July 03, 2009

Weekly Update

had off on Canada Day [July 1st] i thought about waking up super early to enjoy a whole day. i woke up early alright, but instead, i went to help my parents with their weekly imperial roll making. =] Bb came to surprise me at the restaurant. since it was a holiday and i was done with the rolls, my parents told me to go and enjoy the day. and off i went =]
this is the result of waiting for me. not my fault i had to shower/dress up/makeup =] so now I'M waiting for him
but he's such an angel when he sleeps, so it's ok ^_^
took the liberty to snap randomly while he was dozing off. a Tiff dog tag necklace i bought for him during my L.A. trip back in 2006. got it at the one in Rodeo Drive, B.Hills.
he was still sleeping =]
shoe of the day, deep burgundy patent leather peeptoes [Delman] first time wearing the out since i bought them last year. finally, they get to enjoy a bit of sun instead of accumulating dust on my shoe shelf. T_T"
wore my AliveNotDead hat out for the 1st time =] i FUUURRRIKEN love the hat
[i straightened my hair, teehee =]
were at the movies at Marche Central. watched The Proposal which i totally LOVED!!! i'd watch it again and again and again, that's how much i enjoyed it. RYAN REYNOLDS is a HOTTIE!!! omg omg hyperventilating!

ohh, we photoboothed before heading out:

my little Nic Tse
i think i distracted him..haha
Hello! ^_^
me &....me =D
Une Queenie, c'est bien, mais deux c'est mieux!

OPI Pinking of You
my nails were so damn long, it pissed me off to just type. and work consists of computer usage...so
so i cut them =[ sucks! Maya almost got mad at me for cutting my nails
[Lancome Orange Fluorama]

me, maya, bb & td went driving on friday night. we were at UFO until 2 in the morning. i cannot believe this place is open 24hours/7 days a week. who in the world would go driving at, say, 4 in the morning...but then again, we were there at 2...not any better i guess. i like driving, it de-stresses me. i used to go often back in 2007, but somehow, i didnt go even once last summer. anyways, this hobby keeps me stress-free, i might go back to it. i love driving, yet i dislike golfing. driving is kinda like instant satisfaction to me =]
it always takes a few practice swings in the beginning in order for me to get "re-acquainted" with my driver again. its like that every time.
td gets it every single time, bravo!
the guy in grey? bb haha and Maya was taking pix, she didnt enjoy driving as much as us. she ended up being bait to mosquitos =[

one of Maya's new OPI color...i dont remember the name of it though >_<" she put it on for me friday night, but i wanted to wait to get daylight for the pic. it's beautiful! i got a lot of compliments for it. EDIT: the color is "A Grappe Fit"
look of the day:
half-tied hair w. pink grosgrain bow barrette & soft curls
the messiness is intended hehe
went to Guzzo for the late night showing of Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs 3D
we liked it. it was funny and the 3D effect is always interesting

oh oh we were matching hoodies! i bought the Camouflage one yesterday. bb's wearing mine, and i'm wearing his. the yellow is camouflage and the grey one is heather. they're unisex so we can switch =]
they're from The Great China Wall
GCW makes awesome hoodies! i love them, they're SUPER comfy
making his whiny face haha

Scores of the Week:
Energie duffel bag
160$ -50% at the StyleXchange Midnight sale (thursday night)
so bb has his tartan suitcase and matching toiletry pouch, camo Exotic Heys and this duffel. i think he's all set for the upcoming Asia Trip. ^_^"
TR Jess shorts for me
230$ -30% at StyleXchange Midnight sale (thursday night)
these are awesome! and they dont look like hotpants because i'm a shortie
there was only 2 left, luckily one of them was my size! i wanted to buy some jeans because they were 30% off, but anything in my size were longgg gone! denim is never on sale =[ it sucks!
these fit me like a glove! i [heart] them ^_^

Zara leopard peeptoe pumps for 40$ niceee
my other leo pumps were dead anyways! these are so hot!!!
Alex McQ inspired skull scarf for 20$ from Zara
i'm in loveee~
Zara boyfriend blazer in linen for 50$
perfect plane wear!
WildFox Couture tee from A&M's

GCW camo hoodie for me + 7FAM jeans for bb not pictured! me [heart] shopping!

laters xox


eki said...

Hi hun~
you guys are so adorable!! Very cute couple indeed! XD I love your shoes~ I want one like that so classy looking ^0^

also you are so kawaii as always!

Reena said...

nice buys, you have the nicest shoes every!

Ahleessa said...

I've always seen your post on Soompi beauty section, but I decided to click on your blog. I really love the purple nail polish from OPI. I hope you find out the name and tell me... hehe~ :)

Miss Queenie said...

eki: awww thanks pretty! zara's having their summer sale, thats why it's so cheap. go buy some!! =D

Reena: thanks sweetie =]

Ahleessa: i'm glad you dropped by. ^_^ i asked my friend the name of the purple polish, it's called "A Grappe Fit" =D

Anonymous said...

I feel silly for asking, but I figured you might have some good advice:

I can't seem to grow my nails out - they ALWAYS break or get snagged on something! Do you have any tips for growing them out?

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous: it's not silly at all. i wish i was a nail pro and give you a solid answer, but i'm not. so i'll go with my opinion and personal experience. =)

my nails grow out fast, but they were as fragile as yours. since i started using OPI's "Start-To-Finish" (base coat, top coat & nail strengthener), i saw a difference the product made on my nails. this single product does everything it promises. my nails are now solid as rocks, grow out strong and beautifully. this thing also whitened my nails too! i've been using this for about a month (sorta) and the change is truly noticeable. you should definitely give it a try. =D

p.s. sorry for sounding like an OPI sales rep haha. i'm not

Anonymous said...

Thank you! :)

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous: you welcome =)

funkiimonkee said...

Hi:) Just followed your blog! your so cute!

Miss Queenie said...

funkiimonkee: i'm glad to have you around =) welcome!!! xox

heartofpearl ♡ said...

you're so pretty babe. love the lenses too! x

Yumi said...

Loveeee your alivenotdead.com hat! I've always wanted one!

Miss Queenie said...

♡: awww thanks hun! xox

Yumi: hi! you can get them on their site, www.alivenotdead.com (online store) =D