August 04, 2009

Useless Blah Blah

so emo! i'm starting to stress over the Soompi SUC 2009 contest...arghhh.

there's been a few events in the last few days that are so negative. i can't believe such bad luck can happen to just one person. in this case, me.

1st Unfortunate Event: my gramps finally moved from Toronto to come to live in Montreal. the 1st day they arrived, we had dinner at our regular spot in chinatown. all was well, until a bus boy poured oyster sauce INSIDE and OUT of my NF. OH-EM-GEE!!! i could not believe that was happening to me right there and then. i had sauce on the back on my dress as well. my boyfriend was there and helped me keep my cool. if it wasn't for him, i would've gone completely berzerk on the poor guy. because i only freaked out silently, my gramps congratulated me for my behavior and told me the guy will not be fired because i haven't caused a scene. least their praises helped me deal with the mess the guy caused. needless to say, i could not finish my meal. mom said i could replace the bag with a new one, but i told her this one bag meant so much to me, even if i bought 10 more, it wouldn't be the same. the manager came to apologize and offered to pay for the dry cleaning expenses. i was still mad at them so i didn't take his business card. in the end, the guy that made the mess did not come out again, i never got his "sorry" and the tab wasn't even taken cared of by them. sheer bad luck
oily, nastyyy =[
the manager told me soda mixed with water could help get rid of i rushed to buy soda and got to work. pour some soda + some water, dip cloth in the solution and scrub the stained area.
yucky inside
more on the interior wall... the result of the soda/water mix cleanser...IT WORKS LIKE A DREAM! when the bag dried, it left nothing at all. wow, i'm amazed.

2nd Unfortunate Event: saturday, i lost the diamond on my ring. =[ one of the claws of the setting broke and off went my rock.

3rd Unfortunate Event: i forgot my camera's battery charger at the hotel where we stayed in Toronto. bravo to me. i have to shell out ~80$ for a new charger now. great.

4th Unfortunate Event: my knees are killing me right at his moment. omg omg...i feel like an old lady.

bella just reminded me of another bad luck i had

5th Unfortunate Event: i LOST ONE (of a pair) white gold hoop earring IN the van we rented for our trip to TO. they were a gift from my mom... T_T"

but there can't be only negative things in life right?
like this for example:

My new gadget! =] i've wanted it since i heard about it. told myself i'd get it once it's out. well. bb surprised me a few weeks ago with this little gem. the only problem is i couldnt get my hands on them until yesterday. he was testing it for the last 2 weeks or so. no bugs, no defects, no need to return it, it is now officially mine. =D it's gorgeous and practical. i really like it. Nokias seriously.
Nokia N97 in white

attached a charm i bought in TO. i'm supposed to crystallize it, but i'm really lazy and couldn't bring myself to order the crystals yet. one day, one day.

spoiled myself just a tad while in Toronto...
i also bought a matching one for my boyfriend yay!

last week's nails, holding last week's cell phone haha!

Last saturday, we went for breakfast at Beauty's (it was 2pm) and had the afternoon free. there was nothing to do, so i snapped at few pix before my camera's battery died.
my Bb

Queenie + Long
Maya + TD
dropped by Chapters' Starbucks for our fraps but ended up being disappointed. the staff had attitude problems, they argued with each and everyone of the customers. Maya is really picky, she made herself clear that if it wasn't good enough for her, she'd make them re-do it. she did...only at the 3rd time was she satisfied.

ate at La Perle Noire that night

Chicken in Red Curry (absolutely majorly yummy)

since i dont have any pix with Bella in this's for compensation:

i bought some stuff for my future nephew. i love shopping for him. he's not here yet and i already spoil him like this. i can't wait to meet him. =D
got these 3 bibs in Toronto

made a bear for him (buildabear)
my all time baby favorite!!! ^^
printed +quilted lining awww
cute onesie

i feel lucky that i dont have to worry about my lunch. even at this age, my mother still packs my lunch every single day. she says it's healthier than eating out (most of the time). she goes from extremely simple recipes to more complicated ones. she'll make stuff following her mood. no matter what she cooks, i'm just really happy that she still takes care of me like when i was little. i love you mom!



