October 06, 2009

Bits & Pieces

had an appointment at the Vet for my little Tatsu last saturday. i dont know what got my bf, but he booked it for 9:00 AM. on the weekend, i usually wake up at 10:30 or sometimes, when i'm really tired, even later...so it was REALLY hard...especially when i stayed up late the night before. even if it was too early for my taste, i had no choice, my bf was there to pick me up at 8:45am. it was so cold and it was also raining. what a great start! >_<" as if it wasn't hard enough already... anyways, good news, Tatsu's diet worked. he lost 1 pound since June. apparently, i've been a bad mommy and overfed him. T_T" i'm gonna be careful from now on as it really affect his health in the long run.

there's positiveness in any negative situation. waking so early allowed me to properly get ready. =] i had time to come back home after the visit at the vet and do my things. hehe showered, curled my hair, did my makeup (i even had time to put on some falsies, ruin it the 1st time and re-did it haha) and pick out a cute outfit for the day. yay! we weren't gonna do anything special that day, but it made me feel complete. hehe
in the car before lunch @ Phuoc Ky
my bf always grabs me one of these candies every time he goes to the cash. i think i developped kind of an addiction to them. after all, i ate these for +7 years. lol still tastes good to me =D i dont change easily, see?
BB wearing a cute cute cute gingham shirt! i like gingham pattern on him, makes him look young and playful. =] not that he's thaaaat old, but still...
wore my F21 skirt out for the 1st time. i must say that i am more than glad i bought it because i'm REALLY loving it. it's such an easy piece to wear and the elastic waistband is very comfortable. all in all, i love it!
eek, cabin pix again! i shouldn't have brought my trench coat. walking inside a shopping mall with a trench on is not that convenient. and on top of that, it's hot in a trench!
take 1 =D
Take 2! hehe
Mackage trench
Joe Fresh cami
(i dont know who it belongs to, but i found it in my folded clothing pile after laundry. it's comfy, so i made it mine! hehe)
Zara cardigan
F21 tartan skirt
H&M knee-high socks
Zara leather boots (i know i always wear these, but i love 'em!)
Etsy headband
tatsu needed a new basic tee, so i just grabbed one at AA for him. i wanted to buy a pink one since he doesn't own anything pink in his wardrobe, but my boyfriend refused. here's how the mini convo went (sorry its in french, i spoke french for that bit):

me: awww on lui achete un tshirt rose! c'est trop mignon!
bb: euh, non. il va avoir l'air gai.
me: mais la...toi tu portes bien du rose...pourquoi pas Tatsu?
bb: ouais mais Tatsu, sans ses vêtements, on ne peut même pas savoir si c'est un mâle ou une femelle. alors...
me: ah ouais...c'est vrai...ok alors.

and so we went for the black tee instead...he does have a point. T_T"
little punk with his tee =]
looks boring, but it's real cute when worn! every girl needs a Chanel-esque jacket imo.
can you feel the GG obsession? hehe i love this jacket soooo much. i was debating whether to get the Small or the XSmall. bb told me to get the small just because it's a jacket and i'm supposed to wear layers underneath it. and so i did. i tried it on monday night and it didn't feel right. did i shrink because of the cold or what? need to go exchange it now. what a hassle!
pocket detail. oh the jacket's from Zara by the way
Vince U-neck tee (tatsu made 2 small holes with his paws near my wrist area, and it was my first time wearing it too!) & high waisted pencil skirt from Zara
there's a lot of things i say i love, but one thing REALLY REALLY REALLY loveeee is CM tights! i recommend them as the quality is wonderful. they're super soft and are made in Italy. i know it's not Wolford, but still...they're superb! got a basic black pair and a lacey pair.


lookie what i found at bb's house! his old cellphone from circa 2001-2002. time has changed indeed lol

later xox

p.s. i need to go costume hunting soon! have an idea of what i could be, just need the right accessories to make it look awesome...


k a r e n said...

You're always so pretty! > o <

Yay Canada! I understood the French. :)

&, Is that a Nokia n97? Ouuu... is it a good phone? &, how did you get it in Canada? I thought it wasn't available here yet... unless you got the unlocked version.
- sigh - I want an LG Renoir or a Nokia n67, don't know which is better... but both aren't in Canada.

Miss Queenie said...

Karen: aww thanks! ;) cool, knowing many languages can be useful sometimes. and french happens to be a very nice language too hehe

yup, i posted about my phone a few posts earlier. it's an unlocked version, present from the boyfriend. =D you should get the unlocked version. then you can own an awesome phone which nobody (or almost) has =]

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

oh you gotta be kidding me, where did that cupcake come from. Does that store exist in Toronto (most likely non)? I am so going there when I visit montreal.

-that watch. what is it, tell me. I am a watch FREAK I even read watch magazines to see what the latest stuff is lol!

je ne pas parle francais. je sui canadienne, je habit au ontario. and that's all I know :(

Miss Queenie said...

Brutal: the cupcake shop is called "Petits Gateaux" (which means "little cakes"). i checked on their website and nope, they don't have one in TO. why are you complaining? there are tons of food & restaurants in TO that we do not have in Mtl...=[

-well it seems like you're a bit of a freak of everything lol! it's MB's Timewalker. i'm matching with my boyfriend. it's a men's watch, it's huge, i love it! had to go get a local cobbler to add more holes to fit my wrist.

it should be: "je ne parle pas français. Je suis Canadien (canadienne=femaleeee). J'habite en Ontario." well at least you try!

kalai said...

thats cool^^ do most canadian speak french as well? i really didnt know.. i wish we were taught an extra language too.

love the outfit^^ you and your bf are both wearing checks~ how cute^^

the second jacket! i want it~ ive never seen it in my local zara though. ive been looking for a school blazer type jacket but i like to try before i buy coats so i dont buy them online..

+ th cupcake looks so yummy~

costume hunting for halloween?? i really dont know what to dress up as this yr!! xx

Tiffany said...

sigh... 5 years of french at school.. and i can speak nothing lmao.
the cupcakes look so delicious, it makes me wanna buy some or make my own. xD

I wish i can find a bakery in Waterloo (that sells cupcakes too): (

i'm also loving all your spluges! So pretty! I'm beginning to get lazy to dress up now.. it's mostly sweats and sweaters for me at school T_T I really need to hit up some stores for some nice clothing! : )