October 30, 2009


the time has come, lovelies! i've taken a lot of time to gather all the items for my giveaway...finally, i have a bit too much. so you guys are LUCKY because i have 2 prize packages for you!!! =D

PRIZE PACKAGE A: Cutesie Dollie
Harajuku Lovers makeup/pencil case
Harajuku Lovers Baby perfume
Tweezerman skull matchstick nail files
2x Mac Lipglass
2x Mac Liplustre
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume, purse size
The Cute Institute ice cream earrings

Sephora's Vampire Kit, it says it's for Halloween, but the items could be used anytime!
false eyelashes
grey eyeshadow
silver glitter lash
silver glitter liner
black eyeliner
black nail polish
Lancome mini makeup pouch
Lancome Hypnose perfume sample
Lancome Cils Booster XL sample (my fave)
feather earrings

how to enter my giveaway? veryyy simple:
1. officially follow me on blogger
2. comment this entry, tell me what you like about my blog, what you want me to post about in future entries or requests or whatever you feel like
3. post an entry on your own blog about my giveaway and link to my blog
4. send me your name & entry URL which you mentioned about this giveaway via email: "150 Giveaway" to me_n_momo@hotmail.com (and Twitter URL, if you decide to go with the Bonus option below)

5. you get an extra entry if you follow me on Twitter =] (www.twitter.com/MQueenie)
6. you get another extra entry if you tweet about this giveaway

so there is a possibility of 3 entries per reader, yay! spread the love for more chances to win woot woot! =D

The winner will be chosen by random number generator. if you're the 1st winner, you will have the chance to pick your favorite Prize Package, leaving the one you dont want to the 2nd winner. you have until November 6th. get that little bum going!!! =]

if you happen to be a male reader...EEEEEKKKKK i dont know...i didnt buy anything that would interest any guys................sorry! i'm sure you have girlfriends or sisters, or cousins you could give this to! lol

thank you so much for reading! xox

p.s. this giveaway is open internationally!! am i awesome or what! ;P

***i have altered the way to enter this giveaway because i've been getting emails with little to no info, so its really hard to keep track on who's who in what account. if you have sent me an email before, please re-send it with all infos needed. thank you so much for your cooperation. this will make things easier for me since i'm still a noob***


Karen said...

I like reading about your daily activities and seeing the pictures the most.

Thanks for holding this giveaway!:D

kiki said...

i like that your blog is simply about you. please post more fashion related things :D your own tricks and nic nacs

bebe said...

Teehee. Made a blogspot just to enter for this awesome giveaway. ^^;

What I like about your blog.. all your fashion buys.. woo.. :D

Sherry said...

I like everything about your blog mostly pictures and things you do :)

keep doing what you love is important. :)

Nina said...

I love reading about your hauls and your activities for the day. So much fun!

Nina said...

I follow you on twitter as nina0205 and tweeted:


Angela said...

I love your blog because you always use products I really like too. And I'd love to see more reviews.

Im also a new follower.


Angela said...

And im following you on twitter


Angela said...

I also twitted about this

yhen said...

Woohoo. posted this giveaway on my blog and e-mailed you as well.

What I like about your blog is that it's about YOU and I love your adventures and fashion buys as well. I would like to see more of Leighton Meester here in your blog since I really love her and her songs. Sheesssh. :D

Keep being a fashionista and by the way, I love your nails.

Happy blogging.


GG said...

Hello, I'm a new follower! :)

I like that your blog is simple, yet so chic. I love makeup and fashion myself, which is why I'm glad to have found your blog! :)

I will email you now!

contests and such said...

GREAT giveaway!
I would like to see more nail polish stuff!
HERE is my post about your giveaway.

♥Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder♥ said...

i totally lOve this bLog i'd like to see reviews about different products...FOTD's that'd would be nice!!! I love that your blog has so much personality very different i love it!!!1


Twitter Follower: BOFMember

Lea said...

you buy some cool shiz...tots jeals but love the blog anyways.

Calia Yang said...

love your blog! I'd like to see more tutorials (eyeshadow, nails) and i love your photos! ^_^

posted about your giveaway here:
and following you and posted on twitter:

calia yang

will be emailing you as well

PrincessBoa said...

