November 25, 2009

Queenie + Amy's BDAY

and so last saturday, November 21st was me & my little sister, Amy's birthday. you never knew we were twins right? its ok, because we are not! muahahaha we're just HALF twins. thinking "what the heck is half twins?" aren't you? well, in my book, the words half twins only applies to us [just because we're the only ones i know with this case], it means being born on the same date without it being REALLY on the same date. lol a bit confusing huh? me & Amy were born on the same day, same month, ALMOST the same hour of the day, but different years. 4 years and exactly 30 minutes separate us. it seems odd right? but imagine being a 4 year old seeing her mother leave for the hospital during the celebration of her was such a weird feeling. only later did i know that day she left to give birth to my little sister. i was told the little one wanted a piece of my cake and so she rushed out to celebrate with me. =] if you ask me how can my mom be so punctual with our births, then i would have no answer for you. it is still something that amazes me today. not only do we share our birthday, but we also share the same name but in opposite order. its a bit confusing when it comes to paperworks, but it is nonetheless awesome. we have celebrated our birthdays together ever since...

this year, it was no exception! Maya surprised us with a birthday dinner on friday night. everything was planned to perfection, the food, the place and the attendees. we couldn't have asked for a better celebration. the whole evening was a surprise to us! we ate at Mikasa Sushi Bar at Centropolis in Laval. i really enjoyed the food and the decor of the place. would definitely return in the near future. =] enough words, on with a LOT of pictures. you can view the rest of the album by clicking HERE.
Bella + Sim
SoSo + Max + baby Emy

Steph + Queenie
[you can clearly see the impact of his hairstylist being on vacation lol]
long lost SanSan [really glad you came] + Amy
Queenie + Maya beuhbie
thank you so much for a wonderful birthday dinner =D love you tons xox
beautiful DanDan
Queenie + Maya again =]
baby Emy [she's growing so fast!]
my octopus salad
the Prince does the kissy face. so cute in this pic even with such hairstyle =]
contented Queenie =]
my Dragon Eye + Casablanca + Oshinko
TD + Maya's "Loveboat", minus the boat
Sim + Bella + Steph shared the "Princess"
our bday cake, carefully chosen by Maya. its the Macarons + Chocolat Blanc cake. oh goodies goodies!!
we look humongous next to the cake...hard to believe it was enough for all 14 of us.
sisters =D
first cut for luck
Amy's offering you a piece! ^_^
i'm offering the whole thing lol
the guys, from left to right:
Max, TD, Sim, QD, Prince, CK
bday girlies with them boys!

us & the girlies, from left to right:
Soso, Bella, SanSan, Queenie, Amy, Maya, DanDan, baby Emy, Steph
cute mommy/daughter pic =]

this year, i received really cool presents. everything was well thought. i guess they picked up on every remark i made or noticed things by themselves what i really needed. i am so happy so have such attentive & caring friends. really cannot ask for more.
maya got me these OPI nail lacquers from the Colleccion de Espana. i've wanted them for some time now, in these specific colors. since my schedule and the business hours of the nail supply place i go to dont quite match, i have asked her to get them for me if she ever goes. she told me she didn't have time so we left it at that. i got over it lol...but i was SO damn happy when i opened my presents and these were in there. from left to right: Give Me Moor, Pamplona Purple, Ate Berrie in the Canaries, Suzi Skis with the Pyrenees. i'm wearing that last color at the moment, just haven't got around to taking pictures of it. its a very very VERY dark grey, with 3 coats, it becomes near black. i look emo, but i love it. very rock n roll-ish. =]
she also got me this!
its the Quatuor Boutons de Chanel "Les Folies Noires". loveee this palette so much! i wanted to get it but never got around to actually do it. =] she reads my mind! colors include a variation of black eyeshadows with different tones. there's Noir Aubergine, Noir Celeste, Noir Celadon & Noir Brun. it goes on sheer but the opacity is buildable. [will post swatch on the next post] all in all, it is a very nice and sophisticated palette.
Soso got me this cupcakes PJs from La Senza. everyone around me knows that i love cupcakes so picking a printed pj with my favorite sweets is the best way to go! =] i also received Beauty Rush body lotion & body mist in honey dew scent. it smells yummy and totally reminds me of honey dew bubble tea. talking about bbt makes me crave for some...hmmm yummy bbt..must get some soon.
Sim + Bella + Steph got me this gadget. its a cooling pad for my laptop. a few months ago, they came to my house to chill and Sim noticed how hot my MB Pro can get and he freaked out asking me if its always like this. i said yeah because i leave it on all the time. i guess he thought i really needed something to solve this issue and so this choice of gift was PERFECT. now, this pad is connected to my laptop 24/7 and i cannot live a minute without it. i like the sleek design and the fact that the fan does not make any noise at all. VERY VERY practical gift, me likey!!
i havent seen SanSan for a very long time and i must admit i was rather glad to see her again. =] we've known each other for about 8/9 years now and so it is natural to say she knows me fairly well. she picked out this dress for me from Zara and i'm so happy she did. i love this dress to no end because it is truly fitting and absolutely my style. its a fitted jersey dress with a lace insert at the back. love love love it and apparently, so does my Prince ;)

