August 11, 2009

New Love over the Weekend

gahhh round 2 is up!!! >_<" clickie

it feels like it's been a long time since the last time i bought shoes. i dont know what happened to me this year, i haven't bought that many. i have not seen anything worth a wow out of my mouth yet. i feel like i need to state that Christian Louboutins dont count, they're ALWAYS just need the bling for them. i told myself i would spoil myself and get a pair this summer, but i can sense it's not gonna happen. i have a huge trip coming up in 20 something days and just cannot justify a 800-900$ splurge over a gorgeous pair of pumps. =( yes, even if they are gorgeous. maybe when i come back from the trip...maybe. i better not make any thoughtless promises to myself, i fear deception the most.

last week, my mom surprised me with these:
honestly speaking, i was shocked when i saw them because they're so unusual compared to all my other shoes/heels. they were different, yet kind of attractive in a way. the more i look at them, the more i love them. they're super high, but ultra comfortable. i was able to wear them 5+ hours, moving/walking (shopping) nonstop.

Brand: No. 704b
Material: black patent leather + leather
Height: furrriken high...something like 11cm or somewhere near that
Closure: brushed silver tone buckle
Made in: Italy
totally awesome!!! i loveee them
more more more
aren't they fierce looking? =D
(pic is blurry, but i'm liking the effect, gives a surreal twist)

me & bb went to my grandparent's house for dinner. my grandma cooked for us, but everything she made had ginger in it....and we HATE ginger!!! thats like the second thing i hate most beside onions. the taste and smell make me shiverrr. so, i used my super awesome cooking skills to fry some eggs for me & b. we ate that with rice and some soya sauce. thats so asian! haha who cares, it tastes good. =]
in the car, going to their house
color at that moment: OPI No Room for the Blues

found new place for some veggies like us to hang out. Glow Lounge on St-Laurent. they serve good bbt and there are a few things to do to entertain ouselves. like live karaoke, pool, touch games, fooseball, bar and private karaoke room. it's somewhat big and it's clean. can't ask for anything more. the staff is really friendly and offer great service. i wanted to sing so bad but was really shy, so the girl who was singing at the moment DRAGGED me towards the screen and forced me to sing...and i did. how embarassing that was! i was shaking the whole time. =[ and i think i was red at the end of the song. *sighhh*
Maya + TD
us 4
cutie Maya =D
we rented a Kroom afterwards. was too shy to continue singing publicly! lol the guys didnt want to sing at first...but this i what happened after a few songs. hahaha


i wanted my little sister to take some pix of me wearing my new i was adjusting the curtains for lighting purposes. no good picture came out of it except this candid one.
going shopping with Bb. yay! (wearing a new favorite dress of mine, the "footballer dress" as bb calls it)
my bb, Mr. Long Lam

he hates being with me in Zara. the store is too packed with hysteric girls even if there's no on-going sales. so he waits for me at these massage chairs outside the store.
he's in the cabins trying out a gingham shirt i picked out. we're at Club Monaco. can you see the footballer effect of this dress yet? lol
after the men's floor, we headed up to the women's one. i found this gorgeous dress and immediately fell in love with it. problem, there's no upcoming special occasion for me to wear this to, so i did not get it in the end. i kept thinking about it the rest of the day and still do today =[
side view
i love the back details!!!
he has such a baby face when he smiles!

we ate at Scores that night. yummmm took a walk around some lake that i totally forgot the name. while walking T showed me some dance routine of his...and yay! i could do it almost right away. yay! we had ice cream afterwards to compensate the calories we lost during the walk. lol!

a new gem i found during shopping that day. slouchy perforated leather boots! total yumminess, and they were a good deal too. 325$ marked down to 36$. can you say LUCKY!!!
i dont usually wear fake fur, but this vest was just so lovely for me to pass up! i got it at Zara for 70$. isn't it awesome? i'm making this piece my Fall 2009 staple. yesss =D

had fun trying it on and taking pix! =D
H&M trompe l'oeil tee
Paige Premium Denim "Blue Heights"
No.704b "Reneh" heels
Miss60 ruched belt
H&M footballer dress
Miss60 ruched belt
Luciano Padovan peeptoes
BCBG (python embossed) leather oversized cluth
my next purchase. either during my trip or when i come back.
Palermo GM, you shall be mineee =D

weather forecast from my widget!!! sunny all week longgg!!! we haven't really had consecutive sunny days in a long time. i hope it doesnt change. yay!!! =D

