August 25, 2009


here it is, the contest you've all been waiting for!!! introducing the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance contest. participating will give you a chance to win all 5 full size bottle of these cutesies and more. the estimated value of this prize is 250$. yes it is awesome. but you wonder how to participate and what to do in order to win? easyyyy!!! 

all you gotta do is read the 5 different descriptions below the characters from the fragrance collection and pick out the one that suits your personality best. when you've picked out your character, you now have to either:
A. dress yourself up to match the description (or the bottle) [picture has to be a body shot]
B. do a full makeup and hairstyle look to fit the bottle. [picture has to be taken from the shoulders up]

yup, it's that easy.

the fine prints hehehe
1. Follow my blog if you dont already =D
2. Post an entry on your blog about this contest
3. comment this entry stating which character you chose and also the link to your picture. dont forget to leave your email address.
4. the contest ends Wednesday, September 2nd at 10pm ET so get to work!
5. this contest is open to CANADIAN residents only (excluding the province of Quebec) sorry, i didn't make this rule. the sponsors did =[
6. i will personally pick out the winner and notify them by email
7. you will have to provide your personal info in order for Matchstick to send you the package by mail.....

okkkk hushhhh get going!!!

the even finer prints (PLEASE READ):


Sherry said...

cool will tell my canadian friend

Tiffany said...

Ahhhh.. i want to join.. but i don't have anything to fit the requirements xD
They look so cutee.. i just want the bottles AHA.. but i have no place to put it and i barely wear perfume =P

Juny said...

Aw it sucks that I don't live in Canada :/ The perfume bottles are so CUTE!

Aika said...

Way too cute! C.C But I'm not a Canadian Resident, so good luck to those who entered!

Miss Queenie said...

Sherry: yeah, let them know please!

Tiff: well tiff you can do hairstyle or makeup or whatever. if you're the only one participating, you'll be the winner! hehehe regardless if you use perfume or not, you can give them to friends or family. =]

Juny: they are adorable aren't they! yeah the rule about participants being canadian, i dont understand it either. also i live in Quebec, i hold this contest yet people from Quebec cannot participate. *sigh* weird

Aika: so sorry!! T_T"

Roflamethrower said...

Hi :) I read your blog but wasn't a follower until today, and have had a Blogger account for years but always end up deleting my blogs, but hopefully that is still okay... please let me know if the picture is okay! I chose... Love :)

I'm moving over the weekend and a lot of my makeup/accessories/clothing is already packed and in storage... made it a little more difficult, haha!

Anyway, the picture is on my blog, and this is my blog:

and my e-mail is

Thanks :D

cerinebabyy; yiyi said...

=0 i wanna enter! for love
mostly because of the hair haha
i'll see what i can come up with :D
cute contest idea though!

k a r e n said...

I really want to enter ~
But the majority age in Ontario is 18, does that mean I can't? I'm 13. > o <

Live.Love.Laugh said...

Heyy I want to entr and im following your blog but im new to blogging so I was wondering if I could send you the picture by email instead

Miss Queenie said...

Roflamthrower: i officially welcome you to the group! your entry's perfect. will let you know if you end up to be the winner. thank you!

cerinebabyy: i can't wait to see your entry! your hair tuts are so awesome! =]

k a r e n: i just sent an email asking if you could get a letter of autorisation from your parents. will keep you posted! thanks for the interest xox yes you may. send it to thanks!

Live.Love.Laugh said...

heyy my post about your contest is on my blog
I chose Lil' Angel
Ill be sending you my pics by email=)

k a r e n said...

Sorry, I didn't get your email.
Where/What email did you send it to? ahah. :)

cerinebabyy; yiyi said...

hey :D
here is my entry for the perfume "love"

and my email is:

<3 <3

kalai said...

this contest is so cute^^ i can't wait to see entries.


Miss Queenie said...

LLL: received your entry! thanks =D

k a r e n: until now, i still haven't received an email from them, and the contest ends tomorrow night. so i guess it wont be possible. but thanks so much for your interest though.

cerine: your entry's super duper cute!!! ^_^ thanks

kalai: i'll be only posting the winner tomorrow night. some contestants even request for their pix to not be posted at all. sooo we'll see!