November 02, 2009


i love to be in love...i love to be loved...i live for love...i'd die for love...
love is not a trend...nor it is a fad.
wait for it, grab it, keep it, cherish it, do everything you can to hold on to it...
life is just too long to live alone.

one of the many things that makes me smile is when i see a couple in love. it could be anywhere. 2 people holding hands, walking, giggling, laughing, doing makes me giddy inside and a smile would spread across my face. i have already thought about creating a blog which i will fill out with pix of couples i randomly encounter. but then again, would people agree to have their pictures taken and posted up on internet. one day, when i'll gather enough courage, i'll do it.

just a very short entry to remind you guys to love...

for my part...i love you bb xox


Aicha Amano said...

Awwwwww... me too. I love to see people in love and happy together!

much love to you! said...

this is a funny post, because I've just decided to put off love for the time being (and not because I was hurt, but rather didn't feel anything for her). Of course people would agree to have their picture taken and put on the internet, provided you give them a link. I've seen lots of blogs where random japanese people wave to the camera. Do it Queenie do it.

Queenie, Anna and I are jointly entering your giveaway. I laughed when you said sorry male readers (ME HAHA). If she wins, she's sending me the pencil case. She promised :P

WLOVEXO said...

Sweet entry, Queenie :}

I love seeing old couples hold hands and cuddle. It's the sweetest thing in the world.

I hope all is well <3


~Lisa said...

Aww! Lovely poem! =D I think it's so cute when couples do those little actions that make you giggle. But the full out making out session is best to do in private ;)

Miss Queenie said...

Aicha Amano
isn't just heartwarming to see a couple walking down the street with smiles on their faces? =] i get all smitten and sentimental. thank youuu xox

aww...dont shut down loveee...!! but maybe it's better this way rather than lead on something that isn't really there. good job. at least you didn't drag it to hurt her.

i'm waiting for my new camera then =] it looks quite stupid when i have this tiny compact and ask to take pix of people. it just doesnt look right hahaha

well that specific sentence in my giveaway entry was directly related to YOU! haha because, honestly, you're probably the only man who's endurance is strong enough to withstand all my crappy posts! haha props to you!! cool compromise you 2 made! wishing you & Anna goodluck!

thanks Michelle! all is well xox

yeah, its cute and lovely to a certain extent. i can't stand people swallowing each other up as well.

MAi said... exactly taking photos of couples. More like pictures and images of love and people who write about their experiences.

AND who doesn't love the idea of being in love or love in general? I love love too. (=