24 Days (leaving on the 5th of september)
i'll be going to Ho Chi Minh, Hong Kong, Phnom Penh. any advices on nice restaurant, shopping and landmarks i should visit??? comment this post and let me know =] thanks in advance!

p.s. i can't seem to have any ideas for the Harajuku Lovers Perfume contest. any suggestions guys? i want a picture contest for sure, but would you guys like it to be makeup wise or style wise? helppp!


Reena said...

your have such cute style hun!! love your posts <33

i saw those shoes online and im thinking about buying them but are they true to size?

Jackie said...

great shoes! i think you're fabulous!

Princess Jem said...

ahh i love your footballer dress!! where'd you get it? =)
and omg the dress you tried on is gorgeous!! i too love the back =D
Your new shoes look pretty too hehe

ps. voted for you for SUC once again hun! good luck =D

katie ma said...

I love your burberry sunglasses. I've been trying to find a pair in montreal, I know they sell it in Holts but everyone tried them on...kinda nasty. Mind sharing where you got yours and how much were they? BTW, your club monaco dress is fab, you shud definitely buy it!

Miss Queenie said...

Reena: aww thanks sweetie ^_^" yes the shoes are true to size. they're the most comfortable everrr~ get them get them!

Jackie: thanks for the compliment J!

Princess_Jem: hi! i got my footballer dress at H&M, it's a great piece to add some subtle funk to a wardrobe. thanksss so much for the vote on SUC! =D

Katie: wow, you have such eagle eyes haha! i got them from the Burberry boutique at Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan. dont Holt's have some extra pair neatly tucked away in their drawers? it is very nasty when everyone touched them before you. T_T" i got them for around 200$ USD but they didn't charge tax! =] i would loveee to get the CM dress, but i'm saving up for a spree in Asia =[ if i dont get anything, i'll get this once i'm back. if i really can't stand the pain of not owning it still, i'll get it in HK. lol

angelZ said...

If you're in Phnom Penh, definitely check out the king's (?!) palace and the night market (altho it's better in Siem Reap! Will you go there when you're in Cambodia? That's the must place to see since the Angkor temples are there, and it's breathtaking! I went in May and the weather was simply HOT but lots of clear blue skies! It only rains 1hr or so each day...usually around 4pm ish!

& since you're going to HK so might as well shop till you drop! Come visit me! Hahaha jk

Miss Queenie said...

ok, king's palace, noted. everybody keeps telling me about Angkor Wat, but in all seriousness, i doubt i will have time =( i'll see, because we're gonna be there like 2 or 3 days max. i will definitely try to fit it in the itinerary.

we should eat together in HK! then you can show me all the cool spots to visit. hehe how the weather in September in HK? is it like unbearably hot? does it rain a lot? tell me moreee =D

katie said...

I was about to buy a pair of chloe's at holts but the stupid sales said they only have 1 pair of each glasses. i know they have tons stored under but she didnt want to get them for me, so i ended up not buying it. The same goes for Ogilvy....

btw i am from hk =) hope you have fun in the sticky and humid weather! said...

thank you for your comment last time hahah you are wonderful. But thank you even more for following <3<3<3<3<3<3<3. Anyway. I HATE ginger. Sometimes I eat chinese stuff and a piece of ginger tries to get cheeky with me, sneaks into the food, all of a sudden it's like a monster is unleashed inside of my mouth. Ginger ice cream = devil food.

-voted on soompi :)

Swtess said...

It's so fun reading your blog since you're such a shopaholic. You and your bf are really cute together. If you haven't, try checking out Sapa up north in Vietnam. Very nice place.

Janice said...

i like that perforated boots. really a good buy and it's stylist!

Anonymous said...

'' i dont usually wear fake fur''

Like its a pride affording and WEARING real fur ???

Miss Queenie said...

anonymous: dude, chill out. i'm just stating a fact. =]