October 30, 2009


the time has come, lovelies! i've taken a lot of time to gather all the items for my giveaway...finally, i have a bit too much. so you guys are LUCKY because i have 2 prize packages for you!!! =D

PRIZE PACKAGE A: Cutesie Dollie
Harajuku Lovers makeup/pencil case
Harajuku Lovers Baby perfume
Tweezerman skull matchstick nail files
2x Mac Lipglass
2x Mac Liplustre
Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume, purse size
The Cute Institute ice cream earrings

Sephora's Vampire Kit, it says it's for Halloween, but the items could be used anytime!
false eyelashes
grey eyeshadow
silver glitter lash
silver glitter liner
black eyeliner
black nail polish
Lancome mini makeup pouch
Lancome Hypnose perfume sample
Lancome Cils Booster XL sample (my fave)
feather earrings

how to enter my giveaway? veryyy simple:
1. officially follow me on blogger
2. comment this entry, tell me what you like about my blog, what you want me to post about in future entries or requests or whatever you feel like
3. post an entry on your own blog about my giveaway and link to my blog
4. send me your name & entry URL which you mentioned about this giveaway via email: "150 Giveaway" to me_n_momo@hotmail.com (and Twitter URL, if you decide to go with the Bonus option below)

5. you get an extra entry if you follow me on Twitter =] (www.twitter.com/MQueenie)
6. you get another extra entry if you tweet about this giveaway

so there is a possibility of 3 entries per reader, yay! spread the love for more chances to win woot woot! =D

The winner will be chosen by random number generator. if you're the 1st winner, you will have the chance to pick your favorite Prize Package, leaving the one you dont want to the 2nd winner. you have until November 6th. get that little bum going!!! =]

if you happen to be a male reader...EEEEEKKKKK i dont know...i didnt buy anything that would interest any guys................sorry! i'm sure you have girlfriends or sisters, or cousins you could give this to! lol

thank you so much for reading! xox

p.s. this giveaway is open internationally!! am i awesome or what! ;P

***i have altered the way to enter this giveaway because i've been getting emails with little to no info, so its really hard to keep track on who's who in what account. if you have sent me an email before, please re-send it with all infos needed. thank you so much for your cooperation. this will make things easier for me since i'm still a noob***

October 27, 2009

Leighton Meester feat. Robin Thicke - Somebody to Love

another reason to love Leighton Meester...
as if we needed reasons to love her!

this song is truly addictive!

October 21, 2009

yet another weekend...

hello ladies (& gents!) sorry for not updating as often as i used too...seems like i work a little too much nowadays. i barely have time to go help out at my parent's restaurant anymore. i hop this period will go by fast or i feel like a burnout is heading straight my way at 200km/h. work aside...lets jump on the fun stuff =D yay!
the look i had on saturday =]
tried out my new MakeupForever lashes...
i didn't apply mascara on the falsies in fear i'd mess them up...

started the day at Beauty's!! i love that place...it's my fave for breakfast
Bella & Steph
Maya & TD
my boyfriend was busy with his family that morning, i was single for that little bit
Maya replaced him

looking at this, don't you just wanna grab some crayons and make it colorful? ^_^
freshly toasted sesame bagels + homemade cream cheese...heaven
SuperBeautys 2 (wahahahha yes this is all mine!!!)
delish delish delishhh
looks like SOMEBODY is a slow eater! hehe
this must be the CUTEST pic of TD & Maya i ever took...like i mean EVERRR
dont they just look like 2 excited little kids!?!
we took a short walk to get to a costume store to help Bella hunt down her costume
so much stuff under one roof
more stuff!
hello, my name is Batman. Nice to meet you!
this pic was taken after a short shopping stop in Downtown...man when i look at this place, i cannot believe it still runs. for the ones that dont understand what Garderie means, it's the french word for Daycare. i would so NOT send my kid there even if somebody paid me a million dollars... >_<" look how creepy it is...i dont even wanna know how the inside looks like! eek
watched the game at Boston Pizza, look at how focused they are! haha
i love this pic with Maya <3
my chicken parmigiana BEFORE
my chicken parmigiana AFTER!
i love this dish to death!!! i usually never finish my plate, but look at this!
i even had the will to order an apple crumble + ice cream....drools!
Maya's cheesecake! miammm

after our meal, we left for Sim's house. decided to watch Le Parfumeur....gosh that movie was good but sooo freaky. i wonder if it's based on a true story. =S it was artistically scary.