when i got to the restaurant, the first person to give me my gift was DanDan. she handed me this FREAKING big box and i had no clue what it could be. the whole night i had thoughts running through my head but i felt it was never right. when i unwrapped the paper, i was completely surprised and so happy! since i have a new camera, this will be much needed for my outfit posts =] she also gave me a lens cleaner [that i need to figure out how to use]. i love all things practical =D. thank you DanDan.
well, along with the jimmy choo X h&m, i also bought this book as a present to myself. i love The Sartorialist, so naturally i HAD to get his book. i love the way he photographs his subjects and his pix are always very pleasing to the eyes. i wish i could become like him one day...wishful thinking i know T_T" i wonder if he will ever come to montreal??!! i would love to get my book signed >_<"
my boyfriend did not prepare a surprise for me this year. he let me choose what to do for my birthday instead. i either had the choice to watch a Habs game in the prestige section, right behind their bench OR a pretty gift & a nice dinner. you can probably tell which option i picked =]

before heading to Louis Vuitton, we checked online for styles i liked. since i didn't get my Palermo GM yet, my mind was set on getting it that day. other than that, i really like the Trevi PM. Prince also had eyes for the Multicolor Ursula in white. so with those 3 bags in mind, we headed to the Louis Vuitton boutique at Ogilvy.

when we got there, my regular SA greeted me but let me know she was busy with some customers and asked me to wait for her. i thought they were gonna take forever but ended leaving after a few minutes. i told her my goal bags, Palermo GM, Ursula in white & Trevi PM. she had to go fetch for the Ursula in the backstore. when asked what color i wanted it, my Prince told her we wanted to see both black and white. she came out with both and saw how excited i was to try them on. i started with the white one first. once on my arm, Prince told the SA right away that i wouldn't need the black one. i was content with the way it looked on me, but not entirely happy. something was lacking witht hat bag but i couldn't pin point at what it was. i moved on to the Trevi. OH EM GEE x infinity!! it was love at 1st sight. right there and then, Prince blurted out he knew what was wrong with the wasn't sophisticated enough he said. the SA agreed instantly. she said it was young and playful and fun to wear, but it will never be able to make an outfit look chic like the Trevi can. although Prince really liked the Ursula, he said it wasn't good enough. lastly, even though i knew i really liked the Trevi, i still asked to try on the Palermo GM. everybody rolled eyes at me!! they asked WHY? well i told them i like the versatility of the bag...can be worn on the shoulder or accross the body for convenience. my SA looked at me with eyes wide open and turned to Prince and asked him: "how many times will she wear it cross body??? i say never." Prince told her: "maybe just once, and thats just because she's trying it on right now"... lol and so nobody cared about the Palermo and how it looked on me. Prince said it looks like a school bags for little teenage girls. ok so i guess i wont get that then...can you guess what i got?

Prince & my gift
i'm liking the neon grosgrain ribbon with rubber mono printed!
cute that it clashes so much =]
are you excited??? =D
can't stand it anymore can you?
very slowly but surely...
peekaboo! if by now you haven't guessed...then you dont know your Vuitton very well hehe jk jk
YAY! Miss Trevi PM is mineee
how does it look on me? and i thought it was gonna be small. i usually opt for the GM sizes, but that one just looked like luggage on my petite frame. >_<"
love love love~
since my SA knew it was my birthday, she included a copy of their Catalogue Maroquinerie in my shopping bag as a little gift for me. no wonder i love her so much!! it's really the little things that count. xox

Palermo GM
my baby Miss Trevi PM

to end the day nicely, we ate at a cozy restaurant called Spuntino. its an italian restaurant located in St-Leonard. fairly small, but the food was very good and the service was excellent. i appologize for i have not taken my camera with me that night. right after our meal, we headed to Sim's place to celebrate SoSo & KL's birthday.