Zoe said...

So many pretty and fun pictures^^Love ur nails*

kalai said...

cute post~ love the first pic. what contacts did you wear for the SUC photos? they're so pretty^^

glad the stain came off your bag! i would have gone crazy.haha
my friend just got that nokia.. i've been playing on it and i want one too. its so fun!^^ xox

Miss Queenie said...

Zoe: why thank you dear ^_^"

kalai: thanks, girl! i'm always wearing Nudy Greens. i used to wear Nudy Grey alot, until they expired. >_<"

well i really freaked out inside my mind... haha i felt like i was crazy. and yup the phone's a lot of fun. i'm still on discovery mode, there's so much to see! get it, it's cute!!

CINDY said...

Hi! Where'd you get the cute baby purchases? My sister is having a baby soon, so I wanted to get an idea of where.. because those are sooo cute!

And good thing~ you got the stain out~ but that restaurant customer service~ sucked majorly. they should've at least done a discount or something =[ ah well!

cuuute necklace && fone too :] soo many purchases i can't choose a fave! and i think the charm on your fone is cute too btw!! =]

msmymy said...

i always enjoy reading your blog.. such cute pics.
loving your new phone!!
i'm so glad you were able to clean it off and also posted the awesome tip on how to!

Tiffany said...

If i owned a NF.. and the bus boy spilt stuff on it... he would of died at the scene of the crime AHAHA. At least the stains came out!

Do you know how much you got your phone for? I've been phone shopping lately =P. I haven't owned a Nokia for years >.<. I've been a SE baby for the longest time xD

pinkiebella said...

awwww u put a pic of us togetheeer even tho we haven't took any this week! how sweet :) muaak! and also...u 4got to mention another unfortunate event: u lost ur earring in the car we rented for TO...=( but u knoow when u've been so unlucky lately...this means MUCHHO MUCHO lucky things is coming soon for u! oh well...that's what i tell myself whenever things go so wrong =p cheer up! ;)

Anonymous said...

don't have an account here but i always enjoy reading ur blog :)
sorry to hear about your unlucky events.. but could you please tell me how you took out the stain using club soda & water? i have a tiny oil stain in my neverfull & it bothers me so much! i tried using baby powder to soak it up & then the baby powder stained my bag *grr* not to mention my speedy has soo many stains inside. i would love it if you could guide me thru cleaning it. thanks in advance if u can :)

ps- i love the baby items you bought! i have a little 3 month old & had soo much fun buying clothes before he was born. but don't buy too much because they grow so fast! half the things i bought he didn't even end up wearing & got too big :(


Princess Jem said...

omg Queenie if someone poured OYSTER sauce on my NF i would explode. So GOOD job at keeping you cool... i would never be able to do it.. awww listening to your unfortunate events make me sad T-T
but don't worry, unfortunate things always follow with really good things <3 At least the stains came out. lol Maya at starbucks kill me!!
Your blog updates always get me excited lol i love reading them =D
voted for you or SUC =)
and i love your new phone i wanted that one as well but still looking around =)

Anonymous said...

Hey glad to hear you got the stain out of your NF. I also have a NF GM in it...I can just imagine the thoughts going through your head when that happened :(. Your Nokia really rocks, congrats on a sweet bf.

Nani said...

omg!!! where did you get the paul frank stuff? said...

oh I'm sorry about the oyster sauce thing. It was an accident I suppose so don't get too mad at him >< I know how you feel cuz if any of my gadgets were damaged by a stranger I swear explosions will come out of my mouth until the ceiling cracks. I say don't get too mad because I've worked in food/retail and it is tough. It really is :(

I am amused at the hearts around your phone. As if possessing this thing didn't make me jealous enough each picture had to have hearts zooming in and out hahahaha. p.s. I got your comment on soompi~ I had no choice to get n97! Rogers offered me a new iphone 3gs for $174 flat, that is a ridiculous deal.

Miss Queenie said...

