November 18, 2009


those of you who obsess over fashion probably know that November 14th marked the launch of Jimmy Choo X H&M capsule collection. i was so excited prior to that day and even planned out what to do and when to get there etc. so when the day finally came, me & Maya decided to stay up all night and get there super early in the morning to line up. we left at 4:00am from my boyfriend's house. well, the boyfriends were not really supportive of the idea of lining up at that hour but still insisted to give us a lift there.
4:05 am
the street was almost empty at that time
the poor boyfriend
we didn't think anyone would be there...oh boy were we wrong. me & Maya were 16th and 17th respectively. poor the boyfriends, instead of leaving like planned, they decided to stay with us. actually, they were sleeping in the car until we got cold and then would switch places with us. we'd be in the car and they waited in line for us. at such times, it makes me love him a 1 000 000 times more than i already do. =]
armed with my Canada Goose jacket. luckily i had this jacket on because underneath, i only had a tshirt. i was probably too excited about the event that i completely forgot to wear a hoodie or sweatshirt. can hardly open my eyes for the picture!
the usually buzzing Ste-Catherine street is nothing but an empty shell at this hour
since we were in the first 20 of the 160, we were in the FIRST BATCH to get in =]
window display of the collection
Ugg boots kept us warm
my first time witnessing a sunrise from downtown Montreal. beautiful isn't it?
the nice people i met in line! =]

after the crazy experience, we went back to TD's house, only to refresh ourselves and head out for some usual dimsum at KamFung. for the 1st time in a longgg time, we actually ate dimsum before noon! lol
the boyfriend, still very energetic after such a night/morning
can you see how tired i looked!??!?!
the crazies!!! [worst part was Maya didn't even planned on buying anything at H&M, she did everything just to accompany nice is she!!]

after dimsum, we went back to TD's house for a freaking long nap that started at 1:00pm to approximately 7:00pm. woke up, decided to go to LyLa restaurant for some food. after dinner, we just headed home, no going out that day...way too tired.
the bracelet system was awesome!! the H&M staff was really organized and ready.
FIRST BATCH!!! CHYEAHHH [how come my bf's hand is so wrinkly?]
he's a poser...
the very extremely sweet TD! [came with us when he knew Maya wasn't even gonna buy anything]
LyLa restaurant
it surely shows we just woke up...haha
the new camera takes really nice pictures. i'm please with almost every shot i take.
still some energy left in me =P
yeah...don't ask me about the poses he takes HAHAHA no idea whats his problem is

birthday presents i bought for myself

everyone's favorite!

these ones are electrifying!!! [i'm already thinking of selling these, i just bought 2 dresses and a skirt at BCBG yesterday and i feel too guilty to keep everything!!! would anyone be interested in this baby here?]
needed an all purpuse black bag. this is it!

Daddy & Mommy = L O V E
they're the best parents on earth <3
me & my mommy dearest

laters lovelies xox

p.s. really need to post my vacay pix soon! and i also wanted to post a DIY for the zipper headband and Louis Vuitton bunny ears =]


kiki said...

your shoes are so stunning!!!! you girls have such supportive boyfriends :p

saturn said...

You guys are crazy but lucky at the same time aha.I love the bag!

Anonymous said...

Love your Jimmy Choo purchases, esp. those heels! Can you model them in ur next post? hehe

The pic of you & your mom is so cute! You look like her a lot!

bubbleness said...

Your Jimmy Choos are lovely! I was planning to line up at H&M (Vancouver) but I couldn't bring myself to wake that early lol.

Karen said...

All your pictures are so pretty! I like, I like! What mode do you shoot in?

Daituf said...

I love your makeup! You always look so fresh and flawless! Is it good foundation or just good skin?

kawaiilips said...

i agree with Daituf, you always do look fresh & flawless despite being up so crazy early in the morn. what brand of makeup/foundation do you use?
you guys have the sweetest/supportives BFs - it's really cute!
im also jealous of your haul! those shoes r killa hot...

Beebs said...

I bet the Canada Goose is REALLY warm.

Julie said...

Wow I like the bag and the shoes! *jealous* lol. How much did you pay for the bag?

And btw you look great even early in the morning ;)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos!! Were these taken with your new camera? :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Momo. =)

Love your purchases. The Jimmy Choo's look insane. haha. Oh, and nice SLR too! Photography is way fun when you're using an SLR. (My friend lent me her Olympus E-3 for awhile..had a blast using it!)

BTW. I'm SnookiePink from Soompi.

Take care :3

~Lisa said...

