July 13, 2009

Make me Smile

Last week, my grandparents were here for a short vacay (they live in Toronto). they're new retirees and were here to check out the new condominium my parents bought for them in Town Mount-Royal. the verdict is they're more than happy about it and cannot wait to move here to be near us. i'm very excited to have them this close, dont need to drive ~6h to go see them anymore, not that it mattered hehe. we now live only 10 minutes apart. =] i love my gramps teehee!!!

here's us, at dinner the night before they went back to TO:
my cousin Yannick & bb
little sister & her boyfriend
mom & dad, always as happy and in love
grandma, my little cousin Gillian, grandpa & mommy
daddy & uncle
like father, like son. as different as they may look, i find them similar in so many ways
yeah, my dad's a clown LOL!
and again...>_<"
they look so bored!!

here's my friday night:
FOOD!!! at U&Me
little Bella and the dish she never managed to finish...
seems like the food was satisfying enough..hehe
bb's so focused on eating, i dont think he realized i was taking pictures

Maya & TD were supposed to join us that night, but they were sound asleep when we were chugging down chinese fast food. lol

pretty Tiffany color =]
French Connection knit dress i scored the night before.
Missoni inspired
i was dressed for nice summer weather...but all i got was

THIS: (now you see why i had to add maximum brightness to the pic or else, it would look depressing like hell)
it's been like this for a week or 2 here. i am so tired of ugly weather and the cold. it was only 18C out today. i really can't bring myself to think that we are actually in July. urghhh when is this madness gonna end??? i need my vacation right about NOW! -___-"

Saturday night:
can you guess where we went that night? LOL any montrealer should be familiar with this wall: (if you have no clue, then you mustn't be a real 514er)
we were kinda hesitant when it was time to pose haha
Soso, Bella, Maya & Queenie
but it got better with some practice
i'm out of the pix, leaving Dandan a spot
my little girlfriends!
Queenie & beuhbie Maya
Dandan & Soso
i told you guys Sim always ruined the pix!!! >_<"
our pretty boys
TD, Sim, Bb & QDT
Girls Girls Girls Girls

ended the night at out regular post-club hangout place, MonNan..LOL

the 2nd AliveNotDead trucker hat arrived! me & bb can now match teehee!
received another parcel the same day...can you guess what's inside?
nah, thought so, neither could i when i got it
must be something, fragile...
like circle lens??? =D
i was totally excited and couldn't wait to try them out.
they look pretty cool huh?
very comfortable when worn, nice coloring, but the enlarging effect is NOTHING compared to Nudy series. =[


i just confirmed of my participation in hosting a Harajuku Lovers Contest on my blog, i'm just waiting for the confirmation on their part. =] if all goes well, the contest will be up in a few days!!! =D follow my blog for more infos!!!



Tiffany said...

Contest?! xD

I love your dress btw! :)

brutalturtle.blogspot.com said...

I guess I should leave a comment, I've been reading for like a year :S I like this blog. Esp. pictures of stuff sent from hk (cuz I was sent from hk hahah). Your bf's tattoo in the last post looked horrifyingly painful though, I wanted a tattoo but after seeing that I'm good. Keep it up k.

-from Toronto. Go leafs go don't hate me *braces for punching*

Miss Queenie said...

Tiff: nothing is confirmed yet because i haven't received an answer from matchstich up until today.. =[ anyways, i hope it will be ok!

BrutalTurtle: oh hi!!! you've been reading for ONE YEAR??? and you decide to post a comment just now?? =[ well, it's better late than never they say! i'm glad you decided to "show" up =). i'd like to officially welcome you!

as for the tattoo, same thing for me! =( i'm so scared now, i'm such a freaken chicken LOL! he went for a touch-up yesterday and OH EM GEE! he said it was excruciatingly painful! worse than the first time around. =(

Anonymous said...

are alivenotdead hats only for purchase online? i tried searching to see if the hats were for sale at an actual store but nothing came up -.-. bummer ..

Miss Queenie said...

anonymous: hi! i have no idea if they have it in store.. so sorry. why dont you buy it online? it takes around 11 days, they ship from HK. =]