i'm modeling the lace dress SanSan gave me =] absolute love! i wore it to dinner with my family on Monday night.
using the cooling pad!! =D
modeling the Jimmy Choo X H&M sling bag i bought the other day. so versatile. can be worn long.
or short! =]
awww little Tatsu!
one of the very few things i bought at Clarins' warehouse sale. i was looking for some Anna Sui whitening products but to no avail. Gucci Envy Me

another Annick Ghoutal. must say that AG makes the best perfumes everrr~ they are my favorite. this scent particularly is slowly becoming my favorite. Annick Ghoutal Quel Amour!

ever since i bought my first bottle of perfume at L'Oreal's warehouse sale, i never ever bought any at full price. i just can't bring myself to blow cash on something that i know i can get at 1/2 the price at either L'Oreal or Clarins warehouse sale.

my little sister told me her friend at school has ripped this ad from the newspaper just for me!! i can't be thankful enough even though its something this simple. i would like to thank YOU for this little gift, i do appreciate it very very much.
and yes it is on display in my room =D thanksss so much for this! xox

gosh this was a long a$$ post...i hope it didn't bore the heck out of you lovelies!
have a good night everyone xox


sizbelle said...

queenie, you really got a fab b'dae celebration with so many lovely frens... the weather seems so cold at your side yae.

ur prince is such a sweety...getting that Miss Trevi PM for ur big day. like teh way you wore it.. the dress look great on u..

me too, after getting perfume from sale, i couldn't bring myself to splurge on usual price nowadays..

KohLepe said...

Happy Birthday Queenie =) Maya is soo cute to throw you a good bday dinner! And I can't believe that you and your sis share the same bday! How cool is that? =D

Love the new LV! You totally rocking her.


Tiffany said...

Happy Belated Birthdayyy!!
I love your bag <3 you should take a picture of your entire LV collection since you got an awesome camera too! : )
How's the weather in Montreal? The first snowfall in Toronto is predicted to be Dec 9! I don't know if this is a Yay or Nay xD

The food pictures look so good D:.. it reminds me that i'm starving on Residence ahahaha =P

Emily said...

Happy belated birthday to you and your sister. Your Trevi pm is absolutely GORGEOUS!! Your bf has a great taste. Is he also a designer like you?

xLeafClover said...

Happy Belated Birthday Queenie! :)

You look absolutely gorgeous and your skin looks flawless ^^
I love your LV & Jimmy Choo bag :D

adin_22 said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you.....

I love your new LV bag....& I need a tripod too...

Princess Jem said...

you looked so pretty with your sister at the party! And the food pictures make me want food now
AWESOME choice for the LV bag, i love it! =D
and the zara dress is so nice!!
i always love how you skin and makeup is so clean and nice!!

Sounds like you had a good birthday, YAY! and it's so cool how your sister and you are born on the same day <3


Vanilla said...

geezz i swear to god,i browsed LV yesterday and i told myslef trevi pm is on my wishlist !geezzz !!its so beautiful !perfect for everyday bag !
happy belated bday btw !u n ur sister looks so pretty !lol

bubbleness said...

Happy Belated Birthday!
Your Trevi is gorgeous and what a sweet bf!

Rach said...

Happy Belated birthday Queenie! You look so pretty and awesome in your pictures! :)

and looking at the picture, it seems like there is no snow yet in Montreal.. eheh

WLOVEXO said...

Happy belated to you and your sister :)

Your LV bag is beauuutiful and the dress that your friend got you is gorgeous! said...

I already said happy birthday :) With regards to the first picture, you know I wonder if it's actually legal to look like that. does the garde ever give you a ticket for traffic disruption?

stunning queen bee. all the pictures look wonderful. the sushi is so freakin delicious damn!!! the lv box ones are so well focused. must be the new camera =D

I'm sure there are MANY real japanese restaurants owned by real japanese people in montreal =D Ya post some pics if you ever go eh? Have you had teppenyaki? We have a few japanese supermarkets here, they got some funky stuff on sale. Miso soup mixture, hot pot dippings :) NO you never used the word love when referring to my blog but thank you <3<3<3


kawaiilips said...

happy belated queenie!!! and to your sister! i think it is amazing that you guys share the same date... dont know how your parents made that happen, but it's pretty cool =)
you have awesome friends and the presents are equally as awesome.
<3 your new LV bag. again, your bf is a total sweetie.
oooh i love the pumps u wore in the pics on your bday dinner.. where are they from?

Anonymous said...

happy bday!

did you see new moon? What did you think of it? =D

Kiki B. said...

Just stumbled across your blog,
you are so awesomely gorgeous! :D
Happy birthday ^^


ArzuSonmez said...

Happy B-day Queniee!! I L-O-V-E the Trevi pm. I've tried it on for so many times, then changed my mind after many people told me it looked so not for my age, suits on middle aged women(!)But I still cannot stop thinking about it,it looks definitely great on you!!Yeah, pm absolutely, gm looks like a luggage and does not look good on this design.