Hi Queenie! Thanks for having this giveaway for all us readers =) This is what I commented on your blog (Under the name Rene Dang for xprincessboa@gmail.com)

Hi Momo/Queenie :D I’ve always been a silent reader (Except I think I commented once on one of your posts!) but I feel that your blog is one of the many that is underrated and many more should be following you with your awesome makeup tips to your hauls. =) The thing I like most about your blog is that you’re true to yourself, you don’t try and pretend to be someone you’re not and you have a great sense of style that comes with posting up your outfits of the day in your posts. =) I also like your updates in general haha about your daily life things because it makes me want to visit that part of Canada even though I’ve been there already- yet I’ve never been to that cupcake shop you keep raving about. =O In future entries, I would love it if you could please post more make up tutorials because your first one was lovely and it was great and also more hauls? ;D Haha inspiration to shop more! ^^ Just wanted to put that down and thanks for having this giveaway =)

I just followed you on Twitter under PrincessBoaaa and here's my twitter URL :)


and just posted this on my blog :D


thank you so much for having this again &&^^

anna. said...

Fated to Love You music! :P

Anna said...

i like your blog because your posts are a combination of beauty related things with your everyday life :D and i'm nosy so i like things like that -.-
and i also like your blog music XP
i always find myself singing to the first line... and then idk the rest <_<

in the future, i would like to see... thing's like FOTD, EOTD, OOTD, NOTD... blah blah of the day kinda things XD
I'd say makeup tutorials, but you seem to have a certain style and have stuck with it ? but i really liked your tutorial on soompi (:

oh and please tell us how you get your skin so nice... !

adin_22 said...

OMG...I just discovered your blog...& I love it...I'm a new follower......I love looking at pics & your random post...more outfit & haul post pls....:D....I'll email u!!!


xSplendidStar said...

I just simply love your blog! I would love to see more things on fashion and make-up :) I'm loving your style!

E-mailed you :)


Marce said...

I actually just found your blog, but looking through your posts, I found I really liked the photos and of course, the music!
In future I'd like to see more beauty related things like FOTD, EOTD etc.
I already posted over at my blog, the link's:
Shall I write you an e-mail anyway?
Thanks a lot for hosting this!

joygeng said...

I love your fashion sense! I also love your nail polishes! Awesome blog!

miss.Yun said...

i love your blog :) im always on it to look for updates! i found you on soompi and i always thought your buys were amazing haha things i like about your blog.. just you as a person seem cool, your buys are awesome, your lifes interesting.. hmmm my requests... to update more?? lol i kinda sound like a stalker >< anyway miss queenie keep it up!! i love your blog :) xoxox

Expensive Junk said...

Hey thanks for hosting this giveaway!
I'm pretty new to your blog but im in love with it already! Xd
I love how you show what you do and the music you like XD
Maybe more music ? I like your taste ahaha x

Sarah L. said...

This giveaway is amazing!~
I'm pretty new, but what pops out immediately is how beautiful ur layout it! I also love the music XD
--I've been looking through ur blogs, and I really like ur pictures^^

ohhh, I would love you to post recommended products, like beauty products and stuff you use. I would love more giveways as well XD

love ur fashion!


quidnunc! said...

I always love looking at the things you bought! :) I am now a follower after finding your blog on soompi.

I would like to see more makeup tutorials and perhaps a skin regime. Your skin looks so flawless! :D

unrivaled said...

i love looking at the pictures on your blog! especially your most recent purchases-- you are ballinn'.

thanks for holding all these giveaways! you're too kind

xLeafClover said...

I like to read your daily life activities and your cute hauls :)
You have a pretty style.
And also, you're from 514, I am too. LOLL

In the future , I would to see more makeup tutorials, FOTD, HOTD .. stuff like that hehehe ^____^


I posted on my blog . Here's the link : http://xleafclover.blogspot.com/2009/10/miss-queenie-giveaway.html

Serena [ xLeafClover ]

bawk said...

hmm i just like reading about your life and seeing your awesome purchases! in the future i hope you can post more outfits of the day and fotd! oother than that..i ono cuz your blog rocks already! lol ^^

ARZU said...

I luv your blog! I constantly check it out every night:) I think that you have a pretty awesome fashion taste. I would luv if you had more posts about new trends, celebrity clothing brands and such. Other than that it is so fun to read ur random weekends and stuff:) Also since the time I started having my own blog, your blog was added in my favorite blogs lis alreadyt! xoxo

Tiffany Phan said...

I like all your fashion and the layout of your site! It's very nice, especially the center picture :)

SMORES said...

I love reading about the things you buy! especially cute nail colours :D
i'd love too see more makeup tutorials and more daily outfits :)

here's the post on my blog: http://chocolateismymedicine.blogspot.com/2009/10/hey-thar-its-giveaway.html

~Lisa said...

