October 21, 2009

yet another weekend...

hello ladies (& gents!) sorry for not updating as often as i used too...seems like i work a little too much nowadays. i barely have time to go help out at my parent's restaurant anymore. i hop this period will go by fast or i feel like a burnout is heading straight my way at 200km/h. work aside...lets jump on the fun stuff =D yay!
the look i had on saturday =]
tried out my new MakeupForever lashes...
i didn't apply mascara on the falsies in fear i'd mess them up...

started the day at Beauty's!! i love that place...it's my fave for breakfast
Bella & Steph
Maya & TD
my boyfriend was busy with his family that morning, i was single for that little bit
Maya replaced him

looking at this, don't you just wanna grab some crayons and make it colorful? ^_^
freshly toasted sesame bagels + homemade cream cheese...heaven
SuperBeautys 2 (wahahahha yes this is all mine!!!)
delish delish delishhh
looks like SOMEBODY is a slow eater! hehe
this must be the CUTEST pic of TD & Maya i ever took...like i mean EVERRR
dont they just look like 2 excited little kids!?!
we took a short walk to get to a costume store to help Bella hunt down her costume
so much stuff under one roof
more stuff!
hello, my name is Batman. Nice to meet you!
this pic was taken after a short shopping stop in Downtown...man when i look at this place, i cannot believe it still runs. for the ones that dont understand what Garderie means, it's the french word for Daycare. i would so NOT send my kid there even if somebody paid me a million dollars... >_<" look how creepy it is...i dont even wanna know how the inside looks like! eek
watched the game at Boston Pizza, look at how focused they are! haha
i love this pic with Maya <3
my chicken parmigiana BEFORE
my chicken parmigiana AFTER!
i love this dish to death!!! i usually never finish my plate, but look at this!
i even had the will to order an apple crumble + ice cream....drools!
Maya's cheesecake! miammm

after our meal, we left for Sim's house. decided to watch Le Parfumeur....gosh that movie was good but sooo freaky. i wonder if it's based on a true story. =S it was artistically scary.

the only item i bought on saturday >_<"
i've been looking for gloves like this since 2 years ago! finally found a pair worth my love.
the picture does not do these shorties justice. when i wear them on, i feel so damn powerful and i have no idea why. maybe it's the patent leather that looks a bit dominatrix-y...i dont know...i'm weird
went to Sephora in Carrefour Laval last week. i managed to spend 200$+ on random crap & some items for the giveaway (which reminds me, i need to make my post on it)
my sis bought me really random things! except the bb cream, Bella bought it in TO for me

seeing soooo many ulzzang and net idol sporting this type of glasses, i had to snatch some for myself! ehh i dont know...i dont think i'd g outside like this...people would think i'm retarded or something. hahaha
here's geeky me 8) hahaha

and here's my geeky baby! he's too cute with them on though...pulls it off better than me
made my boyfriend sit there and let me paint his nails! hahahaha i told him i needed a model so i could test these polishes before picking one color for myself! hahah he totally bought it. he's too cute, i love him!
OPI Designer Series limited edition in DIVINE!!!
thank you Maya for the heads up!! isn't the color gorgeous?
base coat, 3 coats of Divine, top coat
my dear boyfriend bought me a new jersey =] since Mike Komisarek doesn't exist anymore among the Habs, his jersey is now useless to me!

***gahhh i just bought a book today, it's BEAUTIFUL!***

the end. i'm so sorry my post are always as random....but yeah
love you all xox


WLOVEXO said...

Your falsh eyelashes look fab! I couldn't even tell they were fake!

&Your doggy is sooo cute ;}

&&I emailed you a whiiiile back ;x it's probably buried deep in your inbox, lol >_<" I'm looking forward to your giveaway! Hope to hear from you soon!

Take care <3

Léa said...

J'ai tellement la même réaction que toi quand je passe devant cette garderie là! Elle me fait vraiment peur...!

xSplendidStar said...

Awwww those glasses suit you though! Hehehe love your doggy! x

msmymy said...

the falsies look great on you!
what part of canada you live in? i hear there's tons of good restaurants there.

t_ashby12 said...

Love your little doggie. You BF is so great for letting you paint his nails. I've tried to use my BF as a subject when I was trying polishes at Sephora but it was a no go. :P

Anna said...

your skin looks real nice (:
and those lashes are so pretty and natural looking !

howtobenotnaked said...

