July 31, 2009

Maybelline Pulse Perfection GIVEAWAY

Matchstick contacted me a few weeks ago regarding Maybelline's new mascara, Pulse Perfection. i finally received the package today. Fedex dude caught me right before i left for the office. =] i'm so excited!!!

my own package + 7 mascara & 5$ off coupon packages to share with friends and readers =]
dont tell me i dont spoil you guys!

i have 7 packages in total, but will keep 5 for my closest girlfriends.
which means there will still be 2 packages left for you guys. i'll do a draw on Wednesday August 5th at 10pm EDT. 

how to enter my giveaway? very simple:
1. officially follow me on Blogger
2. post an entry on your own blog about my Maybelline Pulse Perfection Giveaway and link to my blog
3. send me your name, blog URL & entry URL which you mentioned about my giveaway by sending me an email titled : Maybelline Giveaway to me_n_momo@hotmail.com

thats it! it's that simple. after that, all you gotta do is wait for my great news =] i'll contact the 2 winners by email.

i'm sorry if it's such a short delay, but i also have a Harajuku Lovers perfume contest that i need to prepare in the upcoming weeks.
The Prize:
ONE x Maybelline Pulse Perfection Mascara in "Blackest Black"
THREE x 5$ Off coupons for your next purchases =]

(i have 2 packages for the giveaway)
i hope the giveaway will be successful. =D

latersss xox


Anonymous said...

Wahh.. I would enter, but I don't even have a blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey Queenie!
Love how you're doing a giveaway =D
hehe what is matchstick? lol i hear of them giving samples away always but haven't heard of them before

BunnyliciouS said...

Hi !! Thanks for doing the giveaway ! ^_^

heart e said...

hiii please enter me in your giveaway :D
email: spy_girl23@hotmail.com
thanks you so much for hosting a giveaway ^^ so generous

Tiffany said...

ouuu.. I saw this in stores. Does it work well? The tester they had at the store ran out of battery lmao xD

I haven't blogged it a while T_T

Mimi said...

omg You are amazing for doing this giveaway x3

Miss Queenie said...

Anonymous 1: hi! you can just create one for this giveaway. if others "work" to get a chance in the draw, i need to be fair and square with them. =D good luck if you decide to participate!

Anonymous 2: hey! yeah i'm trying =] i know giveaways are more associated with beauty bloggers, but i have extra ones, so why not? it should be fun! matchstick is a marketing company based in toronto, canada. one of their employees found my blog and asked me if i was willing to try beauty products right before they go on sale, or newly on the market. it's another form of publicity i guess.

Bunny: no worries ^_^

heart_e: your name will be noted =D good luck

Tiff: no idea if this works well or not. i haven't even had the chance to open the mascara packaging yet! will post a review and opinion once i get to try it on =D

Mimi: it's my pleasure!

Kessa Thea said...

Yay! Another amazing giveaway. I sent an email to you already including my name, blog URL and entry URL.


Thanks bunches!!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

how awesome!
i didn't even know Maybelline had a vibrating mascara!

im pretty sure its gonna be months before it will be here in the Philippines
& i would so love to try this..

i posted it HERE

& this is MY BLOG

Sherry said...

I have email you and now just like mention again here.

blog url :http://contestgeek.blogspot.com

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Miss Queenie said...

Kessa: thank you for participating. your name's noted! =D i got your email

thiAMere: thanks for participating!

Sherry: i received your email. thanks for participating! =]

Siimply`mt said...

ohhh! i wanna enter!
i havent heard about this in the uk o_O
Is this giveaway open worlwide? xx

☆girlyacee♠※↙↙ said...

I couldn't find your blog for the longest time T_T I forgot your user name and then I clicked on someone's signature on soompi.. and I FOUND YOU! I'm so happy right now lol.
Sweeeet! a giveaway! Ima do this :D Thanks for the give away lol I tried looking for this at my local drug store and couldn't find it.. boo hoo :(

Miss Queenie said...

Siimply: yup yup, the giveaway's open worlwide!! =D

Girly: oh wow, you've been looking for me? =] yay!! it's nice to hear. i dont think the mascara's out internationally yet. i dont know... good luck for the draw!!

Jen said...

Aww girl, it's so awesome you are doing a giveaway. :)

I posted about it and entered!

JB said...

I also joined your giveaway and send an email to you! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

awesome giveaway :)

here's d link


mint said...

i've entered too, i hope you got my email. =)

♥ 珊珊 Kawaii Kuromi ♥ said...

just entered...Hope you got my email.



Shan X

Manju said...

this is awesome!thanks for the giveaway :)
email's on the way to your inbox now

Miss Queenie said...

Jen: hey gorgeous! thanks for participation =D

JB & Mint & Manju: got your emails! =] thanks

Louie Kuromi: thanks for participating!!

kalai said...

great giveaway! thanks for hosting it^^

i've just sent you an email^^
hope you got it!


emolychan said...

this sounds awesome but i'll pass. just commenting to let you know that i am now officially following your blog. found you thru soompi and your posts are always interesting. oh yeah, i forgot to say hi! =)

Aicha! Aicha! said...

I have just followed and emailed you about joining~!

hope I get a chance.
thanks so much!

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

sorry repost comment .. i typed the wrong url.. :P

Hi Queenie,

Email sent! Thanks for holding this giveaway!!

Name: Winnie

Blog URL : http://princessdiary-winwin.blogspot.com

Entry URL: http://princessdiary-winwin.blogspot.com/2009/08/giveaway-by-little-miss-queenie.html


Miss Queenie said...

kalai & Aicha & WinWin: got your emails girls! you're in the draw

emolychan: awww thanks for dropping by and officialize everything =D you're too awesome! oh, i forgot to say hi as well, HI!

Linda said...

Hello, I hope I'm not too late :D! I just sent you an email. Thanks for your generosity <3

lipstick cherry said...

thanks for hosting such an awsome giveaway!!
but here is the link to my page where i posted about ur contest :http://liipstickcherry.blogspot.com/2009/08/nanis-nails-1st-giveaway.html
&my email addy is: liipstick_cherry@yahoo.com

lipstick cherry said...

& i just sent you an email =)

Anonymous said...

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