September 30, 2009

Last Weekend & some goodies

gotta start by apologizing to you lovelies, i have broken my promise of updating yesterday night. =[ i left my parent's restaurant a bit late and had to drop something off at my gramps before heading home. was really tired so i didnt have a chance to post anything. so before going to work this morning, i uploaded some pix and can finally update now! =] concerning my trip, i have already uploaded around half of the pictures on facebook, the rest is not even resized yet. =S

so all of you ladies are pretty much aware that Forever21 just opened their first store here in Montreal, about what...3-4 weeks ago right? i dropped by there on the day it opened, omg, forget it. the lineup for cabins & cash were mile long. i only wanted a ring, so i sweet talked a girl in line to buy it for me. it worked, she was really sweet and let me pass in front of her. THANK YOU! xox =] (i dont do this often, i swear i was in a hurry) so on saturday, i decided to give it another try, yknow...just to see how the store's been doing and stuff. wow i was not disappointed at all. there's still as much people as the last time.
this is the lineup for the cash!
as you can see, Maya seemed a "little" bored and tired of waiting! there are more people behind us. as well as on the first floor. i think the first floor's worst though...a lot of cashiers, but the lineup's still very much insane. when it was my turn to pay, i talked to the cashier and asked if it was crazy like this every day and has it calmed down since the store opened. she looked at me and let out a big sigh "nope, it hasn't stopped for 1 second since it opened". she told me it was a bit better on mondays and tuesdays, but honestly...who goes shopping on those days? >_<" so yup... it's gonna be like this EACH and EVERY time i go there. the store is of good size, but it's so crowded, it's hard to see the clothing. the cashier also let me know that the they stock during the day, as soon as a rack is empty, the SAs pull out a new one full of new goodies. the only problem is that it doesn't last that long before it's empty again! T_T" aiyaaayaaa might as well shop online. (pssttt, maya told me it only takes about 3 days for shipping, so it isn't all that bad) ;)
a little later that day, camwhored a bit at H&M
(dont remember the tee, probably WF)
zara skull scarf
M&C leather hoodie jacket
zara bandage mini
h&m knee high socks
zara leather boots
Burberry quilted bucket bag

oopsies, here are some pix of friday night. went out for a bit of shakage:
me & bb
TD & Maya
Bella & Soso
us girls =] the guys had a pic too, but they looked like poop haha
(aww you can see that my right eye is red! have to throw my contacts out and order new ones)


very off topic, but i'm craving THIS at this very instant! had dinner at Le Bordelais before my trip. it was really delicious! i wanna go back this weekend...or maybe The Keg...which ever. i'm craving filet mignon all of a sudden.
yummy!!! my giganto cheesecake. delish as well yummm

since i didn't post any pix of my trip yet, i'll post the result of the itty bit of shopping i did in Asia. i didn't buy as much as people have expected from me for a few good reasons: A.prices in Asia is NOT cheaper than in Canada HK, shopping is more expensive. but they do have things we don't have here in Montreal.
chinese/taiwanese mags were bought in HK and tucked in luggage when we got back to VN. japanese mags were, however CARRIED from japan to montreal. >_<" i might've gained some muscle mass after that. but it is better than paying 30$CAD each. so i suffered for a good enough reason.
new deco for my car =] it's so cute. got it at Narita Airport
some beauty stuff i got in HK + some random stuff
series are from VN & Alan/Ariel cds from hmv HK (they're extremely good btw)
etude house nail lacquers & bb cream i bought in VN, yes people, VN now have Etude House counters at the more important dept stores.
The Face Shop nail lacquers also from VN
GAHHHHHHH Peach John is now open in HK!!!
Peach John > La Senza & Victoria's Secret because it's so much cuter!!
Lancome travel palette for mommy
Givenchy limited edition Jardin D'Interdit perfume also for mom. it smells similar to her Amarige D'Amour, which cannot be found anymore on the market. she was ecstatic! =D
Converse JPs to match with my bf. yes we are a very corny couple! haha
presents from the Mr. Boyfriend =D
the little blue box never cease to impress me

bow pendant (MM, it also exists in PM)
i love it! thanks bb xox
Atlas bar pendant
looks so delicate =]
got a few postcards with our purchases. the store i went to was new i guess. (Heritage 1881)
burberry polo, we're matching again! =D my boyfriend got me this and also got himself a black one and a white one. they were out of my size in white.
i bought this on Hautelook thinking it might be cheaper but this came with a fee of 44$ CAD for duties. that means the blush and eyeshadow i got costed around 100$ CAD...**sighh** oh well least it's not like i can get some here.

great great great quality and beautiful packaging. the blush looks so natural and soft to the touch. the eyeshadow is just perfectly pigmented, goes on smooth. the mascara is a bonus from their part, but it was all that great. maybe mine was too dry...anyways
my first Chanel palette. got it at Narita Airport once again. i couldn't resist the romantic colors. it's gorgeous.
bedroom lighting
in daylight
during our stay in HK, i bought my boyfriend the Damier Graphite multiple wallet at LV Harbour City. i was checking the Inclusion line and fell in love with the bracelet PM (gm is a tad big for my taste). they showed me the catalogue with all these supposed available colors. i wanted the black, praline & rose pop, turns out, they were sold out for the 1st 2 colors and only have rose pop, orange & clear in store. since my wrist is pretty small, i needed the sz small, which they didn't have , we had to go to central, at LV Landmark Atrium to get this beauty. once again, i was spoiled by bb. =]
i just love it! i might head downtown this weekend to see which color our store has. i know i can just call, but its another excuse to go shopping so...hehe
bedroom lighting (worn with Tiff. link bracelet)
in broad daylight. YUM!
(worn with Tiff lock tri-bangle)

i hope you aren't disappointed with my post. i'll try to post more often.


xSplendidStar said...

