September 29, 2009


hello lovelies, i was on and i saw these pix! i find them exceptionally inspiring despite the basic black & white tonals. key pieces this fall? bold shoulders (again), boyish silhouette, textures & for men, structured jackets.

i think i might be in love with this outfit. clean & crisp but uberly stylish & fashion forward

i like this one a lot too! casual cool
i bought this jacket for my boyfriend in HK. it looks extremely good on him. =]

i saw this on the purse blog and omg i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jade color!!! it's limited edition, so please rush to your Chanel counter if you have a chance. i'll be on the lookout for this beauty.


i promise to make a real post tonight! please look forward to it =]


Anonymous said...

I am I am!! LOL

Anonymous said...

finally a real post(:
i've been a follower of your blog and really awaiting your pictures of your trip.
well, byebye~ haha