I love the simplicity of your blog! I also hope for more reviews and giveaways ^.^
A little suggestion from me is if you can stop the music to automatically play? Because that would be very helpful! ^.^

[Follow please ]

loverdaze said...

I like to read about your reviews about make-up & clothing.
Also I loved the tutorial you made on soompi!!
i hope to see more in the future ^^
the steps were very clear & the end result is very pretty~

michelle said...

i really like how your blog has a variety of things to read. you're extremely pretty too =) i like how you don't just blog about makeup & clothes, but you blog about other things too. it keeps me readinggg and checking your blog everyday.


-Judy said...

I like how you have pictures to show us your make up and stuff. (: I enjoy those picture of food you post up. *Drools* food=<3.

I hope to see you most more tutorials (make up and hair wise). Also I hope you will do some reviews on make up products too!

WLOVEXO said...

Hi Queenie!

I love everything about your blog. As I have mentioned a bajillion times, you are the one who inspired me to start blogging again :} You're blog is just very welcoming and very easy to fall in love with :D All the fashion &makeup is simply fab.

I hope you continue sharing your life with your readers. I think you're a great inspiration and I guess I can say I look up to you ;]


jdrawrr said...

I like your blog because it shows real beauty, it shows how normal everyday girls can be able to make them feel special about themselves. It encourages girls to embrace real beauty rather than "Hollywood" one.

Tiffany said...

hehehe.. i think i started reading your blog when you first created it, that was before i started my own blog and stuff :P. I still remember your first few post was about your iphone and ur LV neverfull (which has now become my life's goal to get my own XD). Sometimes it's freaky how i can remember so much (yet i can't remember a thing at school T_T)

I love your fashion sense and all your entries too! Your one lucky girl to get all this neat stuff.. and also a bf that loves you so much! :D I like how your blog is a mix of fashion, beauty and also your personal life. I dunno, i kind of like it when bloggers write about their own life since it connects with readers more.
Your a real eye opener in fashion and i am totally in love with your LV collection and your closet!

I don't have twitter D:.. but i have you on facebook ;D
I'm totally drooling over the cutesie dollie package right now. So Kawaii!! <3

xkvu24 said...

Hi momo!!!

I like your blog because you inspire me to blog. Seriously. Even though it is just about your normal everyday life, it is very fun and pleasant to read. That's why I'm starting to blog (on xanga though :P) again. I also love your choice of music (Fated to Love You ftw!!) I coincidentally have the Sticky notes song on my blog too.

Anyways, too much blah blah. I hope you will still blog as often and keep your cheerful spirit!


trizh űű said...

I followed you. :)

I like reading and following your daily adventures. :)

zashiq5 said...

i like the fact that you share your beauty secrets and life on this blog..and a bonus for giveaways..keep it up!

♥ mia said...

hi! new follower here :)

i love reading about ur shopping sprees :D would be great if u can also post reviews on makeup or skincare products :)

posted ur giveaway on my blog:

followed u on twitter, posted it there too:

carladoo said...

I like the entry you had about skin secret revealed! :) the clarins product is really intriguing :)
hoping to see more lipstick reviews and foundation reviews as well :)

Billie said...

Pictures! I always like blogs with pictures. Picture blogs & other stuff always make things really interesting!

Dina (XYYan) said...

i've been following you for a while

i love to see you OOTD, it gave me a lot of inspirations. and also your awesome haul! i love Leighton Meester just like you do. isn't she awesome? =)

i'm going to send you an email soon!

SingingCafe said...

hey hun!
i just adore your blog...im usually at home and i always enjoy your blogs. teaching women how to pretty themselves <3 you're life is so adventurous and interesting :) you teach women how to be confident in all they do! thanks!!

J said...

I like reading about your daily activities and makeup stuff! Your makeup tutorial is pretty awesome, so I look forward to more like that!

Thanks for taking the time to do this giveaway :) I love MAC lipglosses!!!

RAnni said...

I'm a first timer visiting your blog, through the recommendation of a friend.

I especially like what you wrote in your "About Me" section, where you say that if someone doesn't have something good to say, then he/she shouldn't say anything.

Openly, I have quit makeup, but secretly, I'm just looking for products and a look that works for me. Since I'm not out to try every product out there, it's nice to have someone knowledgeable about such things to share their knowledge with me.

In the future, I would like to see you give suggestions of products to try (or avoid like the plague) and why.


Strawberry`mt said...

