November 09, 2009



1ST WINNER: Quy Nguyen
2ND WINNER: Maisie T

(the draw was done by random number generator)

congrats you guys!! thank you all for participating in my giveaway. as the number of my followers increase, i'll try to have a giveaway every now and then to thank you for reading. =]

we decided we wouldn't go out this weekend. i had time to be lazy in bed as my bf was having people over his house for some renovations that morning. so, i stayed in my pjs and watched the final episodes of tvb's Last One Standing. we didn't plan to do anything, but had to drop by Ogilvy to pick up something for my baby nephew, Jayden.
[gosh i love my gloves...]
the customized leather booties i ordered came in this week
cute huh??!!!
soft suede sole
on our way to's a bit depressing to see all the trees naked =[
my boyfriend doesn't really like sushi that much. actually, if he can avoid it, he will...(except that phase he went through 2 years ago where he would have sushi almost every day for 2 weeks. lol) we were downtown and he drove to Rockie just because i felt like having sushi...not just any sushi, specifically Okane's. so he spoiled me and drove me there. =] to me, this is one of the best sushi places in Montreal. even though it looks plain, and the fact that it's located inside a mall makes it look like fast food placed at the food court. but it's not. it's really GOOD. their Kamikaze is just mind blasting...and your NEED to try their Okane salad. yummm!
waiting for our sushi
it might look bleh...but it's NOT...absolutely YUMMYYY!!!
dropped by HMV 10 minutes before closing time to get these. Buble for me, Home Alone set for me & bb, Bruce Lee set + Rocky set for my grandpa. he's a fan of action movies, so i think he'll be quite happy when i bring these to him next friday =]
watched the game(total disappointment) at home. had Bun Bo Hue that we previously picked up from my parent's restaurant. my mom's cooking is amazing. i wish i could be more like her...

the main product is Hagerty's Silver Clean. this is the most incredible cleanser i ever used for my jewelry. i've tried some unknown brands & Birk's, but this one truly surpasses them all by far.
you will also need this product here: it's Hagerty's Silver Duster. this will give you jewelry the shine
no idea why there are 2 colors to this...oh well
my bf brought his jewelry over to my house and asked me to clean them for him...
thus, reminding me i also needed to clean mine =S
my ring is not at it's shiniest, but i put it next to my toggle heart necklace just to show you how much it has tarnished because it was just hanging there.

what a difference it makes doesn't it!!!
all clean =] this pic to the before pic. how nasty it was...yuck! i hope this "How To" edition can help you give new life to your old silver pieces. =]

Polish Of the Week
Color Club's Fashion Addict
a violet-ish glitter polish, so pretty
taken in the middle of cleaning the jewelry puahahahaha i'm a bit obsessed!

oh, since my sister already opened her bday[nov 21] gift, i can now reveal to you guys what it is:
Marc by Marc Jacobs Aidan bag
but her's is black =]

talking about bags...
Tatsu was chewing on his Longchamp pliage....i was so mad when i found out. i dont really use it anymore, but it totally breaks my heart when i see any bag in this condition...
seems like the little one likes leather
other side is done more zipper head as well...
but how could i be mad at a face like his?? =] i still love you, Tatsu

watch him be:


Vanilla said...

cute shoes !i want one !haha
eeekk i didnt know puppies love leather !haha

Sherry said...

congrats winner, can you tell me the cleanser you use to clean jewelry, I cant find it here so need to find at ebay.

kawaiilips said...

i love the 1st pic of you... your eyes look amazingly blue. i forgot to enter your giveaway... but wont miss out next time.
tatsu is sooo adorable.. i couldnt get mad either.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Tatsu! He's such a cutiepie! I'm also from Montreal, where did you get the silver cleaner?

~Lisa said...

Congratz to the winners!!

Great gift. Personalized shoes =] LOL
Mmmm...Sushi! I haven't had much chance to eat out for sushi but I love eating sushi ^.^

I saw a jewelry cleaner at Claire's once. I'm not sure if it works on the cheap jewelry I have because some of them has changed colours...

Love your nails! Very shiny and glittery! Me want! =D

Wow! I never knew dogs like to chew on expensive fabrics! LOL But Tatsu is just so cute!! ^.^

Follow me?

WLOVEXO said...

Tatsu is sooo adorable! It's a shame that I'm allergic to dog =\ If I wasn't, I would love to have a doggy of my own :)

The Marc by Marc Jacobs bag you got your sister is goregous. I've been eying a certain bag myself- if I get it, I will post pics ;]


Aralka said...

oh myyyyy
this puppy is so cute!

Miss Queenie said...

well, mine especially LOVES it...he destroyed that bag and a few pair of shoes when he was younger. yikes!

the cleaner brand is called HAGERTY, the product is called Silver Clean. you can try their website for contacts.

thank you! those lenses are crazy pigmented. it shows with or without flash. how can you forget to enter?? you def should've =( oh well, next time it is then. yeah, Tatsu always pulls out his innocent face when he's in trouble.

nuh uh, no Yay for Tatsu hahaha
in Montreal, you can get these cleaners at Tiffany Holt Renfrew. they sell out very quickly, so i guess you can give them a call and ask them to put your name on the waitlist if they dont have it in stock.

i love personalized gifts. it makes it that much more personal.
i think i could eat sushi every single day of the week. thats how much i love 'em hehe

i think jewelry that are not real sterling silver, gold, white gold etc..would never withstand such a chemical product. =S i have tons of F21 jewelry and they change color rather quickly too.

Tatsu would be even cuter if he didn't destroy my stuff lol

well you'll be just fine around Tatsu. he's hypoallergenic =D yay!
if you want one really badly, you can look for one that's just like Tatsu.

can't wait to see the pix of your bag!!

thank you =]

Emily said...

I don't see any pimples or scars on your face. It's still as flawless as before your allergic reaction. :)

I LOVE your Tiffany's pieces. You have so much taste! I can't decide on what to get : Elsa Peretti Open Heart Pendant or the Bow Pendant. It's so hard to make a choice. Which one do you suggest me to get?

Miss Queenie said...

BB cream & concealer + lighting change in photoshop does a great job at that =D

thanks! Peretti's Open Heart pendant will always be a fave of mine. it's simple, but elegant and really timeless. plus, its the first Tiff piece my bf bought me. i think you should get the open heart one.

jheee said...

i really like ur blog! ^_^ & ur style :) i see that ur from canada too :P hiii! :D hihi ^^, i like ur SLR :D niiiiiiiiceeeeee! HIHI!

superwoolu said...

Hi! love your blog and thanks for the tidbits on cleaning sterling jewlery!

Is Hagerty the cleaning brand that is offered at Tiffany's? Where else in Ontario do you think I can get my hands on this? Thanks (:

Miss Queenie said...

thank you =]

no problem!! =D
i dont know if it is offered at ALL tiffany store, but the Tiff counter at my Holt Renfrew carries this product. i asked them where else i'd be able to find this product and the SA told me they should have some at The Bay. or try to contact them and ask where you can find it in Ontario