October 27, 2009

Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke - Somebody to Love

another reason to love Leighton Meester...
as if we needed reasons to love her!

this song is truly addictive!


mystifize said...

This is a good duet! I love her songs too + Blair!

Tiffany said...

funny, i'm listening to this song right at this moment lol.
It's been on repeat for the past week :P

Miss Queenie said...

yup, LOVE her so much! she's amazing. and yes this song is on REPEAT mode for me as well!! =]

Anna said...

hii there ^^ loving your blog so muchh
how do you manage to afford all these things? and you speak french? that is so cool! :O

Miss Queenie said...

hi!! *wave* thank you for reading =D
and for my stuff...i work =] simple eh? i do speak french

~Lisa said...

I never knew Leighton sings!! But she sounds great and she's gorgeous! I'm so jealous of her XD LOL

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