July 20, 2009

This and That

my mood hasn't been good lately due to excessive ugly weather. when the sky is grey and the rain, heavy, i'm just unable to stretch a smile. the regular warmth of summer cannot be felt like the past years, it even feels like we're in the wrong season sometimes. 
on a rare sunny day

i have a total of 5 piercing on my ears. 3 on my left lobe, 1 on my left cartilage and a single one on my right lobe. my main piercing were done by my grandma when i was about just a week old. she did it a la old school, using a needle. *yikes* to think of it, if it was done now, i dont think i would even survive as i am a chicken when it comes to needles. then i got my cartilage done in november 2001 as a bday present to myself. didn't hurt at first, but as the days went by, the pain also increased. even if i LOVE it, i dont think i'd ever do another cartilage again anytime soon. got bored so i decided to get a 2nd one on my lobe. i could've done both sides equally, but i find it too kitsch. after the 2nd one i thought why not go for a 3rd one...and so i did. that one took longer to heal, no idea why. even if i had it for a year, it would still hurt me whenever i slept on it. got tired of the pain, i took the stud out and left it that way until it really healed good. a few months passed, it didn't hurt anymore, i guess it did heal after all because the hole closed as well. T_T" it left me a scar too. i thought it would fade away, but it did not. so the other day, i decided it was time to get another piercing near it so that in the future, when i wear a big enough stud, it'd be able to hide my scar. i went for it =] i like it, it looks just like the way it used to be.
i bought this knowing i might not be able to wear it now. but still, i'll be on vacation in asia soon, so perhaps...maybe i'll get to use it at least once.
of course bb would match with me...we are that much in love still ^_^
Color Club nail lacquers are absolutely stunning! got these from A&M's
Maya in OPI "A Grape Fit", Queenie in Color Club "Screamin' Fuschia"
CC Screamin' Fuschia literally screams in your eyes! it's worse in real life! i promise
bought 2 more Colors Clubs & 2 OPIs
it's getting messy in here ^_^

sorry for the lack of updates, i've been too addicted to "Fated to Love You". i will catch up with you readers once i'm done with this series. ***ETHAN RUAN*** faintsss


brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

It's chilly up in montreal too? The past week in Toronto it's been like 23 degrees honestly I can't believe this summer. It's like global warming got to us finally.

I like your piercings! For a while I was dead serious about getting an industrial piercing because I thought it looked cool right.. but I started asking people about it and it freaked me out you have to do it at a tattoo parlour and they scrunch your ear together... and hearing the cartilage pierce is like bone crushing noise UGH. No tattoo... no piercing.. there is no hope for this boy to be more badass XD

-thank you for your official "welcome" in the last post~

Miss Queenie said...

turtle: yeah, it's been really ugly, rainy and colddd here in montreal! i'm totally hating on Summer 09! we got as low at 15C here. -___-"

my piercings aren't that drastic compared to other ppl out there, but i like them the way they are as well =) thank you. i didn't know and went in a random jewelry store that does regular piercings. they were willing to do it, and i didn't know the consequences back then. fortunately, my ear is still normal looking. haha

O_O" i didn;t even know you were a boy because your previous posts didn't have a pic! (should've read the profile box more carefully!!!) thats special...i think you might be the only boy reading my blog besides my close friends =) cool ^_^"

Sherry said...

wow.. so many nail colors.. hehe.. you must love them


Lily said...

Hi Queenie, Ive been viewing your blog for a while now (not trying to be a stalker here). I'm also a fellow Soompier that's how I found out about your blog.

Nice piercings, I want to get a cartilage done too but I'm not a fan of the pain.

I love 'Fated to Love You'! It's my all time favorite drama. I guess that's why it's rated number 1. Ethan is so hot :D.

Great Blog!