August 28, 2009


isn't this picture too pretty? i see this every single morning before going to the office, and i'm still in awe every time.

was flipping through september issue of In Style magazine at work and i just had to snap and share with you guys.
isn't this headband too cute? and instead of paying a hundred bucks for it, i'm sure we can make one just like that with a plain satin headband and a loose zipper you can buy at any fabric store. i will definitely try this out and post a tutorial on how to. please look forward to it =]
this is cute too. and totally do-able.
for those who like more bling, here's another barette alternative
this one looks so cool! i dont know if i have the style to pull it off. and the leather puncher seems hard to find. i've never seen fabric store selling those. if i can find the puncher, i'll try this one out as well. =]


as you might've noticed, i like taking pictures of my boyfriend driving. he looks so handsome lol! sound totally crazy over him huh! >_<"
Photobooth is so practical! =D

see ya later

P.S. is there really no one interested in the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance contest? there has to be a winner, so even if there's only one participant, then she'll be the winner for sure. what are you waiting for???



thanks for the post! i'm going to the crafts store tomorrow. you think you can email me a better pic of the instructions of the zipper one???

Thanks :)

Miss Queenie said...

Styleezta: Hi! you welcome. but for the zipper headband, it's actually a real product so there was no instruction for DIY. i'll try it at home and post a tutorial soon if i succeed. =]

Natalie (Nani's Nails) said...

I was soo excited about the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance contest til I read it was for Canada only :( Thanks for sharing the DIY those are cute! said...

a b-b-b-immer... my only goal in life... O.O your bf is my hero honestly XD

The headband looks funky but it reminded me of a story. When I was in elementary school this korean girl and I would flirt around right. she would steal my stuff and i would always steal her scrunchy (which she made). but one time she grabbed it at the same time as me and it ripped :S Her homemade scrunchy. I felt so bad but I didn't know how to make her a new one.

kalai said...

thanks for sharing. i love the zipper headband and the bow barrette. im going to try these out^^-- i dont think i could pull off the spiked stud one.. but maybe small flat-ish square pyramid studs❤

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

wow their all cute ideas :3..

pinkiebella said...

woooow les headbands sont tropp cute! on devrait faire une soireee de DIY ensemble! hehe

Aika said...

All very cute, xD Too bad Canadian residents are can only enter your Harajuku contest though sweety. ^^"

Mimilainna said...

aw he does look handsome! you two are a such a beautiful couple!

Anonymous said...

hey hun! i was wondering if you can do makeup and skin care tutorial in the next post?
your skin looks so amazing!!

Manju said...

the zipper headband is absolutely gorgeous!!please please do a tuto on it

Miss Queenie said...

Natalie: i thought it would be open internationally as well! sucks. because i have much more readers from the states compared to canadian ones. anyways, there'll be more giveaways in the near future (when the number of followers reaches 150 hehe) and you welcome for the DIY! =]

Brutal: the scrunchy story is so cute! you guys and your teasing!**sighhh** always ends up ruining something hahaha

p.s. the bimmer does not belong specifically to my boyfriend, but to his family. he only owns an Acura TL.

kalai: you've probably noticed that the spike headband doesn't really match with me either haha, i wanna make one but dont know where to find the stuff needed. i can't wait to try the other ones out though. if you do it before me, post a tut!!! =)

kawaii kuromi: clever ideas aren't they =)

Bella: oui sont trop cute hein! j'en ai deja parlee de ca a Maya un midi, pis elle a dit kelle trouve ca adorable mais kelle n'avait pas assez de patience pour. donc si jamais on arrive a organiser une soiree DIY, ben nos chums + maya vont crever. hahahah

Aika: yes its really too bad. i wanted to host it internationally. i dont have that many canadian readers. =]

mimilainna: aww thanks sweetie =]

anonymous: i will do an update of the products i use for my skin. but i did a makeup tutorial some time ago on soompi. some people liked it but some really hated it...especially my "spider leg" lashes. that kinda turned me off with the whole makeup tutorials and stuff. i'll see though.

Manju: i just bought some plain black headbands over the weekend, i'm just waiting on getting the zippers. please look forward to the tut! =D

connie yang said...

hi :) im just wondering what camera you have? your pictures are SO CLEAR AND PERFECT :)

Miss Queenie said...

connie: for this post specifically, i used my n97. The other posts, i used my sony dsc-t300 =)