally killed it]
DanDan and the Sparrows

we arrived at the party a bit too early. we thought nobody would come because friday night was a halloween party night as well. ended up being pretty jammed. i really enjoyed it, we had a lot of fun. i just found out i really REALLY like to dress up haha, its fun. it's like, just for a moment, you can be a whichever character you want. it's fun to have a theme, for sure we're gonna do this again next year. maybe superheroes? =] we'll see...we still have some time to think about it.

Random Crap:
one of last week's outfit. i kinda look like a bobble head in this one lol...huge head/hair, little body
my boyfriend goofing off last sunday =D i love taking candid pix of him
besides gummy bears, these MUST be the best gummy candies ever.
asked him to try on my geek glasses for fun. i think it suits him! =D
my own little ullzang/net idol hehe
almost forgot to post a pic of my son Tatsu in his Pirate costume! =]
geeky Tatsu, gosh i love how versatile he is. haha
my furball

Random Buys:
car book for B[ooger]b & Design Destinations Worldwide for me
got both at Costo for such a cheap price! i'm in love with the DDW book.
Kidrobot @ stylexchange wheeee
milk carton 8)
mine & my sis'
so random, yet irresistibly cute
my skin's been acting rather weird since sunday...little pimples has started to surface at an abnormal speed. i freaked out, so i went to get this kit after work yesterday. my mom freaked as well, so she urged me to go see my doc this morning and so i did. turns out i am allergic to whiskey [damn you Jack Daniels]. i only drank ONE shot and my skin's getting all crazy on me. he said my face was infected =[ and gave me antibiotics, a cleanser and a cream...i asked him if it was gonna leave scars, he told me it shouldn' i'm crossing my fingers for everything to go back to normal. my skin's usually flawless [except for some discoloration around the nostrils], so this case has gotten me very worried. all i wanna do is hide under my covers.
i was missing a few points on my Beauty Insider, so i decided to get this. heard so many good things about this, it's about time i gave it a shot.
saw many great reviews on the net about this product, so i decided to get it. will probably post an entry about it in the future. lets just give some time for my skin problem to pass before i tackle on this product.
bought my sister's bday present =] will reveal it when she opens it
bought this last week or the week before...i dont remember
a present from me to my dear boyfriend. i got him a woolen one last year, so a puffy it is for this year. it's the Kaine

really gorgeous detailing
my mom also gave me a coat as an early bday present. i had a really hard time this year picking out the style i want. stylexchange didn't carry that many...or maybe they just had the ones i dont like. i was looking on their website for a fave, ended my choice on the Joelle & the Julia. locating them was a bit of a pain, we had to make a few phone calls before we found them. my sister went to try both and said they were wayyy too long for us. she's a bit taller than me (ok, make that a few inches) and both coats hit her mid calf...that length should be avoided at all cost if one is not 5'8" or taller...please note that anything that doesn't end at knee length (the longest) can be really shortening for the average woman. i had to scratch both off my wishlist. anyways, i wasn't satisfied and had to go see for myself and try them on for myself. oh gosh the Julia looked horrid on me...i was short and looked as flat as an ironing board. the Joelle was beautiful, but besides the length, i also had an issue at the shoulder area. there was excess fabric there for some reason, and it wasn't part of the styling. after those 2, i tried on the Nadine which i found beautiful, but my boyfriend wasn't that impressed. i saw another one that appeared really bland on the hanger, but because i tried almost every wool coat at Holts that Mackage had to offer, there's no way i'd leave this one on the rack. and so i did. it was finally the coat that i needed. i felt GREAT in it. it was a bit long, but mehhh so what, Holts has great tailors who could customize it for my petite frame. =] it's the Hilary, which is an exclusive style only available at Holts (in canada) & Bloomies (in the states). went to pick it up last weekend and i cannot be more happy. length is adjusted, fit is great, i'm very pleased with it.
i'll model it when i look less like poop
this year, my sister settled for the Trixie. TD got the Chuck & Maya received the Joelle from him. it fit her way better than me. =] we're all mackage shippers, yay! i think i might've spread the M fever onto my friends...

Last Randomness:
my blog was featured on Australia Luxe Collective's facebook page =]

wheeewww...that was a longggg post..hope you guys didn't give up while going through it...
laters xox


Daituf said...

I am in love with your make up! How do you do the winged eye look in your profile picture???
Do you use gel liner or pencil?
How do you get it so precise and the that?
Btw, your playlist is awesome! I love mandarin pop, but don't know where to listen to new stuff...

Bili said...

The food looks really good... and expensive, haha.

Gabriela said...

Oh, the milk carton is so cute! I love it!

I also have Urban Decay Primer Potion and I think it`s a great product.

~Lisa said...

Mmm, good food! You and your bf looks sooo cute!! And I really mean it. =]

Love all the pirates, hehe! Love the pic of you and your bf, I couldn't even recognize him!

And OMG!! I LOVE THOSE GUMMIES!!! They're sooo good. I can eat those all my life =P

And Tatsu is tooooo cute! And O gosh, I'm so jealous that you can read French. I can never read a French book! I wouldn't understand a thing they were saying except picking up a few words that make no sense >.< Be my French tutor!! LOL

Very cute keychains of the milk carton and waffle! ^.^

Hope your skin gets better! My skin is usually flawless to except for 1 or 2 scarring that I'm sure I'll be able to get rid of within a month. I also have that Garnier Eye Roller but I'm not sure if I'm seeing results yet =P

Lots of presents here!! I love your coat! It's gorgeous! I wonder if a 5"2 like me would be able to fit it.

Follow me?

Miss Queenie said...

i believe i used an eyeliner for that look in the profile pic. but nowadays, i just use eyeshadow and define it. for the music, it's mostly from tdrama hehehe.

the food was very good. not that expensive. there's worse. =]

Kidrobot stuff is generally very cute! i want the whole breakfast collection.

wow, thats a long comments!!! thanks for everything =D i feel so cheap writing only this much. **stalking your blog**

btw, i'm only 5'1" and got my coat hemmed. you'd look awesome in it!

saturn said...

Are those Zara studded boots I'm spotting? I don't see them in store huhu = \

Miss Queenie said...

yesss those are from Zara (stolen from lil sis)!!! when you see nice shoes at Zara, you've gotta act fast and snatch them right away! they sell out really quickly. =[ sorry

Sherry said...

garnier I got it too :)

forgettingnicole said...

Binosusume has the longest hair EVERRR, i watch her videos but it's pretty much impossible for me to recreate them :P your take on it is still very nice!

awwwwww the keychains are so cute!
which style exchange did you get it from?

lollll tatsu matches your costume!