July 24, 2009


when insomnia kicks in...i waste my time doing things like this (using morphthing):
my face + my bf's face = this cute baby
my own little family
Cecilia Cheung X Queenie
Leighton Meester X Queenie

Important news update: tomorrow right after work, i'll fly home as fast as i can. i'll need to get my weekender and then i'm going to Toronto with my friends...Yay!!! ^_^ i go there at least once a year, but i still look forward to each and every trip there. our itinerary is quite simple, eat, shop, eat, shop, eat, eat, eat, shop, sleep =] anyways, we're leaving tomorrow at 7pm-ish, shopping downtown on saturday, sunday we're gonna be at PMall and at the end of the day, we'll head back home. i'm really excited and cannot wait!!! 

see yaaaa =D
ok, off to sleep now...



Tiffany said...

AWWW what a cute Babyyyy : )

and your visiting Toronto for the weekend? have funn.. i actually haven't been downtown in a while boo.
I'm guessing you'll be stopping by Yorkville as well xD

Anonymous said...

Hey Queenie! i've been a silent follower but i thought i'd say hi =D and how much i love reading your blogs. haha i love your morphing with Cecilia cheung!! You'll be visiting Toronto?? hehe cause i live here =D >_< where do you usually head to?

Miss Queenie said...

Tiff: aww i hope my future baby will look like him! his cheeks are so pinchable!! ^_^

yeah i'll be in TO this weekend. do you live far from downtown? where's Yorkville? O_O"

Anonymous: hi there! i'm happy you like my blog. yay! the morph is cool huh? showing the 3 pictures together only makes it freakier because you can see which facial element is taken from which face. so many readers from TO. i'll be downtown on saturday and Pmall on sunday (i'll probably wear my AliveNotDead trucker hat, so if you're there on sunday, try to spot me!!) hehe

Tiffany said...

I live in Mississauga, about 30 mins away from downtown by car... or like 1 1/2 hours away by stupid public transit.

Yorkville is where Holt Renfew, Gucci, Burberry, LV, and all those stores are!.. i'm sure you've been there before :)

Miss Queenie said...

tiff: oh yeah, i've been there before...i just never knew it was called that way hehe

miemiemie said...

oooooh that is so cool!:) you and the bf will make a cute cute baby! ahha

heartofpearl ♡ said...

look prettier than those two! and the baby is oh so cuuute! when are u guys gona have real ones hahaha i want to see the gorgeous face! x

Miss Queenie said...

mie & ♡ : thank you chicas! ^_^" real ones will come after the wedding only! =) be patient guys!

howtobenotnaked said...

Aww the baby is really cute!

Visiting Toronto? Please excuse the dirty streets.. stupid strike is ruining our city image!

I was actually planning to go to Pmall tomorrow too! maybe I'll bump into you or something haha

Miss Queenie said...

naked: aww i'm already back from TO (july 26). it was just a short weekend trip. =( wish i could stay a little longer, alas, i need to work...

the strike wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. or maybe i was just lucky not to be in the target area. >_<"