October 15, 2009


a few posts ago, i mentioned my sister-in-law was pregnant...well, she just gave birth yesterday! i think it was this year's most exciting day!!! i didnt get to take any pix yet because clumsy me forgot to bring a camera...but i will next time i visit them. my gosh the little guy's so handsome...i cannot stop staring at him. we were extremely happy to hear that he's perfectly healthy too!

anyways, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my mom and dad-in-law(to-be) as this little bundle of joy is their first grand-child ever! also another congrats to my sis-in-law and her hubby for the beautiful baby...and lastly, i would like to congratulate my boyfriend and myself for become Uncle and Auntie for the 1st time as well! Yay!!!=]

will try to update tonight lovelies!

p.s. i started getting some stuff for my giveaway...but it's not complete yet...will do a real post about it when i have everything...

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