October 02, 2009

First Game + Blah Blah

so the 2009-2010 season has officially started today (we won 4-3 OT against Leafs). what a joy to see our guys back on the ice again. no wait..."our" guys?? no, not really...our team has almost completely changed. we only have a few of our old players left, and the other empty spots are now filled with new ones. i really REALLY liked Komisarek & Kovy, the way they played and the talent they had, but all good things must come to an end as they say. i kinda feel like they've let us down in a way..anyways, if we dont get rid of the old, how can we welcome the new? lets not stay stuck in the past and look forward shall we? 

brand new season, brand new players, brand spanking new talents, i feel like this season will be a good one. no matter ups or downs, through thick & thin, 514 is the home to the Canadiens, it is our duty to support them. Have a good Season guys! xox
Cammalleri is my new IT guy =]
talented and handsome, he's got a lot going for him. i can't wait to see how he'll do this season!

Enough with hockey, on with my regular randomness. here's an unseen pic of me, taken before vacation with Nudy Brown lens. =] they "kinda" look natural no? i like 'em 
sorry for the pixel effect on the background, my bed was a complete mess
look at what i came home to last week! can you guess who created the mess? try to look closely in the pic, you'll definitely find the culprit.

look at the face he made when i started to scold him!
how could i go on with my scolding? he's too adorable!!!
my cutie baby boy Tatsu =]

Random buys:
Club Monaco jumper that i got before vacay and never got the chance to share
in the cabin trying it out hehe
since i'm at it, here's some more cabin pix
Marciano dress, i LOVED this dress, but i'm too short, so the back detailing goes wayyy beyond the limits. it was too low, boohoo
random outfit i picked out at Zara. i might go back to buy a Chanel-like jacket. this 1 wasn't all that great.
cute F21 skirt i bought on saturday.
F21 dress & H&M beret. a little Paris mon cheri? hehe

Nail time:
last week's color: Color Club Bizerk Turq. polished by Maya =]
removed the color yesterday
sorry, the tips are a bit yellow, yuck
good lord, my middle finger looks so chubby HAHA
since i dont use the OPI start to finish product, i can really see the difference it makes! it was so much stronger when i used it on my nails. now they keep breaking!
BOTH thumb nails too!
had to cut all of them, i'll try to grow them out and keep them properly this time! this week's color: TheFaceShop PP407
veryyy Princess-y color. me likey =]

good night lovelies! xox



i love the boots that you're wearing with the jumper!! can you please tell me where you bought it?

xSplendidStar said...

Woo I still think the dress looks gorgeous on you! And the Nudy browns do look really natural on you! <3

Miss Queenie said...

HQ: Hi!! i got the boots at Zara. they're from the last collection and were on sale for 60 bucks. more about in this post: http://misssqueenie.blogspot.com/2009/08/finally-summer.html

BUT i believe they've produced new ones, i saw similar boots at the store just last saturday. they're part of the current collection i think. so if you like 'em, please RUSH to your closest Zara. =]

SpendidStar: aww you are too nice! thank you <3

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

the first part of this post made me very very unhappy. I watched the game live and shouted swear words when they scored and we lost. But Komisarek is one of my new favourite leaf. He gets into so much trouble. Well next game we will beat you. Next game -_-

I like your doggie. I told my friends I couldn't get a tiny doggie though because if people saw a big adult man walking around with a tiny thing they would laugh. So if I ever get a dog it would be a husky with a smiley face. I'll post pictures of it for you to see~

-we left hong kong because of the handover to china (everyone else left because of it too). But lately I've been thinking about moving back... I'm a city boy, I like nightlife, I like eating dimsum at 3AM on the little streets. Meh :) The future is full of unknowns. Who knows maybe I'll realize my dream and become a formula 1 driver.

p.s. Queenie please get twitter.

Anonymous said...

wow im so surprised u bought stuffs at forever 21. aren't you too "rich" for forever21 since u love to brag about your expensive purchases -_____-`

Miss Queenie said...

Brutal: aww i'm sorry the Habs part made you sad! but you're a leafie and i'm a habbie, deal with it. lol! =D Komi did create a lot of movement, and it's just a start! can't wait for the next game!!

there's nothing wrong with a grown man with a small dog! actually, it's a good thing because small doggies are chick magnet lol! hahaha me & my boyfriend love huskies too!!! but i think i wont be able to handle them. a bit too big for my frame. what if it becomes crazy and goes after me? i'm dead meat. at least, i can "own" Tatsu..haha

oh please move back to Hong Kong, so when me & my boyfriend travel back there, we'll have our own personal guide to the city teehee =D...F1 driver? thats an awesome dream, work hard and i'm sure you'll be able to realize it in no time~

Anonymous: oh dont be surprised! aren't you too blind to see that i'm a pro bargain hunting? =] i love to "brag" about my expensive purchases as much as i love to share about scoring an awesome deal. dont be biased! haha

Miss Queenie said...

BRUTAL: >_<" how do we use twitter?

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

You have such beautiful eyes, I like that black jump suit very nice :)

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

Queenie I don't know what you asked lol. How do you use twitter? You make an account, then put a twitter box on the side of your blog (like mine). Then even when you don't make a new post you can still write little sentence updates and it will show up. Or people like me who use it a lot can follow you and we see all your updates on our phones. But it's only useful if you have friends/celebrities you want to follow? A lot of NBA players have twitter... BoA has it, kpop singers have it... andddd you can update by text messaging your twitter as well BUT you have to make sure it's free (i'm pretty sure it is if you have a text plan). did that help ><

LOL I'm a bit afraid of big dogs too, they are not human you know. They might go crazy for no reason and if it's a huge thing then it's kind of dangerous actually. But if I have a husky it can pull me on the sidewalk during winter o.o I told my friend and she said I would need more than one.

If I move back I'll make sure I let you know, so you and Long (my bmw hero) can crash at my place and I'll take you to lots of yummy places and we'll pig out on food. Done!