November 05, 2009

Jimmy Choo X H&M

As an avid shoe fanatic [and bargain lover], you can be sure i was more than ECSTATIC when H&M announced their partnership with Jimmy Choo. this limited edition capsule contains not only shoes, but handbags, accessories & even stuff for men. get ready ladies, as this will be the ultimate collab of 2009.

here are some images from their campaign. they totally ooze with sexiness...

these are my favorite items out of the collection. my must get pieces are the first 2 shoes and the last sling bag. i cannot wait!!!

129$ USD
129$ USD
99$ USD
99$ USD
99$ USD
299$ USD
99$ USD


Halifax said...

Make sure you are one of the first 160 in line on opening day :-) I heard stock is limited, so they might be gone very quickly. My H&M doesn't have this line coming :-(

Miss Queenie said...

thanks for the heads up! i read on their site they were to give out only 160 bracelets. =[ i'm excited but ver anxious about this...where do you live? there's no H&M near that carries this line?

Tiffany said...

the 2 last pairs of heels look so hot!
I would so line up for it, if i was back home and if i had money xD

My feet always kill after a few hours of wearing heels T_T How do you do it?! don't you wear heels all the time?! I praise you xD

Uinisan said...

crap!!! I'll probably fall flat on my face with those heels~~~ HAHAHAHHA... But I love the look of them... COZ.. they're JIMMY CHOO's man LOL said...

oh dear me those are quite some heels, only you could pull those off quennie~ One time I was at times square (richmond hill) and i saw this girl wearing a velvet blue top, and matching velvet blue heels. I admit, I was very impressed. I was staring. =.=

-i think the nikon d3000 is a lot more expensive than the canon xs (which is a very old camera by now but still great for a first timer). Your choice should depend on what your photography friends/family use, because you will need to borrow their lenses sometimes. My dad swears by canon so I couldn't get anything else, all the handmedowns he gave me only fits canon. The d3000 is obviously better spec wise since it's newer... but you can do anything with a camera if you have the skill and the proper lens.

...SimMiChikO said...

holy crappolas, the shoes are HOT!!! thx for the heads up!

kawaiilips said...

i was eyeing the 1st two pairs as well!!!!!!
i swear... i came across ur page a long x ago and instantly felt like u we could be BFF or sistas.. lol, gay i know... but we have such the same taste and cute personality =)
they're not releasing the line in any of the Atlanta stores either =(
hopefully they release it here if they're seeing that it's well recieved and selling.

Miss Queenie said...

they all look really cool right? if i had the money, i'd get all the ones i posted...but alas, life is not always fair haha where are you now (if you're not back at home)?

ummm...i have no idea...maybe i was trained young. lol nah seriously at first i wanted to kill myself every time i was in heels. i started with kitten heels, then slowly but surely built stability to reach the 3"+. i guess you can get used to it.

ahhh maybe it's gonna be the same thing for me too! i have already fell with my Beige/Black Padovans...not pretty...HAHAHA my boyfriend helped me up, but he laughed at me like crazy. fortunately for me, it was night time and nobody was around.

well, not only me! =D a bunch of other girls too!! lol i have notice that guys DO tend to stare at girls in heels. no idea why...BUT wearing heels doesn't mean calling for attention, though haha

so for the cam, you would suggest i get the Nikon then? both are in similar price range...
seriously, i just want to be able to shoot better portrait pictures, some architecture, streets, still life and good macro. cuz if the cam is too complicated, then, it'd be useless because i wont know how to use the functions properly and it'd be a waste of money. it's gonna be a bday gift from my sister, so i dont want her to spend more than's already a lot for somebody who knows nothing about it.

aren't they!!! NOV 14 is the date to mark on the calendar!! =]

gosh this is awesome!!! an online BFF, how cool! its ok to be gay from time to time!! i'm super cheesy and gay too! wahahaha...about the Jimmy Choos, do you think they'll re-release it in other locations? i've never heard about this before! said...

yep i would recommend the d3000 if they are both roughly the same price (i don't know how that's possible :S ), because it's WAY newer than the xs.

again make sure you know what your friends and family are using... if most of the people who would lend lenses to you use canon then buy canon. it's all that matters~ both of them are more than enough for a beginner OR professional~

I wish I had a sister =.= but i'd be so overprotective i wouldn't let her out of the house. if she tried to wear those heels I would chop the heel stick off.

Miss Queenie said...

cool, i'll look into it. maybe its a good idea to go to a cam specialty store where they can explain to me the diff between the 2. wayyyy newer? when was the D3000 1st released? sorry, i'm a bit curious haha

well, i only have ONE friend who's a part time photog, nobody in my family's really interested in photography =[ its sad.

are you an only child? =[ i understand the overprotectiveness...i just started to let go of her hand a little and she's gonna 21 this year. in my eyes, she'll always be my baby sis, so i feel like i need to be there to protect her from all sorts of crap. =S you're so meannnnn heels were INVENTED for the woman! gosh haha

☆girlyacee♠※↙↙ said...

I went to the H&M in NYC and they said that they didn't have the items yet! and I went on the day it was suppose to be released too.. how depressing. :(

Tiffany said...

I live on residence at University! weeee~
It's in Waterloo, about an hour away from home. There is no such thing as H&M here =[ Although they do have Coach, Bath & Body Works, Pink, etc. etc =\ but not H&M?!
Not much fun going on though, if it's not studying, i've been procrastinating doing nothing =.="
Sigh, i think Uni's gonna get the best outta me D:

~Lisa said...

Gorgeousness! I love all of the shoes! They're too cute. Yay, I hope they won't sell out too fast =P

BadRomance said...

The shoes are hottttt

kakemonster said...

Hi! Your blog is so cute!

Was it total chaos at H&M where you live?

Did you get anything?

There are very many H&M here in Europe and still there were total chaos. They had to make a system with wristbands and stuff.

But there are still a bunch of stuff left XD