Miss Queenie said...

it wasn't that cold in November, but was kinda cool on my bday. or maybe i was wearing enough layers. =S he's the sweetest ever. thanks for all the compliments. isn't it such a waste of money when you know you can get it for a lower price??

Miss Queenie said...

thank you! Maya's pretty awesome if you ask me. she did a great job with the surprise. i still can't believe me & Amy are born on the same day lol and i'm getting old now..better get used to it.

thank youuuu honey!! i would do it...if i'm not lazy...i always set goals to do stuff and end up not doing it because of laziness. so bad!! the weather's been was so warm in November, but now that we've stepped into December, looks like mother nature's into the holiday mood. we got our real first snowfall on Monday =] it was beautiful, until everything melted and became greyish slush. ew. when will you go back home for xmas?

Miss Queenie said...

thanks dear! =] although Prince has good taste, he isn't a designer hehehe he's an accountant. (boringgggg jk jk)

thank you hun! after the skin allergies i had a few weeks back, i'm trying to be really careful and take more care of my skin in fear it would come back. =S thanksss

thanks =] i haven't really used the tripod yet. need to find a spot in the house where i can set it and leave there for future uses. i'm just really lazy to take it out and set it every time, thats why i haven't got around to take any pix with it yet.

Princess Jem
THANKS so much for the compliments!! =D i can't afford to always look at these food pix because it will cause me to have cravings haha!! and its unhealthy to have cravings while at the office because you cannot fulfill them lol

Miss Queenie said...

you should definitely get it!!! it's a must. i love miss Trevi. i wear it with pretty much everything and it always matches. casual denim or a nice dress. get it get it!! =]

thanks sweetie! ^_^ no, no snow on my bday (it always snows on my bday) just got our 1st real snow Monday.

thank you! i must admit that he is very sweet!! [although he can be a pain in the bum sometimes lol]

thanks Michelle!! =] i love the bag & the dress so much i can sleep with them on lol!

Miss Queenie said...

omg...did anybody tell you how sweet you are? thats the first compliment i receive thats with that degree of intensity (in a good way). goshhh nothing but sweet words you! well thank you Kev!!

the sushi was delishhh and yes those pix are from the new cam. one of my photog friend didn't get me anything on my bday but in return, he said he'd give me a Photography 101 class =D i'm so happy.
i will i def will take pix if i ever go to a REAL japanese restaurant =] i've never had teppeyaki! what is it? it sounds delicious. gahhhh i think we have like 2-3 small japanese grocery stores, but its nothing big. i haven't gone into one yet, feel like a retard.

Miss Queenie said...

[for some reason i always read your nickname as kawaiiPHILIPS...=S]
thank you sweetie!! ^_^ no idea how my parents made it happen either, i asked them and they failed to give me a coherent answer. lol everything was awesome that day! i truly liked EVERYTHING. the pumps are from Luciano Padovan, i got them last summer or 2 summers ago..i can't remember. maybe it was 2 summers ago. **sigh** bad memory.

Kiki B.
aww, well thank you Kiki! =]

thannks =D
and yes i just watched new moon last friday and liked it. new moon never was my favorite one because Edward's never there, and i'm a totally devoted to him and only him. lol some people have changed camps since watching New Moon, but i'm staying faithful lol. what do you think of it?

well it depends on the wearer i guess (i'm just trying to defend my choice lol) if you look young and hip and stuff, its not a handbag thats gonna drag your style down. if you like it, no matter what other people think, you should just get it. =] dont depend on other opinions. yeah i really like Trevi and usually go fot GM, but this what way out of hand. too big T_T"

Natalie Nguyen said...

Hi! Stumbled across your blog and I've got to say I'm lovin it!
You're so friggin pretty haha! I also love your fashion sense!!!
Such a pretty LV bag.

Ruby Dinh said...

Hey Ms Queenie happy birthday to you! i love the dress on you, may I ask you what label it is..I really want to buy a similar one.
Thank you ;)

Anonymous said...

Me and my older sister is also half twin! :) we both was born in June 17th, separate by 3yrs and our zodiac is gemini which symbolized twin! :D creepy huh :D.. we also think alike, we worked at same company and somehow we always wear similar style (which sometimes can be embarrassing >_<)..btw i didn't know what this "semi-twin" called, my friend said it called Irish Twin (well..its not).. maybe Half Twin is the correct term :)..anyway~~Happy Birthday for u and your sister ^^.. I wish you two all of the happiness in the world ^^