Heya Queenie.
I like a lot of things about your blog, like the song! Fated to love you♥ haha & of course the clear pictures.
In future entries you could post more EOTD or stuff like that. Your eyes are really nice so you should really take more pics hehe :]

lol wel im off nows to send you the email x

이주하. said...

I think your blog is super fun and awesome! :D
You should def. post up more pictures in the future~
Pictures just make blogs so much better, don't you agree? :D

私は憎む Hawa said...

Your awesome.
I really wanna win.
Your Blog is ahmazinggg.
You should do a scene hair tutorial :)

jho said...

There are a few reasons why I enjoy reading your blog. I like reading about fashion, makeup, and obviously the cutesy love posts! It's inspirational in a fashion sense, and I find it so adorable that you & your boyfriend have been together for so long! NO PUN INTENDED! You're a great role model even, since it is evident that you work hard, and you are wise in your choices, whether it is with relationships, or fashion purchases. I can't help but be envious sometimes, but overall, very happy that you're so blessed. xoxo Joey.

Aralka said...

Enter me ^-^
I am a follower of course. I like your blog :)
And the music is very cute.
I wrote about your giveaway in menu, in GIVEAWAYS, check please :)
my email: aralka1993@hotmail.com


Alice Phun said...

Hi Queenie!

I recently found your link on one of my friends weblogs. I like the music in your blog. I hope that you will be having more giveaways. Maybe some themed giveaways? Also, I am looking forward to see your future blogs. :D

lipton|TEE said...

Your make-up posts are awesome. I also like your hauls and and the stories about what you do on a daily basis.

annmich said...

Just wanna say we love your giveaways ^^

throuthehaze said...

I am a new follower.

I like all your pics and all the hauls!

I follow on twitter @throuthehaze

Sent the email.

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

ⓚⓐⓡⓔⓝ said...

Oh jaysus, this giveaway is definitely making me bunch up my undies in my seat.

Where to start....
Well, I'm simply not going to lie. I haven't been following you that long. IT'S NOT BECAUSE I DIDN'T LIKE YOU, it's just I didn't know about you. I stumbled across your blog from Jen's blog (frmheadtotoe), because I was interested in reading more about us Asians and our fanatical-ness with makeup and obsession with blogging about our lives. Well no. Haha. I kid.

I think your blog is so...simplistic. Yet way better than just simple. It's simple on steroids. Okay well no. But yeahhh, my point being that I do enjoy reading about your daily life encounters, and your fashion and makeup opinions and tips and all that fun jazz. ANDD, I rove your appreciation for beautiful things. And people.
It's definitely APPEALING to read. I try to do that on my blog, but it sort of fails.

I'd think I'd wanna see more MAKEUP tutorials. I reallllyyy like ulzzang-style, even though I couldn't pull it off. Oh and maybe more deals on like, if you find good stuff on clothing websites and stuff? I mean, maybe that's a stretch..but I'd like that aaaa lot.
I'd like to say how sickk this giveaway is, and how amazing of a person you are do put this out for girlies like me.
Alrightttty. I'm done. :D

sallyli said...

hiii i've been a stalker and don't really use blogspot except to look at your posts! lol

i really like how you post everything you buy, your DOGG, and the food that you eat!!

please continue to buy MORE STUFFF and have more GIVEAWAYS ;)

I'm Sally btw :)

sallyli said...

hiii i love your posts about your buys! and please post more about your puppy hehehe. i'm in love with him <3

Mike said...

Hi Little Miss Queenie,

I'm really only doing this for my girlfriend, so I hope that's okay with you.

I like the fact that your blog loads quickly, although your web page has a very low width. Consider letting the width of your webpage dynamically expand depending on the dimensions of the browser in which it is viewed. This way you will not be wasting all of that white space.

Also, the music that automatically could potentially be catastrophic if someone visited your blog during lecture and forgot to mute their speakers.

Overall though, the site is pink, which is good, because that's my favorite color.

I hope that I win so my girlfriend won't kill me.

audrey said...

Hey Queenie!

Love your blog. I love that you post so many pictures. I'm a sucker for pictures! Pictures are worth a 1000 words as people say. Keep up the good bloggin!

Claire's Blog said...