CINDY: the bibs were bought at Market Village & both Small Paul (Frank) were from one of my local Winners. =D i'm so happy. and they were cheap too, the quilted suit was 35$ and the numeric onesie was 20$. great great buys.

the waiters are always very meticulous...except that one retard.

msmymy: aww thanks! i'm glad you like my blog. no prob for the tip. and i'm in love with the new phone.

Tiff: you dont how how much i wanted to kill myself inside!! hahaha >_<" yup i feel so lucky i was able to remove the stains! if not....omg i dont wanna think about

gahhhh i dont know...i dont wanna ask him the price...but on the website where he usually checks, it's 679$ CAD + 13%tax...and that price is a little lower than other retail places (he told me).

Tiff! switch to Nokia!! =D so we can be Nokia Sisters hahaha

Bella: awwwwwwwww i totally forgot about the earring =( i dont know...i can't see what luck i can get....stupid things have been piling up for the last 2 weeks. i hope it will get better soon. or else, might as well go suicide. lol and yes, i love you enough to post a pic of both of us even if we didn't take any last weekend. =D

Anonymous: its ok if you dont have an account. its good enough that you take time to read it in the first place. for the stain removing technique i used, i think it's only good if the stain is new or fresh. if it's been there a long time, i dont think it would work. anyhow, you can try it out. i just poured club soda to 2/3 and 1/3 water in a containrer, mixed it well, dipped the cloth in, get rid of excess from the cloth but leave it wet enough, scrub directly onto the stained area going in circular motion and finally, let it air dry. thats all. i dont know if there's a correct way of doing it...but it worked for me. i hope it will for you too.

my sis-in-law tells me the same thing, to not buy too much because kids grow out of their clothe way too quickly. but it was too cute to pass!!! =D

Miss Queenie said...

Princess Jem: like i said, i exploded inside =[ i was so saddddddddd and maddd at the same time. i think my face had turned red no joke. aw dont be sad, like you said this means good things are on their way. all i can do is turn the page and cross my fingers wishing for better luck. =] Maya is furrriken funny! i love her. and she makes the cutest facial expression when i hold the camera at her. haha thank you for reading my daily ramblings. i'm always scared i'm too boring, but reading comments like yours keep me motivated, that somewhere in this world, there are still a few who will find this interesting enough to read. oh and thanks for the vote! soompi's down, and i can't see how it's going, so i'm stressing about that too. T_T and keep looking until you find the perfect phone. there are so many available on the market, i'm sure you'll find something perfectly fit with your want and needs! xox

Anonymous: yay! we're Damier NF GM twins! ^_^ thanks!!

Nani: hi!! i got them from Winners! but if you're not from Montreal, or Canada even, you can check Paul Frank's official online store, or other kidswear websites that carry the line. =]

BTurtle: its ok, its since i got the stain out already! =] i'm sure it was an accident...well it better be an accident. haha you seem a little intense with your reaction. lol i do understand that its hard to work in a restaurant (because i help my parent's at theirs), but he could've at the very least, say sorry or something... bahhh not that it was gonna help extinguish my anger inside anyways..T_T

well hey! i love hearts! too bad for youuuu, not my fault they move around like that hahaha wow...ok well get rid of your 3GS for a higher price, then you can buy the one you really want =D good idea no?

Anonymous said...

yo boyfriend has tiny shoulders.

Miss Queenie said...

anonymous: my boyfriend is tiny, period. but he's a perfect fit for me ^_^"

miemiemie said...

omg i am so sorry to hear about your bag..and all the bad luck you've been having :( i would have smashes the head of the one who spilled if i were you..haha just kidding. but i would have caused a scene, basically because that's just me..good thing you kept your composure

Anonymous said...

congrats on getting the n97! but i highly recommend getting the sony ericsson satio (idou) when it comes out this fall.

Anonymous said...

mind asking where to get this im such a nokia fan!

Aika said...

Hey Miss Queenie, I voted for you know who on Soompi. ;D I haven't been there in forever, but you're going to be just fine! <3 ^.^