June 02, 2009

Sick in June?

if only these masks were really produced, i'd save up and purchase one in a heartbeat! are they not fabulous??? even sick, one must remain in style! well, there's only so much you can do with a scrubs colored mask huh! i've been as sick as a dog the last few weeks, a total of 3 weeks and still counting, to be a little more precise. it started out as bronchitis, then got worse, then add fever, sore muscles etc etc you name it, i had it! i have no idea what kinda virus i caught. stayed home from work last week, 4 days straight. i was flat in bed the whole time, wishing it wouldn't become my death bed. anyways, after a tons of back and forth with the doc and all the medicine he's been giving me, i feel better at last. i went to the office today and wore that stupid mask he recommended. people were giving me weird looks at first and then they would try to pop me a swine flu or sras joke. it didn't humor me at all. when you've heard the same thing 20x+ a day, you just want people to go $&^%*#$ themselves with their jokes. i am bitter, leave me at it.

my friends snatched me outta bed on saturday, i was so happy to see them. my depression and sickness went away for the time being. i was just glad because i'd have missed them a lot during the sick days.
i just love you girls!
(they aren't scared of my sickness, so i didn't wear my mask)

Maya discovered us a new sushi joint! it's called Odaki and we LOVE it!!! =]
Bella & Sim
Sim & Bb
we were both sick! but still posed for the camera =]
freshly made sushi right at your fingertip =] i like i like
you can just grab what you like, it's more yummy than Kanda too

These pix really make my day! i love my ladies:

one of my newest headbands. it's from Club Monaco's current accessories line. love it!!!
oh and i ordered a huge red bow headband and can't wait for it to arrive! it's exactly like Blair's Valentino one from Victor Victrola's episode. i'm so excited i can hardly type right!!!
finishing the post with a picture of me on my non-sick days =]


p.s. sorry for the hiatus! =]


KohLepe said...


Feel better. I'm sending the cup of chicken noodle soup your way hun. Love the last picture with the big sunglasses.

Get well soon!!


queenieisugly said...

... your not even that stylish so i dont know why you said "one must remain in style"... ???
your style is so common and plain.

Miss Queenie said...

KL: thank you so much for your concern =] i finished your chicken noodle soup in one slurp hehe

well, from your sentence, there's still a part of you that think i'm somewhat a little stylish. LOL and what you call common & plain i call classic and chic. haha

Anonymous said...

your kind of pudgy to be classic and chic

but hey whatever floats your boat =]

Maya said...

Doodoo on HATERS! yo go get a life man! lol

♥ u Queenie =)

Miss Queenie said...

wow more anonymous trolls! ;]
hmmm never would've thought classic & chic was synonymous with tall and stick thin. pudgy = short & slightly fat. i have enough self confidence to say that i'm far from fat, honey! but yeah, if telling me i'm fat can add a little your self confidence and remove a few pounds off your body, then you go girl! whatever floats your boat. =]

i ♥ you too =]

Anonymous said...

honey i'm alot more skinner than you are lol
your the one who needs to shed a couple of pounds.
and you are very conceited i must say =]

KohLepe said...

LOL to Queenie's comments to the haters =) Why are ppl so immature? But hey, they actually read your entire post so they do care!!

I know I love your blog, style, and your nonsense. I can't have enough of Queenie!!

Hope you are better now hun =)



An Old Friend said...

A poem for Queenie

You think that you're special,
but really you're not.
Your short, stumpy stature
is the farthest from hot.

Your critiquing of others
is so childish and lame.
Picking on those who have less...
Really? Have you no shame?

What amazes me too
is how shallow you are,
bashing someone's spoiler?!?!
WTF!!! It's just a car!!

Just how long does it take you
to scrape off that cake,
of layers of make-up
covering your fat, ugly face?

Dior, LV, Gucci
are a few names you adore,
You're just a wanna-be princess,
and fashion brands whore.

You do play the part though,
and you do play it well...
The part of a bitch
rising straight out of Hell.

Delusions of grandeur
are all that you've got,
With your material possessions
that your parents probably bought.

You're nothing, a nobody,
pretentious and fake.
Your values...sub-standard,

Lucky for you
my poem now ends,
It's hard to believe
we once were called friends.

Miss Queenie said...

whatever floats your boat, honey! ;]
there is a difference between conceitedness and self-righteousness

KL: i honestly don't know why people are so immature. to read my entire post, to comment, to wait for a reply from me and to come back and comment again, i guess they do care about me. =] thanks KL for your endearing words.