Hello Queenie !
I like your blog because it speaks about fashion a simply way. Just continue the same way as you do it.
I post on my blog your giveaway:


My email : clairelfic@gmail.com

Miss Queenie said...

thank you all very much for participating in my giveaway. i'm very happy to know so much people are willing to read this stuff i write. i will try to post more about fashion, make reviews and recommendations, do more tutorials (videos are easier and faster), OOTD, food, Tatsu my puppy and MORE PICTURES because a lot of you prefer images over words etc.

i'm sorry for not updating as often as i'd like to. i do hold a day job at the office + help out at my parent's restaurant, so i often come home late & tired..which is mainly the reason why i dont post that much. i will make more of an effort and post more entries for you guys. =]

everything i write in here is real...i'm real...my life is real. i cannot avoid people hating me, but those who do not appreciate the things i do or how i am, i would just like you guys to keep it to yourself. if i haven't done anything to hurt you, why would you want to hurt me? just saying...

thank you for such an elaborate reply =]
if you've never found that cupcake shop which i mention all the time, it means that you should come back just to look for it =D it's that good, i promise.
just checked your blog, the layout is LOVELY!!! how do you guys do all these nice fancy schmancy cool layouts like that? mine is....T_T"

yes, please send me an email with all required infos. thanks =]

hi serena, it's really cool to have somebody from the 514 reading my blog!! just checked out your blog and I'm in love with your layout. your blog's too cute!!

would you show me how what to do to have the music not play automatically? i have NO IDEA how to do it... =[ i know..i suck haha

your words are just too kind! haven't got around to replying to your email yet! dont shoot me =[ the giveaway is filling is really filling my inbox up. but i WILL answer soon, well, as soon as i'm done with this.

i can say that you are one of my most faithful followers! =] it is true that you've have been here since the very beginning and i'm very happy to have you as a reader! i follow you too, but it's soooooooooooo hard because everything is in japanese. anyways, i have a hard time every time i wanna comment wahahah...maybe i'm just stupid. i'll give you an extra entry because facebook/twitter could be considered equal. =D

i'm happy to have inspired you to blog again! =D
whats your xanga blog? i wanna see

i will post a new entry on my skin care products. i rarely wear lipstick though, so i can't really blog about that =S

it really doesnt matter how long you've followed my blog. as long as i know you find it pleasant to read and you like it, thats all that matters to me =]

very nice & sweet boyfriend =D
i would like to change the width of my blog too, but i have NO freaking clue how to do it. i tried googling it, but the steps are kinda too advanced for me. can you show me how? same thing for the music. me too i find it annoying sometimes when i go back and forth from my dashboard and blog...show me show me! =]

luckyfinds said...

i'm a follower and posted about this contest at http://luckyfinds-shareapic.blogspot.com

I love your fashion and beauty tips

Amarena said...


What I like about your blog? First, It looks good and the colors you use are simple and tasteful. And I love the pics of the girl on top of the blog. Loving the photo roller that rolles your beautiful photos. I would like to see more of your day to day looks if that's possible.

I did post about your giveaway on my blog: http://amarenasblog.blogspot.com/2009/11/some-great-giveaways-from-bloggers.html

Princess Jem said...

I've been a follower for quite some time now lol! I love how your blog is a mixture of fashion, love and your everyday life. I'm always excited to see your newest buys when you post!
For me, i would like to see more of your outfits that you wear to work and just around i guess
But nonetheless i think your blog is awesome and really adds a smile to me when the day has been rough

abbyland said...

Hehe I'm a follower; and I want you instead of posting all that yummy food to send me some ! Those bagels look delicious; but actually, I can't really think of anything. There's enough there to keep me hooked from my nail polish obsession to seeing what clothes ACTUALLY look nice on together :) You're fashions now become a lemming !

christihippekip said...

blogger, comment ^^ no post entry -> no website :'(
Follower on twitter & tweeted!! :D http://twitter.com/christihippekip

just found out bout your website, but it looks really good!! :D

Austrian_Babe said...

Hi, I`m a brand new follower and I like a lot of things about your blog: the layout is simply and not distracting, your posts are very random which is always a surprise, I like your outfit posts and pic of your dog!!! So, keep up the good work!

Artistix said...

Hey babez...

new follower here. Love your blog. Entertaining and enjoyable - is there anything else must I say. hehe.

:) Keep up the good work and the awesome giveaways

joyciexclusive said...

Hi Queenie! I was randomly clicking on people's blogs on the net when i happen to chance by your blog. I enjoy your posts on your shopping activities. I admire your fashion style! You have a fab style!

I also like your random posts on your latest purchases haha :D esp. make-up and girly stuff :) The way you blog makes us (followers/readers) feel like we're with you.

I hope you'll post more fashion and beauty tips for people with less budget for shopping. Like mix and matching old stuff..something like that :)

btw, i twitted about your giveaway too! and blogged about it too:


Shaimaa said...

