October 16, 2009


went to dimsum for our friend's bday that morning. here's DanDan & Maya doing their thing..hehe
take 2
i feel kind of stupid camwhoring in a public bathroom...but oh well! doesn't hurt anyone..so why not?
Maya has freaking huge and gorgeous eyes. i'm so jealous!
all out asian! lol
aaawww how sweet are they! TD+Maya=in for the long run...
(p.s. i'm so happy TD finally got a haircut...it was about time)
had to eat before going back home for the game! it's been a long time since our last Pekin Duck feast...Maya+DanDan
TD+Maya again
finally a pic of me & bb <3

while the guys were watching the game...we lost interest when we started playing with fake lashes...hahaha i did Maya's falsies!! yay i thought i wasn't gonna be able to do it..but i did! and she's happy with the result..
side view, no mascara, curled
last week, my parents brought my car to the shop for the 50k check up, dealership lent me the newer version to try out. it hasn't really changed that much except for the front...looks a bit badder and more like it's fellow siblings in the Acura range.
interior...almost the same, except i didn't get navi at the time. was happy enough to get a new car =]

my nail color last week: a cute coral from Etude House

Thanksgiving Day:
had dimsum (again) that day [Monday], that means i dimsumed 2 times in the period of 3 days..haha i don't care, i love dimsum! i love spending time with my family! <3
full and satisfied =D
bb, he makes me melt when his dimples pop like that!
oops, sorry, dirty mirror
we followed mom and dad for their weekly shopping...had the time to snap a few pix while daddy was in the cabin trying on some stuff mom picked out
while my sis was trying on some shoes
if i ever lose weight...please let me keep my bum! (because honestly speaking, boobies aren't really my forte lol)
my dear mommy...the sweetest mother in the whole wide world..
(although she does scolds me from time to time haha)
Queenie + Mommy
she got me a little something something...

yay! new sneaks!! woot woot
Burberry's Degrade Check high tops
my favorite way to lace my shoes! =]

and last but certainly not least....
my newborn nephew-in-law
Name: Jayden
DOB: October.14.2009 at 4:11pm
Weight: 8 lbs
Height/Length: 55 cm

omg he's such an angel...look at that face of his!! i can't wait 'til i can babysit him!! <3


Anonymous said...

Your nephew-in-law is beyond precious!!Congrats :)

kieks said...

aawhh he's cute!
i like all the pictures (:

Anonymous said...

Haha, you have the same body shape as me...I need help in the boobie department lol!

Anonymous said...

Do you know what brand/color of contact lenses your friend is wearing? Her eyes are so pretty!

Congrats for being an auntie.

xSplendidStar said...

Awww congrats on becoming an auntie!!! Baby looks so cute hehe <333

Tiffany said...

Aww.. your nephew is so cutee! I love the name Jayden btw! Maybe i'll name my son Jayden one day xD hehe.

The burberry high tops look so pretty! I've only been to HR like.. twice in my life?! LOL. Too much pretty stuff...no money to buy : ( I hope i win the lottery one day xD

Are you planning to buy the new Acura TL? The navigation system is pretty sweeeeet. : )
oh oh.. and i wanna add you on fb.. is that okay? : )

Toothfairy said...

cute nephew in law!!! I have one too, also called jayden haha!

btw.. you look quite similar too a friend of min, also called queenie!


brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

nice set of pictures~~! Queenie's mom does look like Queenie (in a good way). A post about cars? You *points* are cool.

congrats on being an Auntie lol. You old! None of my cousins are married yet.

-elle♡ said...

jayden's so cute!!

i see your posts on soompi all the time! youre so pretty
i'm so envious of your perfect skin and eyes >_>

btw i've followed you on twitter :)

Miss Queenie said...

thank you =] can't wait to go visit him again!!

he is, isn't he! thanks

thank god pushup bras exist!! >_<"

she got them from her optometrist! no idea what brand, but i can ask.
she used to wear circle lens, but they didn't have effect on her as her irises are already very big. i'm so jealous of her gorgeous eyes! i hate taking pix with her cuz i look asleep while she's all sparkly with her eyes! hahaha

thank you! =]

Jayden is a beautiful name! actually, i like all names ending with the same sound. too cute!

thanks! yeah i hate going there too! it's like, everything invites you to spend. pisses me off! =[

no, i dont plan on getting a TL...i think it looks too big on me! =S all navi system are sweet! puahahah yup you can add me for sure! search Queenie Nguyen...in Montreal network.

cute huh! =D are you serious!! those are such weird concidences!! can i see a pic of her? xox

does she! people keep telling me that but i dont really see it!! anyways, it's good to hear i look like her, i love her and how she looks! tihihihi! >_<" i know i'm cool! =D

thanks for the congrats! arghhhh dont piss me off! i hate the word old! =[ it's such a sad little word....

gahhh thanks for all the flatteries! i wouldnt say i have perfect skin...just good skin..and eyes, gosh they are the smallest in the family! haha i want bigger eyes... but we always end up wanting things we can't have right? >_< and thanks for following me on twitter! =]