October 08, 2009


when the number of my followers increase to 150, i'm gonna be having a giveaway. i know that number's not much for the more popular bloggers, but to me, it's huge. i can't believe this many people can tolerate my randomness lol. anyways, please look forward to it...right now, i'm still thinking of what i can put in the giveaway if it were to happen=]

just saying...

laters xox


brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

not much for more popular bloggers... i have 23 and one person followed twice LOL.

maybe something for your followers boyfriends... which may apply if they are boys to begin with...~

kieks said...

i like your blog : D !
btw, i'm yout 150 follower ^_^

Miss Queenie said...

Brutal: LOL about the person following you twice. he/she must really like you hehehe

yeah maybe i'll be popping in some stuff for guys.

Kieks: ohhhh already at 150! i need to shop today. let me see what i can find for you guys!! >_< excited!!

Anonymous said...

Maybbe you should get something from Sephora!? i know there's one that opened at Carrefour Laval Yesterday :D i think you'd like it

Lisa said...

I'm your 151 follower! Haha =)
Come visit my jewelry blog! <3

meri said...

Oh! Im the 152th follower.. I'm hoping for the give-away contest!