I love your style and your blog so orgnized and full of interesting stuff about beauty and style .
Humm i would like to see more makeup tutorials and artistic makeup art ( My passion)

love your blog

Hope to win

Cherry said...

Hey this is Cherry,
You have a lovely blog and adventurous posts!. I would love reading more 'Outfit of the day' posts, they are interesting and inspiring. Hairstyle tutorial too!! And what about favourite lip combo of the week/month.

Check out my blog post at http://cherrx.blogspot.com/2009/11/oct-nov-giveaways.html

Feel free to contact me at chercherry.x@gmail.com

Sent you an email. :D

Gabriela said...

I like your blog because it`s a mix of makeup, clothes, last items that you`ve bought, pictures with your boyfriend and friends, delicious desserts...

I posted about your giveaway on my blog:
http://conbdebelleza.blogspot.com/2009/10/sorteos-en-bitacoras.html (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

Follow you on Twitter and tweeted: http://twitter.com/ConBdeBelleza/status/5429892832

Thanks a lot, the goodies are great!

Cindy Xu said...

hello! i'm following you! it's cindy :) i like your blog because it's a bit of everything. there's pictures, outifts, and tutorials. i think they are really fun to read!
i will send you the email with the link to my blog soon ^^

something i think you should do more of are tutorials or product reveiws and makeup like stuff ^^ that'd be awesome and more giveaways would be cool too!!

thanks!!! :)

Janine said...

Follower!!! (google)

http://apetitediva.blogspot.com/2009/11/goodies-giveaway-link.html <-- link to my blog entry on your giveaway

I love the quantity of photos on your page and you're just too cute!

madhel said...

following you!
posted your giveaway in my blog :)

i so love the pictures! :)

more giveaways please :) teehee!

helenyang said...

I just started following your blog just a few days ago, but I love how your blog is straight to the point. You don't have so many distractions that takes away from the actual content of your posts!!

Kimberley said...

Hey! I love looking at your photos of things you bought and stuff like that! Keep up the good work =)


Posted about your giveaway and twittered it too =)

Kimberley said...

Sorry! i didn't realise i wasn't logged on to my account =(. let me try again (please only count as 1 entry thanks!) :

hey! i really like reading your posts about what you've bought and stuff like that! and photos! so keep up the good work! =)

I've posted about your giveaway on my blog here:



alittlebitofevrything said...

i love your blog! i like that you add pictures and entries about your everyday life and events :) keep doing what you're doing cause it's great!

please enter me! (i sent an email but to prevent any confusion my name is Jimin Choe and my username is ALITTLEBITOFEVRYTHING.


Miss Queenie said...

thanks girlies for these comments!! i will do my best in the future to make it better!

i would also like to say a big warm WELCOME to the newer followers. i'm really glad you guys are here

much love to you all!

Lucy T. said...


Theres a couple things i really like about this blog. Manly the total all over the place fashion and pictures. (i am kinda a picture whore lover)

In the future I'm hoping that you include some tutorials.


Halifax said...

I'm a follower, would like to see more product reviews (makeup & skincare). Thanks

saturn said...

I love your post about your buys! It would be great if you could post more about skin products!

Followed you on twitter and posted about the giveaway! http://fobfashion.blogspot.com

Curtney Anne said...

I follow your blog.

Would love to see more of your makeup trials. You have a lovely skin.

curtneysison at gmail dot com

JENNIFER said...

I love reading about your life and shopping buys! Please do some reviews. :)

I tweeted and I'm about to send the email now. <3

poley said...

i couldn't enter since i don't have a blog. i love reading your blog, though and i do follow you. i really enjoy your hauls and random friend pics. good luck to everyone who entered the contest!

Irish said...

Enter me please ^_^

I actually do love you seem to get the best products out there and also the food entries ^_^

Georgie-Dreams That Glitter said...

Thank you for this giveaway! I'd love to see more fashion, I love your posts on this!

I posted about your contest on my blog:


Piya said...

Followed you here and in twitter. :)


I like reading your blog. I spent 1/2 of my day reading it. :))

I like your photos and the way you write your entries. Plus you have a great sense of fashion. :D
You and your boyfriend is such a lovely couple. :D

I posted your entry here:

Oh, and I'll email you now! :D


myrissa said...


im a follower :)

posted about the giveaway on my blog here:

a follower on twitter and twitted about the giveaway here:

I wish to see more pics of you! you are gorgeous >_<