An Old Friend:
wow, i dont recall having a friend with such developed english vocabulary. Bravo i must say. that poem entertained me to hell. =] my circle of friend is very small, i dont trust people easily. and this is another example why it should stay small. maybe we were never friends, maybe it was just in your head. i dont know...i dont even know who you are. anyways, i never claimed to be a somebody, but you just changed that. "you're a nobody until you're talked about!" well hun, you just changed my status to a somebody! =] thank you for making me the queen of your universe. if i'm second-class and second-rate, does that now make you first? i wonder...

"picking on those who have less" wtf? when have i mentioned so? you make me LOL so bad i can hardly see my screen! ^_^

p.s. this is MY blog, if i wanna bash a homemade spoiler with wires poking out everywhere, i CAN. i decide what words to choose and which entries to post. i can even post an entry with only 2 words in it: "FUCK YOU", i can. nobody's to tell what or what not to write. that is, including you =]

An Old Friend said...


"Developed english vocabulary"?...ummm...it was just simple rhyming. Something most people learn at grade school. But thanks anyway for the great compliment!! :) I'm sure your very welcome. LOL!

Your most recent reply to "Anonymous", you said "there is a difference between conceitedness and self-righteousness". Umm....what's the point of that random comment?? LOL!

You are right that this is YOUR blog. But your blog's posted on a PUBLIC place where anyone can see it.
If you've got the right to post your (bullcrap) thoughts and opinions...shouldn't your readers be allowed to comment on your opinions whether they agree or not? If your going to criticize other people, their style, or even their spoiler on your blog, then you should be ready to receive some criticism yourself.
To me it's f*cked up that you call "hater" and "jealous" to anyone who talks shit on your blog. But doesnt that mean when you talk shit about other people's style or even their spoiler that your really just being a hater and jealous yourself? Think about it.

Nobody's telling you what you can or can't write on your blog. But when it comes to criticism...Don't give it if you can't take it.

It's just me.. said...

AHH omg! Edmonton needs Conveyor belt sushi!! ahah

Do get better soon! :)

hamsterdance said...

LOL wow..."to an old friend": how long did it take you to come up with that poem? Must have been a while now, searching for rhyming words in your dictionary took that long did it? that's okay, it's the first step to graduating from kindergarten, only four more dr. seuss books for you to go through!

keep on being yourself queenie =) this person obviously did not get enough cake as a kid. haha

YouAreNotAPrincess said...

Why is there so many haters? Actually i dont think they are haters but some people that are sick of seeing you showing off your expensive and materialist life. No, i do not spend time to read all of your shitty stuff. Everytime i visit your facebook page, i see your blog and cant help myself to take a look of your blog. So yeah, i am in your so-called friends list on facebook. I'm pretty sure i am not the only one to hate what you do here. Next time, try to post something you did good to the world such as benevolat or charity with all the money and time you have instead of showing your nail polish, ugly headband etc... Then you will gain a bit a respect from your friends.

Miss Queenie said...

it's just me:
thank you! ^^ and i hope you get a sushi place with a conveyer belt soon! haha

thank you for your encouraging words. i truly appreciate it. <3

last commenter:
if they're sick of my blog, why still visit it? that is the question. every time you're on my facebook page, cant you hold yourself from clicking on my blogspot link? umm...if you dont give a damn, why visit my facebook profile in the first place? such a weirdo. ^_^

and seriously, need i mention every single check i write for my local pagoda/temple? need i list every good deed i did during my day? posting all those is what i call show off. posting pix of my new nail polishes is nothing. if you call that show off, does that mean you cannot afford it? puh-lease...let me live. have a nice day xox

Danièle said...

guys why do you have to show what you have done for charity/volonteers ? What is the point of posting that here ? Whouldn't it be insincere? Shouldn't you do it from the bottle of your own heart? Queenie true friends know who and how she is. She doesn't need you tell us everything. Remember this is her blog, she can write anything she wants. You can write all your hater mind out on your own blog. If you don't like her, why bother yourself to read/write/think of her blog ?

You are so funny...Have a life ~

Bellaaa said...

To 'YouAreNotAPrincess' or 'An Old Friend'... or watever.

If you're sick of this blog...I don't understand why are u still interested in her life...and then u starts to complain about this and that. Really, did sharing which nails polishes she purchased annoyed u that much??? O_O wtf? what's the point of doing all this useless shit? And please do not try to write like u're the one who's doing good to the world by giving her advice on how to gain respect from her friends. Also, if what you've said is true...such as you're in her friend list......oh well, i don't even know why u have to mention several times that u were once her ''friend''.....is not like you'll make her feel bad or anything lol u just sound like a miserable loser that can't help yourself from stalking her life while she don't give a shit about u. =)

One last thing, to the super talented poet, why fill your masterpiece with hate and insults? That's not nice. Queenie's giving her own opinions on watever she wants. But did she INSULTS anyone by saying they're fat, ugly, whore..etc? U have to understand bashing on a car and insulting a person..is not really the same thing.

