November 17, 2009



i'm really digging these numbers


alittlebitofevrything said...

balmain is making strong shoulders their trademark now :) loveeee it

Miss Queenie said...

its truly B E A U T I F U L !!! i'm in love

Anonymous said...

hi queenie
i know i might be out of the subject, but i am seeking your advice.
how do you manage your love life? do you guys let the other breath or you are always 24/7 with each other? do you guys call each other often? do you do everything together or let each other's space? how do you do to still be so much in love after such a long time ?

I've had a hard time with my own boyfriend lately, and dont want what happenned to ever happen again. Can you tell me your secrets?

Miss Queenie said...
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Miss Queenie said...

hmmm actually, my love life doesn't need any managing whatsoever. after being in a relationship for so long, i guess the love schedule pretty much settles by itself. we see each other 5 days a week and i dont know why it is so...why not 4 or 6? we call a few times a day, but the convo doesnt last long since we know we'll see each other soon enough and i HATE talking on the phone for some reason. we do a lot together, but when he needs to chill with his guy friends or i need to shop around with the girls, we're cool about it =] we're overprotective of each other, but know exactly when to let loose. we compromise on things we dont agree with in the 1st place. there are no secrets really, be honest, dont lie...tell him your feelings and all will be well and swell =] if you need to talk to can always send me an email to

i hope it helped =] xox

SwatchCrazee said...

those balmain jackets are fierce!!! loves it!!!!