August 17, 2009

Finally Summer

SUC 2009 Update:
so i made it to the semi-finals...however, looking at the other girls, i feel so insecure about making it to the next round. they're so young and pretty/cute/gorgeous. i am, feel and look so old compared to them. i'm the only contestant who's age is undisclosed lol ***sighhh*** might as well quit now to spare the embarrassment. T_T" if you still have hope, you can still vote here: CLICKIE

now, on to the real entry whheeeee

Friday Night: 
snapped while waiting for Maya to finish work! i'm a slow poke, however, i'm so impatient. better keep myself busy with taking pictures so i wont have to count the seconds. lol
we craved for Juliette & Chocolat that night even if it was 11pm
making a scene
bb smiling like a kid haha
white chocolate is my absolute favorite
fondue for 2
how romantic! this is how you keep a relationship going teehee
we're so asian, karaoke again!
we stole the air con and directed it to our room! hahaha such baddies
i loveee air con

trademark pose...since when? no idea...but i tend to do that nowadays
breakfast at Cora, Acadie
it was saturday morning after all, so let's leave him alone with his funky coiff'
less blurry, LOL
hello world! i look a little startled
chilling by the pool at my uncle's place
doing random things haha
bb's face is PRICELESS!!! hahaha i think i took him by surprise
Maya & TD, such cuteness!
loving little Suki
some more love for Suki
wore my bikini for the 1st time since i bought it

Forever 21 ring i bought while i was in Toronto. it rained real hard that day, and when i got back to the hotel, the golden ring had already started to discolor. but i think i love it more like this, it has a kind of vintage vibe to it and is less blingy than when i first bought it. =]
taken on sunday, on my way downtown
my once-in-a-while fobby looking boyfriend
although he's not tall, he is compared to me. thats all i need =] i was wearing 5" platform + had my hair in a high bun, yet i still couldn't be taller than him. yes i am that tiny...laugh at me people, laugh all you want lol
saw these amazing suede boots at Zara last saturday. but because 1 of the boot had a small pen mark on it, i didn't buy them. turns out i was depressed the rest of the day saturday thinking about them. i couldn't go on without them, so my boyfriend (and TD, lol) drove me downtown the next day to get them. when i was in the store, the only pair left was a size bigger than mine so i was freaking out. i encountered Bella & Cie and told her my story (she went for a haircut that day and looked damn cute!). i probably talked too loud about how i couldn't find the pair from the day before. a girl tapped on my shoulder and told me: "i think there's still a pair right there" she pointed at a pair of boots just like the ones i wanted so badly. we both ran over to check the size and it was MY pair that i left yesterday!!! omg omg omg i think buddha was praying for me or something! i was ECSTATIC and thanked the girl a million times before i rushed to go pay for them. =D i am happyyyy! and still am when i look at them. such a freak, i know. sorry. 

Description: knee-high western inspired suede boots
Brand: Zara
Made in: Spain
Color: Brown
Heel Height: ~2"
Paid: 60$ (instead of 170$ whatsss)

shopped for my unborn nephew again! =D Small Paul hoodie with ears. too cute!

i would be MAD PISSED if that white bimmer was mine...yikes! maybe the truck driver was just envious/jealous/stupid or something...
that white fluffy thing poking out is a stuffed toy. very Tough looking, i know.

Have a good night!
Queenie xox


Ushishi said...

i think your taking the soompi contest too seriously =P it's just for fun, it doesnt mean anything in the end really . And its ironic that you say how you dont think you will win compared to the other girls when im pretty sure that when i checked you had the majority of the votes out of all of them << so what are you so worried about? and i think a few of the other girls i saw looked older/more mature than you. Be happy you have like 300 something votes lol some people didnt even make it to 10 :p

Princess Jem said...

lol aww you guys went swimming! i've been so busy i haven't been to no beach no pool no nothing! -_- hmph hehe, i voted for you for SUC so no worries =D & love your zara boots <3

ps. I love you fated to love you songs hahah, you're a fan too i presume =D

Miss Queenie said...

Ushishi: i know i am. i think i take everything too seriously in general. =[ that was for round 2. now on to round 2. i'm second to last. and the girls areee really really young. so i dont think i fit in there. lol anyways. thanks for the kind words though! xox

Princess_Jem: first time in the pool since summer started. we had such bad weather until recently. i wanted to go to water parks, but my friends worked until it wasn't worth it. went to the beach only once this year as well. *sighhh* such a sucky summer. thank you for your encouragement =] I go totally gaga for Fated to Love You!!! i think it's the best drama i watched everrr. Ethan Ruan is Love~~

Tiffany said...

I love your phone more! ahaha. I'm still getting used to the touch screen stuff. I think after a while i'm going to decoden it.

GL with the SUC contest. I'm gonna vote for you :)
And I love your boots too.!

pinkiebella said...

love ur boots :)

kalai said...

has round 2 ended...? lol. the link doesn't direct me to the voting page...

--i know what you mean; some of the girls in the contest are so young. i'm envious i wasn't like that at ALL when i was their age(haha). but i don't think thats a disadvantage to you. you looked amazing in your photos and i loved your cute smile~ ulzzang is about a cutie face which is obviously easier to achieve when your younger but you can pull it off so well and look equaly cute even though your older than those girls. i see it as a bonus^^

good luck anyways & dont be too disheartened if you dont get through-- to get this far you should aready know your a v. pretty girl^^

+ love the boots~ glad you found them again^^ ❤

Kimi said...

I love your outfit with the zara boots. <3 anything cowbooy boots in general.

Dont let those young girls get you down! Gotta show em what you're made of - which is a lot of hot stuff =P

Miss Queenie said...

Tiff: does decoden mean to decorate with crystals? i've never heard that word before. haha ignorant me. and thanks =D

Bella: thank you hun!

Kalai: yup round 2 has end a few days ago. it's already semis...i checked the link and it seemed to be working clue

to be honest with you, i looked like shit just a few years back...and no i'm not trying to say that i look good now, but i know i look better now than what i used to. looking back at my high school pictures make me cringe every time. you're so full of positiveness, i love it! =]

the contest was just for fun. i didn't expect much from it anyways. thought it'd be amusing to participate in it and so i did.

yes i was super happy when i found them again. it must be fate!! =D

Kimi: thanks! me too i love cowboy boots! ^_^
and thanks a bunch for the encouragement!! =D

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Hi Queenie, thanks for dropping by my blog :) you have a lovely blog here, loads of pictures :) your eye and lips are so sexy hehehe :)

Also those black heels from your mum they're soooo pretty, I love them :) you're so lucky!! said...


voted on soompi. but this round was stupid. I definitely do NOT think any of the other girls are better than you, how did are the results turning out like that?? Who is voting? Whatev. don't worry about it, just for fun I guess.

Helen said...

Hi Queenie,

I also voted for you on Soompi and I was so surprised that you were eliminated. You definitely looked the most Ullzang on your soompi picture. So, don't get that sad. That contest is a little bit biased. I think that it was also based on friends votes and on soompi cheer up!!

P.S You still look very young for your age!

Have a good day!

Miss Queenie said...

Shanghainese Dumpling: your blog is totally awesome! and i like how your little pork bun slips on your blog from time to time =) thank you for the compliments and also for dropping by.

Brutal: awww your words are really comforting! thanks so much for the support. it is just for fun. i stressed over it for nothing, but thats just me. hehe

Helen: wow, thanks for your support. this round didn't start really strong for me, i guess it went downhill from that on. lol and i'm not popular on soompi, so i guess that didn't help either. thanks for the kind words =D