OHH EMM GEE! So much things and I want them all! >.< Ahaha gotta love that Tiffany&Co bow pendant and LV bracelet :) You're really lucky and spoiled! Ahaha :D Btw when you said VN what did you mean by that? Viet Nam O_O? Sorry I feel like a dummie asking this >.< xxx

xSplendidStar said...

Oh and forgot to say that I love the way you and your bf match things! It's so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! <3333

Vesper said...

wonderful purchases!!

btw i was wondering, can you speak mandarin/chinese? =]

Reena said...

omg that tiffanys bar pendant is so cute =]

i cant seem to find it on the offical website though o_o
is it only available in hk?

Miss Queenie said...

SplendidStar: thank you! =] yes i realize that i am quite spoiled by my boyfriend. he's really sweet. and yup, VN stands for vietnam.

Vesper: thanks <3 and sadly, i dont speak cantonese. i have taken mandarin lessons when i was younger, but i dont know enough to build a complete sentence. i do speak some szechuanese though (because of my boyfriend).

Reena: it's really tiny and cute! i can't seem to see it on the website either. i've seen it at the Tiff store in Toronto, in Hong Kong and at Narita Airport. =]

xLeafClover said...

woahh soo many beautiful stuff you've got ! ^___^

I'm from Montreal as well. hehee :D
I still remember the opening day of Forever 21.. the lineup are long and very it's crowded... I've waited about 2 hours with a breezy weather O__O
overall, I love forever 21 ^____^ hahaa

btw, you're so pretty ^-^

Kristine said...

wow i would get tired already just looking at the line LOL the rock & republic's cosmetic package is sooo gorgeous! Oh, can i add you in facebook or do you only add your "friend friends"? LV bracelet looks great on you btw!

Sophia said...

oh my gooosh, that PM bracelet is gooorgeous!

Miss Queenie said...

LeafClover: thank sweetie! ^_^ oh so you're a fellow 514er as well...=D are you serious...there was a lineup to get in??? i had no idea.

Kristine: i was super depressed! but then again, what i had in hand was worth the wait =] i bought some cute stuff. hehe not only R&R products look gorgeous, the quality is awesome as well =D i'd be glad to be friends on facebook with you.

Sophie: thank youuu =D

Miss Queenie said...

Kristine: search Queenie Nguyen =D

IchigoBunnie said...

i love ur outfit when u camwhored at H&M! very chic

and im in love with those bras u got. SO cute! i agree. those look better than VS's

kalai said...

aww.. i love the tiffany &co necklaces. esp the altas one. looks so dainty and cute. the LV bangle is gorgeous^^ im so jealous =p xx

Anonymous said...

You have always been a cute cute girl... and have always been to me, a perfect couple!!! Keep it up girl!@!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Queenie !
i just wanted to let you know,
if you ever plan on selling your neverfull, I am here !!!! and i live in Montreal ;) said...

welps the leafs game just ended and I swore because we lost to Queenie. so now I can comment.

I like the shoes woman o.O well done. The cheesecake made me instantly hungry >< But I went to demetres last week and had this HUGE chocolate cake and I almost felt like gagging afterwards because it was so much... not craving cake for the next 6 weeks haha.

Can't wait to see the trip pics >< I miss my home hk sigh.

Miss Queenie said...

IchigoBunnie: i try to keep it simple with my outfits. i'm glad you find it chich, thanks =D you would so die if you went to the Peach John you wanna buy eveyrthing there because everything is too cute!!!

kalai: thanks sweetie! i'm extremely happy with the T&Co necklaces. i'm so used to the more chunky ones, but wearing a cute dainty little necklace ca be very refreshing sometimes. ;)

Anonymous1: aww wow, by reading your comment, i'd think you've known me for a long time =) it's heart warming. hehe thanks

Anonymous2: thanks for interest sweetie. but it was a gift from my boyfriend, and i think it'd be so wrong to sell it..haha poor him!

Brutal: Go Habs Go! =] hehehe hey it was a tight game....i screamed like a crazy girl when we won. woohoooo, but then again, i always scream like a crazy girl when i watch a Habs game. =D

aren't the shoes too cool!! i can never find nice Jack Purcells here. it sucks! i want a converse store. HK has such cool stores, it makes me envious of the people who live there. whats Demetres? a famous bakery in TO? yummm cakeee....droolsss...

why did you move anyways? for studies? i love HK