You still look so fresh-faced after basically no sleep! LOL

So sweet of your bf and your friend and TD to accompany you! Hope you had a great time! And wow, at first I honestly didn't expect that there would be anyone in line! =O

And great purchases too! The heels look really bold =P I'm too wimpy to try something like that and I would fall to the floor ASAP in heels >_<

Hey. said...

you guys are so lucky! if only if I lived in Canada... :X Lol. I visit there once in a while and I believe people over there are obsessed over fashion. :) Which is not a bad thing. Anyways, love this post! Alot of neat photos. <3

Princess Jem said...

Omg Queenie! You guys lined up so early in the morning! Thank god you have lovable boyfriends who was willing to stand in your place heheh =D
i love your buys! The jimmy choo's look absolutely GORGEOUS omg!!!
and i love your makeup in the pictures! Tutorial maybe? hahh

Bye love!


trang said...

Hello Queenie !
I've been following your post for a while now and its pretty addicting :p

I started being interested in korean music because of your site.
(cheesy side :p)

Can you tell me some of the must have love korean songs you love?

audrey said...

love the second pair of shoes you posted! how is it possible that you look so pretty at 4 in the morning? jealous! haha

Miss Queenie said...

thanks =] and yes i was amazed at how supportive they were towards this event.

i think more crazy!! =X

will model them in the next post for you! =] be on the lookout...
do i really look like my mom? she keeps saying that i dont look like dad nor her..haha
trying to make fun of me T_T"

(i love you nickname...its cute, but i almost had a hard time typing it hehehe)
luckily we didn't sleep, if we did, then for SURE we wouldn't have been able to wake up at that time hahahah such lazy asses

low aperture? PUAHAHAH can we even say it like that? anyways, its when the focus is on a certain subject and the background is blurred (f/4.2 or something like that). damn i really need to go through the photography manual i bought. =X

Thanks =] i have pretty good skin (except for the last allergies) and i use BB cream with concealer for under eye bags. no foundation.

i use Skin79 BB cream...i think my face looks so puffy from the tiredness no? ?_? dunno...and thanks =D

it is awesomely warm. considering it was really cold and i only had a tshirt underneath.

the bag was 129$ CAD...i love it. very versatile. you can wear with the straps long or short. thanks =)

thank you! yeah, they were taken with the new cam. i love it so much, and i dont even know all of the options yet..imagine i master it!! woahhhh im gonna be so ecstatic!!

hi SnookiePink!! **runs to soompi to see avatar & siggie** thank youuu

oh gosh, how come nobody sees that my eyes wont even open in the pix haha >_<
yeah, we have awesome boyfriends!! i'm so thankful! me neither, i thought we'd be first in line. i was completely shocked when i heard people lined up at midnight!!! craziessss

nah dont be afraid of the bold!!! you should try anything and everything!!! who knows, that bold pair of shoes might end up being your favorites!! [talking from personal experience lol]

omg no, we are not obsessed over fashion. i think people in the states are more crazy about fashion. when you mention up and coming designers, its rare to find people who know about them..whereas in NYC...THEY will tell you who the new up and coming are!! =D thank youuu

Princess Jem
i feel like i should post tutorials on my blog, but i always end up not doing it because i my makeup look is always a variation of the same style!! ahaha just darker for night and lighter for day...but i'll try to come up with somethign =] thank you love xox

is really addicting?? muahahah my plans of using good tunes to attract reader do actually work!! =] jk jk are you serious???? because of MY blog?? thats so flattering to hear! wow...and i dont even know much about korean fave tunes would be from the Sassy Girl Choon Hyang OST!!! i love those to the max!!!

maybe the picture is not that clear and i look really horrible!! its just the dim lighting that "enhances" maybe? hehe thank you so much for the compliment!

Anonymous said...
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Miss Queenie said...

Hi! i tried the URL you provided but i cannot see the's just some statistics such as how many post was posted by the user called Queenie. are there any pictures of me on there?

Miss Queenie said...

ahhh ok. its no problem =]

Anonymous said...
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Miss Queenie said...
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Miss Queenie said...

oops, edit:

yes i'm me&momo on TPF. but i dont understand...does "she" take my pix and posted it else where?

ah long as she doesnt claim she's me =]

*BlingBlingKitty* said...

Hi there,
I am your new follower of your blog,love to read your blog very much!(^o^)
Can you visit my new blog whenever you're free..Thank you!

SwatchCrazee said...

awwa ur boyfriends are such sweethearts! luckkky! love ur jimmy choo purchases!!! oh and that camera really does take amazing pics ;) love ur blog hun!