August 31, 2009


i personally think that, whether consciously or not, everybody follows fashion. and seriously, there's nothing wrong about loving fashion at all. i dont understand why there are people who just wont admit to it. anyways, got Neiman's newsletter last week, which included a link to their new catalogue. i screen capped a few of my favorite trends, pictures, accessories to share with you all...have a look:

looks like this trend won't be dying any time soon! and it's perfect this way because i LOVE leopard prints. yay!
leggings can look frumpy and sloppy, but when worn right, it's the perfect piece that can accomodate pretty much anything. i'm considering zippered leggings for this fall, but still haven't found the perfect pair yet.
LBDs are always in. it's a sure bet. my footballer dress from a few posts ago's perfect then. it combines the strong shoulder (which is very much still the craze) and it's black! woohoo!
but not just any motorcycle jackets. a touch of femininity is key! also, it should be worn with softer pieces, which i find more interesting then the head to toe biker look.

gorgeous dress, beautiful shoes and stunning picture in general.
i just liked this picture a lot. =]
clothes are either super loose or very close to the silhouette. strong shoulders, see?
classic with a twist
leoparddd =D
i want these engineer boots! they look so nice

Kimberly Ovitz "Martin" dress
the back detail reminds me of that Club Monaco dress i tried on some time ago. beautiful!

to end it nicely,

short post, sorry!


Butterfly The Christian Barbie said...

lOved it and the red dress is definitely a beauty!!!

lipstick cherry said...

great post!

kalai said...

yey.. leggings and leather jackets^^

Miss Queenie said...

Butterfly: it's lovely isn't it! <3

lipstick: thank you ^_^V

kalai: yup, great great essential pieces. and easy to combine too =D