So yea...u guys are haters. Don't try to deny it. Cause u already prove it to anyone who have read this blog. ;) <3 u Queenie

PrincessAmy =) said...

LOL... well i think you should just stop living your life.. because apparently, it's too much for some people to handle... HAHAHAHA you just have too many stalkers who hate you... but they can't say it to your face... so they use stupid nicknames such as QUEENIEISUGLY or.. AN OLD FRIEND or YOUARENOTAPRINCESS... i think they're just scared of you LOL you are too frightening..

queenieisugly: you're not even thatttt stylish... which means she still is.. but not THAT much. LOL what kind of comment is thatt?? if you're jealous, just say so. because then, we wont pity you as much as we do now.... T_T"

Anonymous: pudgy is such an ugly word. but whatever... just so you know, you sound like a fat person.. but like you said.. whatever floats your boat.

AN OLD FRIEND: you're my favorite! hihihi i enjoyed reading your MASTERPIECE.. it's so entertaining just thinking about how long it took you to actually find the words to bash someone's BLOG! LOL and btw, queenie never said ANYTHING about DIOR! LOL you're a loser and you think you know a lot about brands and PLUS.. you think you were her friend. well.. i guess that never happened, i'm sorry. hihihi

YouAreNotAPrincess: 2 nail polish for 7$ is expensive? damn you must be poor LOL. why would you visit her fb page if you hate her so much? here's a fact: you have no life, and is jealous en envious of Queenie because her parents love her, and she enjoys living her life. get a life would you?

DAMN IT PEOPLE. how do you guys live with yourselves holding grudges like that?!?! LOL you guys are miserable and i pity you. :( awww...

Queenie: i was just kidding. continue living your life because i know it's fun being us. AHAHAHAHA

Helen said...

Hey Queenie!

I think that you are very pretty. I'm so envious of your flawless white face!! You look so much better than some asian actresses. Have you ever thought to go on miss montreal or miss hong kong? I'm sure that you'd get prices like most photogenic, most beautiful skin and win 1st place!!

Wow, sick for 3 weeks? :( Did you get H1N1 or something? Hope that you are getting better now.

bellingham/seattle reader said...

wtf @ the haters?

I love reading your blog, Queenie :D You are one of my fashion "idols." Simple, classy, chic.

Miss Queenie said...

thank you for your lovely compliments. i have never thought of participating in pageants before. it seems too nerve-racking to be parading in front of a scrutinizing audience and judges. and standing at 5'1", i dont think i'd even be admissible hehe.

yeah i was sick for a long time. it started simply as bronchitis then got worse. but i'm not dead, so it must not have been that bad. my health has completely recovered, thank you for your concern. =]

bellingham/seattle reader:
i had the same reaction as you when i read all the hate comments people posted against me. T_T" total confusion. thank you for your beautiful comment. when i write, it's better to think about readers like you rather than the negative ones. =]

Tiffany said...

oh wow, sick for 3 weeks? As long as it's not swine flu, you'll be fine in no time! :)

And as for those haters... ignore them. It's true when people say you can't be friends with everyone. If they really "hated" you that much, why would then chicken out and write on your blog with stupid codenames, when it's probably a lot more easier to write their own names.

Continue to write what ever on you blog :) I like what you write on your blog.
Who are those people to judge a person through a blog. If they do, then they are shallow. I'm pretty people don't post every single detail about their life on blogs.
Their prone to be stalked then.. haha

p.s I wish there was a place in TO w/ a sushi coveyer belt T____T

KohLepe said...

Queenie!! It's me (again) =) Haha.. I kept checking to see if you got any new posts, but didn't see any =( How was your weekend hun? I showed your blog to some of my girls and my hubby and we were laughing at your last post about the spoiler. And you know what, I do that too!! I always wonder and I don't get why ppl do that to their car =) But whatever!! How are you feeling? I hope you are not sick anymore. You might be busy, but know that many of us girls are waiting to read your post hun =)



Miss Queenie said...

Tiff: i seriously thought i had swine flu at first, but then again, i've never been that lucky, so it couldn't be hehe. i'm all good now, as strong as before if not stronger. =]

i'm so happy to see more people with common sense. there should be more people like you in this world, Tiff. thanks so much for the warm words. i get motivated by comments like yours. =]

p.s. how could TO not have a sushi place with a conveyor belt....TO has EVERYTHING! T_T" then come to Montreal, i'll bring you to Odaki for some sushi. hehe

KL: i feel so pressured! =] but it's good pressure. i'm updating nowww!! p.s. the spoiler was funny wasnt it! haha