November 11, 2009

Goodies & Korean Food

as i've mentioned before, my parent's Pho restaurant are closed on Mondays. so naturally, every Monday night, we eat out together as a family. this week, i craved Korean food, my little sister Amy proposed to go to this place she knows on Cavendish. in my head, i thought it was gonna be in Ville St-Laurent. turns out i was completely wrong, it's Cavendish/Sherbrooke you figure it out (if you're a 514er). the place is called Seoul BBQ (original much?) and is situated at lobby level of an appartment complex. the place is a little awkward, but if it serves good food, why not? when we went it, i wasn't really impressed by the decor, it looked a little bland if you ask me. once i got over the design of the place, i finally realized how good it smelled there. i was probably doing some ninja drooling. no really...i was over salivating. nothing mattered in the world anymore. the restaurant could've been a barn and i couldn't care less. it just smelled like amazing food. we were 6 and we ordered TONS of food. mom, dad & bb got bulgogi, me, Amy & C all ordered bibimbap. me & bb also shared kimchi jigae, amy & C ordered seafood & tofu jigae, mom & dad shared another order of bibimbap. oh, i almost forgot the fried mandu entree + all the awesome side dishes. guess what...we finished it ALL. NOTHING left. ate everything. it was that good. can't wait to go back.
google translate (the french part)? hahaha
kimchi jigae
after =] we're pigs, i know
the little sister made me try this. its a red bean popsicle. the color is a little awkward, kind of flesh tone-ish, but it tastes really good. korean import. why are ALL korean product's called "BB" something?? (well, this & bb cream haha)

goody in the mail for me =]
LV holiday 2009 catalogue, yay! (love the foil/shiny effect of the trims)

mon monogram *drools*
inclusion + leomonogram = yummm
LV book & guides voyage

HUGE surprise from my little sister yesterday.
this is what i came home to:
our Bday is on the 21st, yet we like to receive early presents =D and yes, we were born on the same day/month, but different year. 4 years and 1/2 hour appart exactly. how come? well, just because we're awesome tahahaha
we're suckers for spongebob & pat
cute card, and true too

niga higa comes from Ryan Higa's youtube username.
yup, we're pretty much in love with the dude. too funny for words
when i was about to open my presents, i turned the packages around and saw this. masking tape! i find it cute that she tries so hard on the presentation and stuff, but underneath it all, there's this big huge piece of masking tape on the wrapping. she's cute. i can tell she tried REALLY REALLY hard. =] i love you
honestly, i was already screaming of joy when i saw the presents on my bed, but when i opened this one, i was so happy i almost broke all the windows with my screaming and almost forgot to take pictures.

it's gorgeous!!
it's gorgeous =]
i'm real real real beginner, so i need the extra documentation

cute kimmidoll keychains for me & my little sister.
almond eyes for her, crescent eyes for me

isn't she just adorable?

so cute!!

i tried my new camera...all you profesh, don't laugh. they're my 1st pix on a reflex.
the great escape
portrait of innocence

love this picture of my sis
yeah, i'm a little clumsy at times...well at least its a nice bruise, it looks like a heart. =]


Karen said...

Bestest little sister ever!

adin_22 said... sweet....& a DSLR from sis...I better call my big sis cuz' my birthday coming up too...hehe...

WLOVEXO said...

korean food <3 major love!

happy early birthday to you and your sister, both! :) awesome present from your sweet sister! i hope you take tons of fabulous pictures with it!


xSplendidStar said...

Mmmmm yummy food :D
Woahhhh what a great SLR! xD Hehe I would be over the moon too if I got it :D And like the first images you took :) To me they look really good xD


Tiffany said...

wow! what a great sister!
My sister's birthday is today, and all i can afford for her (right now) is a singing card LOL. I'll get her something nice when i start to work again xD
Man.. a DSLR?! luckyyy! My boyfriend just got one a couple weeks ago too (nikon D90), it's so fun playing with it, and the fact i'm a much better photographer than he is. bwahahaha! SLRs are absolutely amazing.
... i hope i get one for Christmas :3

findingNEVERLAND said...

ohmygod! THAT CAMERA! <3333
i'm in loveeee aha

SMORES said...

OMGLOL! we got a Seoul BBQ place here in toronto too! :P

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have such a nice little sister. And I can't believe that you and your sister were born on the same day/month. That's so cool.

The keychains are so kawaii. Where did you get it?

Jenna said...

My parents own a pho restaurant too =) Aw happi bday!! so lucky.. I so want a nikon SLR >.<
OMG! Kimmidolls r so cute! I use to collect them.. Ive got like 10 of the original sized ones.

Im craving for korean food now =(

Vanilla said...

wow what a present !hehe
did u give her presents too!of course !loll
ohh i love ur food porn !hehe

Miss Queenie said...

i totally agree with you!

you can always include this in your bday wishlist hehe

well then, thanks in advance =]
i'm starting an addiction i think.

i am pretty much in LOVE with it...
aww thanks for the compliment about the pix.
if you wanna see more of those random slr pix,
you can click on my flikr link, right below my profile. =D

hey! singing cards are awesome!! don't underestimate them hehe =]
girls are just BETTER at everything jk jk (i'm gonna have some male haters now)
put it in your every wishlist and dont stop mentioning it! SOMEBODY will somehow get the message. lol

i am too <3

for real? thats why i said it's original **feel my sarcasm** =P

i feel very lucky too. she's really great, i love her.
isn't it crazy that we were born on the same date? we're like half twins or something.
i bought the keychain at Archambault (book/music store).

yeah, there's a lot of Pho restaurant in too many. what's the name of yours and where is it situated? maybe i'll drop by sometimes =D
whats the original size for the kimmidolls? i never even knew they existe.. such a retard

yeah i did, the Marc by Marc Jacobs Aidan bowler bag. it's in the previous post.
woahhh food porn, is it how it's called now? haha

Janine said...

wowsers, totally awesome awesome awesome bday gifts!!!


I can't wait to see more pics from your new DSLR :)

~Lisa said...

Hmm, yummy food!

And Happy early Birthday!
Awesome awesome gifts! I'm so jealous!! I want to get a new camera, my Sony Cybershot is starting to get on my nerves...

Miss Queenie said...

thank you ^_^"

REALLY yummy food. =]
i'm starting to hate my sony too!!
actually, i dont like compacts anymore hohoho =X

Miss Lia said...

woaaaaa D3000!!
I adore nikon, so how's the shots? :)

heartofpearl ♡ said...

gosh you are lucky:) you got the whole lot! yay we both got new cameras hehe and seriously, you are your sister are gorge!! hope you are well xx

Anonymous said...

Happy early birthday! Lol... it's times like these when I wished I had a sister.

Miss Queenie said...

Miss Lia
the camera's pretty user friendly.
i haven't had the time to explore all the options yet, but so far so good =]

Thank you hunnie!!
i'm still living well, but 1 year closer to death lol jk jk
well thank you for the compliment =] i'll let her know
take care xox

p.s. i might be heading to Japan next year as well =D

thank you so much =] well, i feel very privileged to have a sister like mine.
i love her lots and its awesome that we get along!! but its a risky business,
you'll have siblings who are super close like me & Amy, and some that cannot
stand each other...