the only item i bought on saturday >_<"
i've been looking for gloves like this since 2 years ago! finally found a pair worth my love.
the picture does not do these shorties justice. when i wear them on, i feel so damn powerful and i have no idea why. maybe it's the patent leather that looks a bit dominatrix-y...i dont know...i'm weird
went to Sephora in Carrefour Laval last week. i managed to spend 200$+ on random crap & some items for the giveaway (which reminds me, i need to make my post on it)
my sis bought me really random things! except the bb cream, Bella bought it in TO for me

seeing soooo many ulzzang and net idol sporting this type of glasses, i had to snatch some for myself! ehh i dont know...i dont think i'd g outside like this...people would think i'm retarded or something. hahaha
here's geeky me 8) hahaha

and here's my geeky baby! he's too cute with them on though...pulls it off better than me
made my boyfriend sit there and let me paint his nails! hahahaha i told him i needed a model so i could test these polishes before picking one color for myself! hahah he totally bought it. he's too cute, i love him!
OPI Designer Series limited edition in DIVINE!!!
thank you Maya for the heads up!! isn't the color gorgeous?
base coat, 3 coats of Divine, top coat
my dear boyfriend bought me a new jersey =] since Mike Komisarek doesn't exist anymore among the Habs, his jersey is now useless to me!

***gahhh i just bought a book today, it's BEAUTIFUL!***

the end. i'm so sorry my post are always as random....but yeah
love you all xox

October 16, 2009


went to dimsum for our friend's bday that morning. here's DanDan & Maya doing their thing..hehe
take 2
i feel kind of stupid camwhoring in a public bathroom...but oh well! doesn't hurt anyone..so why not?
Maya has freaking huge and gorgeous eyes. i'm so jealous!
all out asian! lol
aaawww how sweet are they! TD+Maya=in for the long run...
(p.s. i'm so happy TD finally got a haircut...it was about time)
had to eat before going back home for the game! it's been a long time since our last Pekin Duck feast...Maya+DanDan
TD+Maya again
finally a pic of me & bb <3

while the guys were watching the game...we lost interest when we started playing with fake lashes...hahaha i did Maya's falsies!! yay i thought i wasn't gonna be able to do it..but i did! and she's happy with the result..
side view, no mascara, curled
last week, my parents brought my car to the shop for the 50k check up, dealership lent me the newer version to try out. it hasn't really changed that much except for the front...looks a bit badder and more like it's fellow siblings in the Acura range.
interior...almost the same, except i didn't get navi at the time. was happy enough to get a new car =]

my nail color last week: a cute coral from Etude House

Thanksgiving Day:
had dimsum (again) that day [Monday], that means i dimsumed 2 times in the period of 3 days..haha i don't care, i love dimsum! i love spending time with my family! <3
full and satisfied =D
bb, he makes me melt when his dimples pop like that!
oops, sorry, dirty mirror
we followed mom and dad for their weekly shopping...had the time to snap a few pix while daddy was in the cabin trying on some stuff mom picked out
while my sis was trying on some shoes
if i ever lose weight...please let me keep my bum! (because honestly speaking, boobies aren't really my forte lol)
my dear mommy...the sweetest mother in the whole wide world..
(although she does scolds me from time to time haha)
Queenie + Mommy
she got me a little something something...

yay! new sneaks!! woot woot
Burberry's Degrade Check high tops
my favorite way to lace my shoes! =]

and last but certainly not least....
my newborn nephew-in-law
Name: Jayden
DOB: October.14.2009 at 4:11pm
Weight: 8 lbs
Height/Length: 55 cm

omg he's such an angel...look at that face of his!! i can't wait 'til i can babysit him!! <3