August 24, 2009

Blow it!

last week was a longgg and strenuous work week. it seemed like it would never end...but fortunately for me, it did! fridays now consists of visiting my grandparents, do grocery with them, have dinner with them and just hang out. it's quite fun to see them as they're always so cheerful and have tons of things to tell me. after leaving their house, we went straight to TD's house for a game night (or what was left of the night). while guys were slamming their fingers for a little WWE, us girls played Guessture. after 1 year of research, Maya finally found her game!!! it was in fact removed from the shelves for some major revamping. anyways, we had tons fo fun playing. at first we tried the Easy cards...but the more we played, the better we got. at the end, we nearly finished the Difficult cards as well. playing hard = hungry! went to Julep for some more relaxing time. damn...we're always there...

SATURDAY: had tons of errands planned, it was a little hectic. went to the currency exchange bureau in chinatown for some HKD and while at it, me & bb went for some dim sum at Kam Fung. not a good idea when you're only 2 people. we got full so fast. couldn't enjoy the food as much as i wished. while we're there, why not go for a trim? my hair was so long and the ends we're splitting and my bangs were a little too long. we dropped by our usual spot and i got my hair done. arghhh i regret it so much now, it feels like a lot shorter than what i initially wanted. =[ boohoo ok so i'm a little drama queen. so what! hehe met up with our little crew for some chinese fast food downtown. 
our boys
TD & Sim
bb's so focused on his shanghai noodles
the girls
my mountain of a Pad Thai. lol i could only eat 1/3 of it. i should've taken a side view picture of the dish.
Maya & Bella had mountain dishes too haha.

later that night, Maya had the urge for some crepes and requested for some Rolopan (3723A St-Laurent, corner Des Pins). us girls always get what we want in terms of food. lol and so we went. 
displays at Rolopan remind me of japanese restaurant displays. realistic and so colorful.
Maya wondering what she should get
major yummy for my tummy
Sim showing off his cone

Bella and hers
Steph and her own
comparing her actual crepe to the display model
Maya & Queenie. we we're so in tune that night. purple top and black shorts hehe
the crepe master haha he was really fast
SoSo and hers. i think she got the nicest one. it looks so perfect
she couldn't wait for the pic to be taken
she already took a bite. haha
freak and hers =D i was really happy it seems

got Holt's new fall issue wootwoot!!! going through it is such a torture though. almost everything is so damn gorgeous. 
neat cover!
dominatrix/bondage Loubs
gold plated Vuitton
classic with a twist, Manolo
peep toes with a bow, just the way i like it. Fendi
Tough/sexy ankle boots, Ash
gorgeous outfit (me love Lace & Houndstooth), gorgeous model
nail color of the week =D HOT PINK! (unfortunately, my middle finger nail just broke today. i officially wanna suicide. lol)

Stuff i grabbed over the weekend, blew money when i could keep it for asia *sighhh*:
Wildfox Couture "Le Freak C'est Chic"
i believe this is my 6th WFC tee...i plan to collect them =]
Wildfox Couture "Love Child" tee (7th)
Wildfox Couture "I heart L.A." loose tank
dropped by Ogilvy to get my boyfriend another Ed Hardy tee. i then saw this gorgeous leopard makeup case from Felix Rey. everyone around me knows i go crazy for leopard it would've been a shame if i didn't get this cutie.
tassel as a zip puller, cuteness!! 
Juicy Couture "Frankie" sandals
(needed new ones for vaycay)
so adorable!
JC "Hello Juicy"
this will be part of my luggage as well
JC "Cade Love" for my little sister

last but not least:
new heels from the boyfriend. woohoooo!

brand: Max De Carlo
color: ivoire
material: embossed patent leather + leather inner and outer sole
height: 10cm
made in: Italy

they dazzle =]
(sorry, twi-geek mode on)

last week, my Skinomi shield arrived in the mail

i thought it was gonna be hard to apply but it turned out to be the easiest thing everrr. spray both side of the shield and just place it on your phone. you can move it around still and readjust it all you want as long as it's still wet. anyways, i'm really happy with the product.. it helped me get rid of that bulky hard cover i had to use to protect my phone. now with the new shield, i can poke it with my keys or scratch it with my nails all i want. it wont leave even a tiny mark. awesomeness! =]

thats all for today. i think my post is already too long, sorry to bore you all my ramblings.

4 comments: said...

The food looks delicious, good thing u posted it! What is kam fung in english? We have lam fung in t.o and it's called Phoenix in English it's so good. Same place?

Skinomi was easy are you sure? All the reviews I read about invisible shield were horrible it was a nightmare for most people. Maybe you are just talented!

WLOVEXO said...

The crepes look sooo good! I don't believe we have anything like that in New Jersey.. :\


pinkiebella said...

queeniiiiiieeeee! je capote capote capoteee sur ton ethann laaa hahahaha can u share him with me? please? LOL jvais ds ta page pour ecouter les tunes LOL o lieu de les dl ben je ouvre ton blog! hahah newayys, umm im already craving for more Rolopan!!! and im loving ur '' Love Child'' tee! it is so cute juste like u! hehe :) see yaaaa <3


Miss Queenie said...

Brutal: ehhh i dont know what Kam Fung is in english. but it cannot possibly be the same place. yours is in TO and this is the 514 =O

and yes yes yes Skinomi was easy as 1 2 3. seriously. you can really readjust all you want, all you gotta do is keep it wet with the spray that comes with the kit. i promise it's easy. get it for your 3 Gs. =]

M*: then NJ lacks big time!!! hehehe jk jk well you can always come to montreal to eat it =D yay

Bella: pas grave, jte partage ethan!!! lol isn't he just GORGEOUS in every way possible??? not to mention that cute chubby baby face he has. og omg hyperventilation!!! oi aussi je suis SUPER lazy de dl les chansons, so je les cherche sur le site du music player la..hahaha ROLOPAN rocks man! =D mais ya trop d'ingredients ki font engraisser dedans lol. thanksss cherie! i'll see ya tomorrow!