Omg your dog looks so adorable with the glasses! And no I don't think they look bad on you at all! cute, more like it ;b

Miss Queenie said...

well the falsies are superrrr but i didn't wear mascara, so i guess it helps a bit on the natural bit..but they're so fab! i love 'em
gahhhh need to check my emails more often! let me dig it out and reply you asap. ^_^

je ne comprend pas pourquoi elle est encore en business!!! ca existe pas les inspecteurs pour les garderies ou quoi?? j'en ai les frissons dans le dos. et le pire, c'est que la photo l'a quand meme un peu embellie! yuck

i wanna wear them out but i'm still a bit skeptical haha

i live in Montreal, Quebec. the tons of good restaurants you're talking about might be in Toronto! haha i love the food there!!!

well, we were in my bedroom, so the "yes" might only be applicable there! hahaha i think he'd kill me if i had the guts to ask him in a Sephora hahaha

thanks sweetie <3

thank you =] fits my pup better hehe

Anonymous said...

i found your blog though soompi~ just wanted to let you know that color of nail color is fabbbbb~~!!

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

I like the random posts more than them makeup ones (cuz i can't do anything with those lol). But what is this. apple crumble + ice cream at boston pizza? I have never seen this, my mouth instantly turned into a waterfall. I must go next time the leafs are playing and try this out. I usually dessert at marche (richtree/movenpick..same thing). Got some nice stuff there.

-I've seen a guy wearing those big glasses except they were prescribed so it was the real deal (I don't know if you did that). He wore a 90's windbreaker, tight granny style jeans and reebok pumps. I have to admit queenie, it was damn cool. People were checking out his outfit because it was so 10 years back.

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks really nasty and thick. It looks like you have African American hair. Fix that, "rich girl."

lilxmaya said...



HAHAHAHAHHA SHUT UP UGLY BIATCH who have to hide behind a computer to insult people come on you can do better LOL...... L-0-S-E-R!

Queenie: <3 haters just make you more FAMOUS baby! cant wait for this saturday!!!!!! love you

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous 1
welcome to my blog! =] i love that nail color too! it's super pretty and even prettier in daylight..i just forgot to take a pic!

omg boston pizza's apple crumble + ice cream was the bomb!!! so delicious!! i had a sugar rush and that totally fulfilled the craving! how are the leafs doing nowadays? Habs have been amazing =D yes be jealous!

some people were born with style!! tha dude prob was hehehe i'm too shy to go out like that! but one day, if i do, i'll take pix and tweet to prove it! tahaha

Anonymous 2
i wouldnt change a thing about my hair. it's not like you can touch them haha! plus, its the only thing me & my dad have in common, so...no thanks, i'll just keep them the way they are.

btw, are you suggesting african-american have thick and nasty hair? racist much?

haters are everywhere, it's hard to go by a day in peace with people like this around! >_<"

moi aussi g full hate a samedi!!! it's gonna be FABULOUS!! xox

Amy Nguyen said...


Min said...

Your falsies look great on you! What's the name of this style. I saw make up forever had a lot!

Anonymous said...

Oh, shut the hell up. If you did not care about how your hair looks, you would not announce it on Facebook. Face it, you have ugly hair. Btw, I am not racist. If you have taken a racism class, it is more of a stereotype rather then being "racist".

K. Folk said...

Pssh. wtf. Queenie, I like your hair. I'm glad you don't let anonymous haters get you down.


Miss Queenie said...

i know...well, just found out he/she's on my friends list on facebook. puahahah should really clean that up.

i think it's all numbers. mine was #15 =]

where did i say i dont care how my hair looks? haha my status said: "wth, people even have a problem with my hair". dont cross read. have i ever asked you to like my hair? =] nope. not once. so please, YOU shut the hell up.

i might not have taken racism class, but to me "witches have ugly noses" is a stereotype. when a certain race is included in that stereotype, it would've been a racist stereotype. oh well, but thats just me though...

like i've said so many times to all my haters, if you hate me, my hair, my skin, my life...dont take peak at it from my blog. =]

thanks for the kind words =D

Angela said...

the food looks sooooo yummu.



omg! you look so cute with those glasses! and the food looks really good... loving the opi nailpolish <3<3<3<3!! hey i nominated you for a blog award, it's on my blog (:

lisa said...

hi! i found your blog through brutal turtle.. because he kept talking about you so i had to check you out.. and i freakin' love your blog!! you're gorgeous.. and i love all your shopping haul/foodie pics :)

i'm a new follower and would love for you to check out my blog and follow too!!!