August 04, 2009

Toronto OH-NINE + SUC 2009

here are the pictures from our mini weekend getaway in Toronto as promised. i didn't post them all, the rest is on facebook. =] click on the album to view the pictures:
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soompi's holding their annual Ulzzang (best face) contest.
please do check it out, and don't forget to vote!
we're currently in round 1...

if you would like to help me out,
please vote here: CLICK HERE
momo08, contestant #50

thank you for your support =] xox

p.s. the giveaway is going GREAT! i've received a ton of emails from you girls. if you haven't sent your email yet, hurry up and do it. the draw's tomorrow night!!! =D


miemiemie said...

ooooh i'll vote for youuuu dear!

kalai said...

so cute!! i had to vote for you XD i love the second photo most~ your eyes look amazing^^ xox

Miss Queenie said...

mie & Kalai: thank you sweeties!!! xox

Anonymous said...

as always you look gorgeous miss queenie :D i'm trying to log in on soompi to vote for u but its giving me a headache ughh! i'll keep trying tho :)